Fibs, fake stats, false reports and freaking great whoppers of the globalist lie factory exposed

How humanity is taken for a ride

Intro by Steve Cook

I’m featuring the following article from South Africa, September 2021 for several reasons:

The first is that the shortcomings and shenanigans of the South African government’s behaviour over the fake pandemic and the booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines highlighted in the article are uncannily similar to those of the UK government, US government, French government, Russian government and dozens of similar globalist front groups the world over. Anyone would think that the leaders of these various nations don’t have minds of their own and are singing from the same song sheet and/or conducted by the same choir master.

The second is that the criticisms expressed are still germane half a year later in March 2022. Indeed with the long-term vax injuries now starting to make themselves felt and the death toll steadily climbing (to the accompanying increasingly desperate cover ups) the criticisms are more germane and poignant than ever. The basic whopping great lie of “safe and effective” now stands exposed and becomes more exposed by the day.

The third is that the basic message needs to be repeated again and again throughout the global community so that enough people become alert to how were and are being played by those crooks and psychopaths and their servile media lie factory. Then, lessons learned,  just maybe the flourishing, fast expanding  global freedom movement can be better equipped and organised so as to predict and deal with similar attacks on humanity in the future.

The fourth is that the source of this common sense expose of government stupidity and/or outright subversive duplicity is – as is so very very often the case – a highly qualified professional who is sticking his neck out to warn us that, to say the least, our governments and their corporate sponsors are not being honest with us.

The following article covers many aspects of the overall attack on humanity disguised as a “health emergency” including:

The correlation between mass vaccination and Covid-19 spikes

The stupidity of mass vaccination during a pandemic

The deaths that occur during the period of immune suppression that follows vaccination

How the public is being misled

PCR tests and how they contribute to false figures in respect of Covid-19

On the reason that the words vaccine and vaccinated should be placed in inverted commas

On the serious dangers posed by mRNA vaccines


‘Vaccine deaths are being hidden, suppressed and falsely recorded’

Dr Herman Edeling

In August, Dr Herman Edeling wrote an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Minister of Health in which he addressed the health and economic crises that we are facing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a neurosurgeon specialising in medico-legal practice, Dr Edeling is particularly qualified to comment on issues and concerns in respect of the Covid-19 vaccines as well as the arbitrary and parochial manner in which the South African government and health authorities have addressed the pandemic.

Drawing on his expertise in medico-legal practice, Dr Edeling states that; ‘ In this global catastrophe, we have people expressing opinions and instructions – relying on their authority to do so, but not relying on reasons. And by not relying on reasons, they are neither relying on facts, nor on science, nor on logic. That is the philosophical crisis that we are in.’ In a fascinating and acutely informative interview with Dr Edeling, elements of the official Covid-19 narrative were discussed – a global narrative put forth by, amongst other institutions, the World Health Organisation and the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which he believes ‘the South African government has slavishly followed without, it seems, any questioning.’

Of particular interest were Dr Edeling’s insights into the fundamental flaw of mass vaccination during a pandemic and those deaths which occur during the period of immune suppression which follows vaccination – deaths, he says, which are medically vaccine deaths and must be recorded as such. The central core of the open letter is to say to the President; ‘please provide South Africans – citizens, doctors, scientists, everybody – with the truth and allow people to discuss the truth and debate’, and ‘also to stop suppressing people who try to tell the truth – but who are suppressed or censored.’

Less than 24 hours after the interview was live streamed on YouTube, it was removed on the grounds of ‘medical misinformation’ and as a consequence, BizNews has been prohibited from uploading any content on YouTube for one week. A video of the interview can now be viewed on Rumble. For ease of access, documents discussed in the interview have been embedded below the article. – Nadya Swart

Dr Herman Edeling on his background:

I spent 10 years as a general practitioner. After that, as a neurosurgeon. Since 2008, I’ve been restricting my practice to medico-legal neurosurgery and more recently, also to mediation of medico-legal disputes.

On principles that have been abandoned in the Covid-19 pandemic:

In this worldwide response to Covid-19, the principles that have stood the test of time for ages have been abandoned. That is the principles of evidence based medicine, and also principles – which I have experienced and trusted so well over the years – of expert evidence which is given in court that experts are required to provide their reasons in easy to understand language that lay people can understand.

And on the basis of that, courts decide which expert evidence to accept and which not. And in this global catastrophe, we have people expressing opinions and instructions – relying on their authority to do so, but not relying on reasons. And by not relying on reasons, they are neither relying on facts, nor on science, nor on logic. That is the philosophical crisis that we are in.

