Fightback update: International Scientific Conference Westminster London on 15/10/2022

A briefing from Dr Mohammad Adil

Intro by Steve Cook

The criminals at YouTube have wasted no time in taking down the video of the event presented here.

This is hardly surprising as there is now a desperate operation in full swing by the corporate media to prevent as best they can the truth getting out about the vicious humanitarian crimes to which they have been and are still being willing accomplices.

I’m not surprised in light of YouTube’s shameful behaviour that people are migrating in droves to better more truth-friendly platforms and if I owned shares in YouTube I’d be dumping them about now because YouTube’s future looks grim.

Be that as it may, I am nevertheless pleased to feature here a briefing about the Conference, in note form, sent to me by the esteemed Dr Mohammad Adil and to display a clip of the conference from Bitchute.

The truth is unstoppable.

Notes on the International Scientific Conference Westminster London on 15/10/2022

by Dr Mohammad Adil

This was an international scientific conference in Emmanuel Hall , Westminster London on 15/10/2022. Participants included 150 doctors from all over the world, mostly Europe in collaboration with UK Doctors Alliance, U.K. Doctors for Patients and World Doctors Alliance .

Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Ramiz Ahmed were the main organisers. It was a full day conference with so many doctors from all disciplines after 2.5 years of oppression .

14 speakers participated with their speeches, research work and publications.

In 2020 , Lockdown killed more people than Covid -19 itself. Many thousands people died at nursing & care homes and in their own homes due to isolation, depression, neglect and lack of medical care . In youngsters, the suicide rate rocketed sky high due to financial hardship , isolation & depression.

In early 2021, unlicensed, experimental vaccines caused serious damage, injuries and deaths to the public.

mRNA is modified gene therapy different from the traditional vaccines we all had in childhood.

The S protein in mRNA causes cytokine storm, hyper immune response and damage to the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, resulting myocarditis, clots in the heart, lungs and brain with heart attacks, lung injuries, strokes, paralysis, Guillan Barrie syndrome, dementia, lung and liver injuries etc.


Vaccine roll out be stopped until full trial results and safety measures available.

There has been violation of the medical ethics and civil liberties.

Medical Regulator needs to improve and overhaul their behaviour and fitness to practice directorate .

Waiting lists be cleared by involving more health professionals.

It was great meeting with other colleagues across the globe for networking.

My speech :

My fellow health professionals, organisers & members of WCFH, ladies & gentlemen.

It’s an honour and privilege to be part of this historical scientific conference with renowned scientists, eminent researchers, highly qualified & experienced health professionals and clinicians to have a robust scientific debate after two and half years of repression .

I am very happy to discuss health crisis for the last 2.5 years, violation of medical ethics, human rights & civil liberties and the future of the NHS .

I am doctor Mohammad I Adil FRCS with 30 years of unblemished medical record while working for the NHS U.K.

Medical Code of conduct are mandatory requisite for our medical practice.

1. Hippocratic Oath : “First Do No Harm” is one of the oldest and most widely known codes of ethics developed by Greek physicians , Hippocrates before taking up their first job.

2. Nuremberg Code: piece of ethical principles of fully informed consent , in the wake of Nazis atrocities for performing inhuman mostly fatal procedures without informed consent during WW2 1947

3. Geneva declaration . “ I will attend my own health, wellbeing and ability in order to provide highest standards , I will not use my knowledge to violate human rights & civil liberties no matter how big is the threat “ 1948

4. Helsinki’s Declaration, is piece of medical ethics for the medical professionals in performing human experimentation with proper code of conduct and informed consent. This is considered as cornerstone document for research ethics established by WMA in 1964 renewed in 2014 .

5. I believe on total bodily autonomy of  every human being .

6. I believe on fully informed consent to the patients before carrying out any medication, medical or surgical procedure.

7. I believe in robust scientific debate with the other health professionals and clinicians to make decision about best care of my patient.

8. I prefer face to face appointment with my patients before starting medication, medical or surgical procedure .

Robust Scientific debate:

We all had an extremely difficult time in early 2020 due to overwhelming restrictions on the public personal & private lives, health services and economical crisis.

1. On 19/3/2020, Government of U.K., corona is no more a high consequence infectious disease.

2. On 23/3/2030 , The complete Lockdown was imposed on the public on the recommendation of the Imperial College which compromised their personal & private lives.

