Getting the Point – why the sudden all-fired rush to enforce vaccinations?

The jig is up and the Big Pharma crime syndicate's ailing cash cow is in dire need of a transfusion

by Dave Randle

The short, and encouraging, answer is that the jig is up. More and more people are getting wise to the fake science that has maintained the cash cow delivering millions to dishonest pharmaceutical racketeers for decades.

It’s clearly not in the interests of public health.

If the things worked, the vaccinated would be at no risk from the unvaccinated, so would be able to pass through them or play among them with confidence and self-satisfaction. But no, says Pharma, the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated at risk. Ergo their products don’t do what they are claimed to do.

Once upon a time, there was, perhaps, a sort of logic to introducing something into a body in order to stimulate the production of antibodies that would proof the organism against an existing or possible threat. Now actual science knows better.

There are two ways to proof your child against childhood diseases. The first is to wait for an hour or so after birth before cutting or clamping the umbilical cord, so that the baby can download its mother’s immunity, especially if breastfeeding is not going to follow. And the other one is to let them catch them.

The worst thing you can do is pump them full of chemicals and bits of monkeys, pigs and human foetuses.

In the real world, the immune system does what it can to get the injected crud out of the organism, including by what is  known as viral shedding, in which the toxins are exuded through the skin, posing a greater risk of infection to others.

Even a healthy immune system has a hard job dealing with lead, mercury and other  ‘adjuvants’ added to force the product past it.

As ever increasing numbers get hip to the fraud and propaganda that enables more than half of their products to be used off-label – i.e. for other ‘conditions’ that they were never intended for – many of which were approved on the basis of made up reports in the first place, Pharma and its shareholders are undoubtedly getting a bit twitchy.

So they’re ramping up the assault with the collusion of legislators, eugenicist population loonies, bought and paid for politicos and gullible victims.

These people have been sticking it to us for long enough, already.

The organism that is Planet Earth needs to develop a healthy immune system that will ultimately rid it of the cancer in its midst.

UKR Columnist Dave Randle is an author and journalist,



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