On the contents of his open letter to President Ramaphosa in August:

The letter is available and I think you do have the link to the online letter. So it is open and available to anybody. Briefly, in the beginning, I sketched the background and the context in which the letter is written. Then I point out a number of elements of the official narrative; that is the narrative put out worldwide by [the] WHO, CDC, governments around the world, and which the South African government has slavishly followed without, it seems, any questioning.

And that narrative is now put out by the South African government and also health authorities such as the Department of Health, the Minister of Health, SAPHRA, the South African Medical Association, etc.. I have listed just eight elements of that narrative in my letter to the President, each one of which is harmful – either by virtue of being false or misleading or irrational.

And then in the next section of the letter, I go on to point out why I say that each one of those eight elements of the narrative is either false or misleading or irrational.

Having pointed that out, I then deal with three examples of double standards that are applied in South Africa by the health authorities and the government. And they are clear double standards, which no responsible authority should engage in. Standards should be uniform and equal. And then, in that background, I asked the President to do certain things. So that is contained in paragraph two of the letter and there are seven things that I ask for.

And every one of those seven things relates in some or other way to provision of relevant factual information, dissemination and sharing of that relevant and factual information, to stop telling lies and tell the truth, and also to stop suppressing people who try to tell the truth – but who are suppressed or censored.

So the whole central core of this letter is to say to the President; please provide South Africans – citizens, doctors, scientists, everybody – with the truth and allow people to discuss the truth and debate.

In that way, according to scientific methods and according to the law, according to rationality and according to our Constitution, South African citizens and doctors and scientists will be able to work out what is the correct and best way to deal with these crises. So I’m simply pleading for information.

On the correlation between mass vaccination and Covid-19 spikes:

In the letter to the minister of Health, there was new information that had come to our disposal, which I view as absolutely crucial information that I think that everybody in South Africa must be aware of. This is an analysis that had been performed by a medical specialist from publicly accessible information online from World Online.

And these two documents show unequivocally in 91 countries around the world [that] in each country, following the rollout of vaccination, [there were] spikes of Covid-19 cases and spikes of Covid-19 deaths. These documents have graphs which come from each of the countries. In each of them the pattern is slightly different, but in each of them you will see; after the commencement of the vaccination rollout, Covid cases went up and deaths went up. Now, in the light of that, to maintain that the vaccine is effective is just patently false.

On mass vaccination during a pandemic:

There are two important things about vaccination that all vaccinologists know, or should know – especially in relation to coronavirus vaccinations, all previous attempts at developing coronavirus vaccines for animals and for humans. There are two important immunological principles that apply.

The one is that after administering the vaccine for a period of 10 days or two weeks or so, there’s a phenomenon of immune suppression. So [if] you get the vaccine today, for the next 10 days to two weeks, your immune system is suppressed, which means you are more susceptible to picking up Covid. And not only Covid, by the way, [you are] susceptible to picking up other conditions as well.

So to allow people to be vaccinated in a time when there’s a pandemic, when they are going to be exposed to the virus, is insane. It has always been known that when you vaccinate for any condition, you vaccinate before exposure – not during exposure. And in this whole worldwide pandemic, all of the vaccination rollouts have been conducted during the pandemic.

And it was predictable on basic principles, and these studies I’m talking about show that. Worldwide, when people get vaccinated, they go through a period of immune suppression. So for a period of two to three weeks, more people die and more people get the virus.

On deaths that occur during the period of immune suppression that follows vaccination:

I do know that the CDC has fraudulently taken a policy that anybody who dies within two weeks of the vaccine will not be recorded as a vaccine-related death, but will be recorded as a Covid-related death. I’ve never seen the rationale nor have I heard the rationale [behind this]. But whatever the rationale is, it is wrong. Because if you are given a substance which suppresses your immunity and during the period of immunosuppression, you contract the disease and you die from the disease – then that vaccine was the precipitating cause of death and it should be recorded as a vaccine death.

The other scenario; maybe you already had Covid, maybe your immune system is dealing with Covid. So you have an infection, you’re dealing with it, you’re not symptomatic – but now you get a vaccine, your immune system is suppressed, and the Covid that you already had in your body can now replicate and make you sick and kill you. In all of those cases, medically, it is a vaccine death.

But the vaccine deaths are falsely being hidden and suppressed and falsely being recorded as Covid-related deaths or other things.