3. All the elective procedures abandoned .

4. I felt sorry when millions of patients especially cancer patients lost their opportunity for their investigations & treatments,

5. My heart bleeds  when thousands of elderly patients were transferred from the hospitals to the nursing and care homes in a rush without testing. 78000 elderly patient’s died within 3 months in isolation, dehydration, fear of Covid-19 and depression .

6. It was shocking for me to see many thousands of people die in their own homes due to lack of timely medical facilities due to heart attacks, strokes, cancers , and other medical diseases .

7. It was extremely upsetting seeing rocketing high suicidal rate in youngsters due to loss of job , financial hardship , isolation and depression as a result of lockdown.

8. People were told stay at home – Save NHS – Save lives

9. You saved the NHS but these precious lives could have been saved with wishful planning and by robust scientific debate with the health professionals and scientists to treat them in the hospital environment by the expert hands.

10. Total reliance was made on PCR test

11. Experimental vaccine rolled out in rush without knowing its side effects & consent.

12. Vaccine passport introduced to move in and out of the country .

13. People were worried, fearing and uncertain and completely lost their human rights & civil liberties .

14.  As a health professionals with 35 years of standing as a surgeon with critical thinking I questioned the government narrative of the Covid -19 and the unprecedented lockdown compromising civil liberties and human rights and initiated a robust scientific debate over the social media to involve other health professionals and scientists to discuss SAR -COV2, its origin, mode of transmission, pathogenicity to safeguard humanity and released couple of videos appreciated by thousands of people across the world.

This was taken adversely by the Trust .

On 22/04/2020 I was dismissed by the Trust due to couple of my videos over the social media of Covid -19.

Suspension order  :

On 01/6/2020 I was suspended by the IOT (interim order tribunal) of the GMC for 12 months in a brief hearing over Skype) with the alleged 3 online complaints by anonymous members of the public.

On 26/5/2021 GMC extended my suspension order for another 12 months and referred me to MPTS for making the decision in order to prolong my suspension order.

You dismissed and suspend me to seal my mouth and to send message across wider medical profession.

You tried to gag me because I was a voice of reassurance and hopes for the public in the wilderness of the darkness and uncertainty.

You suspended me with the fear of exposing your plans – whatever I had said two and half years ago has turned out to be true.

You suspended me to isolate & segregate me from people and my fellow health professionals so that people should not hear my important message but despite that millions of people came to support me and they listened to me and my message that I was right . Look I have thousands of health professionals supporting me even at this time and date.

Suspension converted to conditions :

On 11/1/2022 GMC lifted my suspension order on an appeal lodged by my solicitor Mr Philip Hyland renowned PJH law but had difficulty in securing job due to unworkable.

MPTS hearing Manchester :

I appeared in the kangaroo court of the MPTS hearing which lasted for 3 weeks from 13/6/22-30/6/2022 in Manchester where GMC 1. failed to produce its 3 complainants as its witnesses for their testimony on oath for the justice. Now I feel they were fictitious.

2. GMC failed to produce any witness or evidence to prove alleged charges that I was spreading misinformation, were damaging to my patients and public safety and bringing disrepute to the medical profession .

3. Thirdly GMC failed to prove any clinical or alleged mental health issue to pin me down

GMC allegations were totally flawed , rudimentary, baseless, personal, biased, unjustified, racially motivated and discriminatory.

On the basis of lack of evidence by the GMC flawed case I should have been reinstated with an apology by the GMC & but the chairman of tribunal Mr Damien Cooper who is a pharmacist & a corporate lawyer affiliated with multiple pharmaceutical companies & drug industries, in cohosting with the GMC converted my conditions to suspension order for further 6 months for the proposed safety of the public . I question to the MPTS & GMC ?

What safety of the public you are worried about me. Am I criminal? I am a doctor and save lives and relieve pain and heal patients with the Gods gifted abilities allocated to me to unleash the truth , wisdom , and justice. Millions of members of public are with me and supporting me across the world . Therefore, your statement and decision was ludicrous , discriminatory and racially motivated .

Nature sometimes judges us to check our strength not the weaknesses.

I stand for freedom of speech & expression

freedom of holding an opinion

freedom of press & publication

freedom of assembly and protest

freedom of holding a scientific debate to safeguard humanity .

freedom of religion and worship

freedom of security at the workplace without any bullying or harassment

I believe on equality and justice regardless of colour, religion, race and individuality.

BMA , MDU & MPS survey revealed :

1. Many doctors feel that the organisation is now out of control, and its actions are vindictive, sclerotic and overly bureaucratic.

2. After a number of appallingly misguided cases, the doctor’s union, the British Medical Association (BMA), has called for a complete overhaul of how the GMC operates.

