Nice people, shame about their government.

What the heck is WRONG with governments?

by Steve Cook

Nice people, shame about their government.

One could say this about virtually every nation on the planet.

What the heck is WRONG with governments? Why are they so prone to wars, injustice, incompetence and generally mucking good people about?

By observation, government is and always will be a magnet for criminals and psychopaths. This has also at times been true of some organised religions.

It is a lamp to a moth for the criminally inclined by nature of the opportunities it presents for enrichment, aggrandisement or to simply to abuse, kill or enslave one’s fellow man.

Thus it will become over time infiltrated by criminals or the proxies for criminals – if indeed it was not actually set up by criminals in the first place.  Unless of course, We The People wise up to this phenomenon, increase our vigilance and devise firm policies to prevent it.

Even a government founded upon some worthy goal or dream will in time find that it and its policies and laws have been by increments hijacked to one degree or another by those with their own nefarious self-serving agenda and the dream waylaid, corrupted or simply abandoned.The governments of the US and EU are examples and there are many more.

Thus is it is vital for the people not to permit an erosion of accountability or the evolution of an echelon that is above or exempt from the laws proscribing criminal conduct that apply to the rest of us.

It is vital to prevent the removal of power into the hands of distant and unaccountable bodies and to recognise that behind any effort to so remove power and accountability there lies, inevitably, one criminal agenda or another. 

This is a survival point for all of us and, more importantly for our children and our children’s children, lest we or they wake up one day to find ourselves at the whim of some mighty and distant machine that serves the needs of one criminal cabal or another and which we have virtually no influence to correct and render more benign.

This is why I personally hope we will leave the EU.

It is not an economic issue because neither Independence nor Union as currently envisaged address the underlying flaws that cause economies to splutter and stall like cars with the wrong fuel in the tank.

Neither is it born of scorn for the dream of a Europe united in peace, communication, trade and friendship and in a spirit of mutual help. I am after all, married to a French woman who is herself half French and half Algerian and my grandchildren’s father is Austrian. Yet that dream will be better realised when nations are free and stable and their governments not hijacked by criminal elements.

It is born of the desire to see us served by a government designed and run for all the people. Independence will not automatically bequeath us such a government, far from it, for the UK government serves sly and self-serving vested interests just as the EU government does.

It is born of a desire to reverse the dangerous flow of power and accountability away from the people into the grasp of echelons ever more distant and obscure.  That flow of power, decision-making and responsibility towards, so to speak, the apex of the hierarchical pyramid, is a flow in WRONG DIRECTION. It is the direction that ultimately turns men into cyphers, serfs or slaves and denies the civilisation all the WILLING participation, initiative and creative energy of millions of human beings.

A civilisation has to be created. If it is to endure and grow and evolve into higher and higher survival potential it must be continually created by the people in it. It is a team effort and the optimum condition is to maximise the contribution of energy, industry and cooperation by its members. The fewer who give willingly of their creative effort, the fewer who value it or consider they have a desirable stake in it, the weaker it becomes. A civilisation that rests of the backs of a few strong men is frail. A civilisation that rests on the backs of millions of strong men, thrives.

Thus we would be wise to stem and reverse the flow of power to remote European agencies and have it reside for the time being with the UK Parliament, an entity slightly less remote from the grass roots. We will  have then a better chance of keeping an eye on it while we work out what exactly we need and want from a government and to that degree at least we will have a  better chance of then detecting and correcting the obvious flaws in our governance.

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