If we can face it, we can fix it

How we can all fight the Covid money-launderers by The Conservative Woman

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The following featured article is from the always thought-provoking The Conservative Woman.

It gives you a useful insight into the monetary shenanigans behind the Covid psyop.

The basic on all this the underlying banking fraud, hidden by a smokescreen of complexity, whereby our means of exchange is created by the banking cartels as interest-bearing debt, a fraud that underpins the globalist power and and the removal of which would finish their crime syndicate utterly. The basic fraud is described in  this book and this article. and is well worth getting your head around.

The featured article below looks at how the covid psyop was engineered to further bolster the international money-lending cartels who made massive profits from the orgy of government borrowing, the door to which the”pandemic” psyop was launched to kick open.

The article is also interesting for the predictions in its closing paragraph concerning the creation by us of our new civilisation at the grass roots. This theme is appearing in the writings and postings of an increasing number of free-thinking groups and starting to happen in reality – hardly surprising as it is the way forward.

How we can all fight the Covid money-launderers

SOURCE: The Conservative Woman, September 9, 2022

‘IF WE can face it we can fix it,’ said American investment banker and former Washington official Catherine Austin Fitts when she participated in the first Doctors 4 Covid Ethics symposium in July 2021 to assert that Covid-19 is a monetary event.

Fitts explained that in recent decades trillions of dollars had been ‘disappeared’ from the US Treasury’s funds, and it was essentially bankrupt, along with the treasuries of Western governments. She provided an insight into how one illusion, that of a staged pandemic, was part of the cover-up strategy of another illusion, that of an international financial system now on very thin ice.

The aim of creating a pandemic was to corral populations and render them powerless, because the international banking clearing system pegged to the US dollar was in free fall in 2019. She said that a new system was in preparation, to be slid in under the radar, but ‘if people knew what it was, no one would want it’. In the face of this situation, the public needed to be ‘disabled’ politically, judicially, financially and practically.

In 2008 we got a glimpse of this murky world of finance following the collapse of Northern Rock, the Tyneside building society which turned itself into a bank in 1997, when it was revealed that it had been issuing mortgages of up to 110 per cent. We further learned that the practice of lending to borrowers with little or no chance of servicing, let alone repaying a loan (sub-prime lending), was not only widespread, but that lenders packaged their bad debts into bundles with a few serviceable debts in the mix to disguise the toxic nature of the financial product, and sold them on the financial markets as ‘assets’. Terms such as ‘derivatives’ and ‘credit default swaps’ were beyond the average understanding, but what we knew was that the financial institutions with their Ponzi schemes had played the tables with our savings, our pensions, and our future, and lost.  So come 2019 the public had to be rendered senseless.

So what are Fitts’s recommendations? She is confident that the nefarious system designed to strip out individual assets and control humanity can be thwarted. She suggests we need radically to increase our cash transactions. Draw as much cash as you can, she urges. Support local retailers, and avoid restaurants and shops which refuse cash. You can ask your bank for a card that is not contactless. Don’t buy from Amazon, don’t purchase smart gadgets, get old ones repaired, nurture local relationships with small businesses. All this has been said before, but the cash aspect is vital. Convenience has been the bait to entrap society into tapping a card, a wrist-watch, and then the wrist itself into total surveillance and tyranny. We can and must obstruct its onslaught on our privacy and freedoms. More information on Catherine Austin Fitts can be found at The Solari Report of which she is president.

Also worth reading are two well-written posts on this subject by a writer calling himself Allen on Celia Farber’s The Truth Barrier: Covid Is Not An Epidemiological Story; Covid Is A Crime Story (substack.com) ‘If you view this whole “pandemic” situation through the lens of health, safety, science and saving lives, then most of it makes little sense. If you view it through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, then all of it makes perfect sense. Covid is not an epidemiological story. Covid is a crime story. Covid-19 is the biggest money-laundering scheme in the history of the world . . . governments know full well that “Covid” is being used as a cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic” – that is all Kabuki theatre to disguise the reality of the rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.’

As the months progress, and despite at times a sense of weariness, it is hugely encouraging to observe just how many valuable voices are contributing to blowing up the fraud. The tapestry of lies is clearly unravelling in the US and this cannot but fan out across the world. The regeneration and creation of new structures of commerce, education, healthcare, justice, and governance will spring from grass roots up, at first in parallel, then as replacement to the old crumbling systems, because as Einstein said: ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

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