3. A survey by the Medical Protection Society highlighted that 72 per cent of respondents felt their GMC investigation had a detrimental impact on their mental and/or physical health and performance at work .

4. The racial bias of the GMC is one of the main issues that BMA raised in their complaint.

5. The BMA has argued that the GMC is imposing fitness-to-practise sanctions ‘on vulnerable doctors in order to send a message to the wider medical profession’.

6. Far from protecting the public and upholding standards, the GMC appears to be increasingly damaging workforce morale.

7. Breach of trust : Doctors commented

We no longer trust that the GMC will treat us fairly and protect us from malicious or false accusations. And as any good doctor will tell you, once trust is lost, it’s incredibly hard to win back.

Hundreds of doctors suspended & suicided .

Suspended but proved innocent:

Suicidal report : GMC published its report on 14/11/2014 admitting that 114 doctors died during GMC investigations between 2005-2013 , out of that 28 doctors suicided and another report published by the GMC in May 2022 , GMC admitted 29 doctors died during GMC investigations and 7 suicides between 2018-2020 . Recently we have been shocked to hear tragic death of Dr Michael McPhillips by suicide, an eminent Consultant Psychiatrist who has committed suicide due to fear of GMC investigations after a threatening letter received by the GMC. The West London  coroner Anton van Dellen recorded a conclusion of suicide, adding, “I have no hesitation in concluding that the information in the content of the communication from the GMC letter did contribute to Dr McPhillips’s state of mind and therefore contributed to his death.“

Paralegals & Bureaucrats:  

GMC is run by the paralegals and bureaucrats with biased and discriminatory approach towards doctors belonging to ethnic minorities . During the recent Covid-19 crisis 350 overseas health professionals died while working as a front line fighters of the NHS. Their sincere contribution & devotion should not be ignored or forgotten. GMC is misusing its power under the medical act 1983 which is long due for robust reforms.

I fear nobody but God Almighty ! If I had a fear I would not be here. I will not let any of my brothers and sisters fear from you and die due to your barbarian and inhuman acts and evil which is a total violation of  human rights, Liberty and freedom.

You may keep me suspended but you will be answerable to someone for the injustice and discrimination against me and many other innocent doctors who have been erased and committed suicide and their family suffered.

Future of NHS : is bleak !

It’s a criminal act against humanity to deprive people of their fundamental rights, medical treatment and financial support they require at the time of need.

10 million people are waiting for their investigations and treatment for the last 3-4 years. Many thousands have died due to cancers and other medical diseases as a result of lack of medical facilities due to strict lockdown measures in place  Some people have been waiting for their surgical procedures for 4-5 years .There is no non urgent operation, all operations and procedures are urgent for an individual which are affecting their life style .

It’s us the health professionals who provide safety to our patients & public for their health issues and wellbeing not the GMC.

When the law makers become law breakers then nothing is left behind. It’s time to revise your strategies, people are living in 21th century and not in a Stone Age to accept any dictatorship and draconian measures like sheep and slaves . People are educated and aware of their fundamental rights and freedom.


1. Medical Act 1983 is 40 years old and is long due for overhauling and robust reforms necessary to safeguard health professionals, patients & the safety of the public.

2. All the powers of dismissal, suspension and erasures from the register should be removed from the GMC and passed on to the the honourable high court for justice with equal opportunity for both parties to present their case.

3. common financial pool to provide full legal & financial support to the doctors victimised by the GMC or trusts who lose their jobs which causes serious financial hardship & livelihood for them & their families.

4. All the services of the NHS should be resumed for the easy access to the public with immediate effect to look after their health and wellbeing.

5. All the health professionals penalised by the GMC must be reinstated unconditionally with removal of all the charges against them with immediate effects to get them back to work to serve the community and to earn their living before someone else dies during draconian investigation or commit suicide for his family to suffer.

6. All the doctors should be treated as a human with equality and justice at work place by the regulator and the senior colleagues without any discrimination of colour, race, religion and individuality.

7. The hasty roll out of vaccine caused serious damage to the children & public should be stopped with immediate effect till full trial results are available for the safety reasons which usually takes 5-10 years.

8. Interference of the pharmaceutical industry in patient care & health services should be abandoned with immediate effect.

Remember “ our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising with every time we fall”.

“ In the end we will remember not the noises of our enemies but silence of our friends”

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil


General , Colonic & Breast Surgeon




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And here is a further briefing from Dr Adil that seems to have escaped the YouTube thought police


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