On how the South African public is being misled:

I don’t know exactly what’s happening in South Africa because the South African Health Department and the South African Health Regulatory Authority hide information. They do not provide the public, the media or the medical profession or the public with important information that they should provide. That is exactly the reason for my request in the letter to the President to please give us information that we need.

Now, that information is suppressed. So what they have, what they do with it and how they make their diagnoses, I don’t know. But what I can tell you is at one stage there is in South Africa this voluntary reporting system. So instead of SAHPRA or the Health Department actively tracking and monitoring how many people get sick after vaccines, how many people get hospitalised and how many die – which is what they should do during an experimental process, they should be tracking and publishing those figures, but they’re not. Whether they’re tracking them and keeping it secret, I don’t know. And we’ve asked the President to tell us those things.

But people can voluntarily report side effects or adverse events or deaths. There was one report in the recent time from SAHPRA where they were given reports of 53 people who had died following vaccines. They then went and investigated all fifty three deaths, and they came out with the remarkable conclusion that not one of the fifty three was due to the vaccine.

When I read their reasoning in saying why they were not due to the vaccine – it was clearly scientifically irrational, misleading and false explanations. So what I can say, because I’ve seen this, is that SAHPRA is misleading the public about what it knows about vaccine related deaths.

On PCR tests and how they are contributing to false figures in respect of Covid-19:

We are told every day how many new cases of Covid there are in the country and how many people have been hospitalised and how many people have died from Covid. We know that those figures are based on people who have a positive PCR test. Now, we also know very well that the PCR test gives false positives. So if 10,000 people tested positive, we know that the real number of cases is less than 10,000. But we don’t know how much less, because we don’t know the false positivity rate. And that is one of the things which the health authorities should tell us.

But if they know they’re using a false test that gives false positives, it is wrong to say that is the number of new cases – because it isn’t that number. And when they say that is the number of Covid deaths, that is wrong. It is not that number.

Now, in fact, to diagnose the cause of death is a complicated medical process because it is, first of all, a clinical medical procedure where the clinicians treating the patient go over the medical history, the clinical findings, the results of investigations, and they come to a most probable – on clinical grounds – cause of death.

In cases where it’s not entirely clear, they have to do a postmortem examination and study blood and fluids and look under the microscope and determine on medical scientific grounds the cause of death. In South Africa, we know that postmortems are not done. And it seems that anybody who dies from whatever cause but who had a positive PCR test is labeled as a Covid death.

On the reason that the words vaccine and vaccinated are placed in inverted commas in his open letter:

Because it shouldn’t be called a vaccine. Vaccines have been with humanity for ages. Vaccines are dead or attenuated – attenuated means weakened – organisms or pathogens which are injected into a person or given to a person in the mouth, and to which the body then mounts an immune response. And those vaccines have been proven, they’ve worked for decades, and we understand them well and we know them well.

These so-called vaccines are not that. They are a new scientific development. In the laboratory, they produce messenger RNA sequences which are put together in such a way that when they’re injected into you, they go to the cells of your body, they get incorporated into the cells and they instruct your cells to produce coronavirus spike protein.

So the thing that is injected into you is not the pathogen, it’s a genetic messenger that makes your cells become manufacturers of spike protein. And in that case then, the spike protein is produced in your cells and presented to the body in the blood. That is completely different from the method of a standard vaccine.

On the dangers posed by mRNA vaccines:

So first of all, let’s just talk theoretically. If you get a flu shot, there’s a number of dead or weak flu viruses that are injected into your arm. They stay there. Your body circulates, your immune system recognises them, develops antibodies, develops B cells and T cells to that. They stay there and you develop an immunity. When you catch the flu, it comes into your nose and it is trapped in your nasal mucosa. Your immune system encounters the virus in the nasal mucosa where there are various mechanisms for it to stay for a while while you develop antibodies and you develop B cells and T cells.

We have never in the past had a situation where our immune systems are confronted with a spike protein suddenly appearing in the blood at any and all parts of the body. So, theoretically, because it is such a totally different procedure, it should be properly tested before it is proclaimed to be either effective or safe. The next thing we don’t know is – comparing it again to the flu vaccine – how much of the dead material or the attenuated virus goes into your body.

With these messenger RNA portions telling yourselves to make spike protein; I don’t know – and I don’t think anybody who knows has ever said it – but certainly it is not known how much of the spike it is produced. And [whether] it is the same in all people. Do some people produce so much spike protein and other people produce so much depending on how their cells respond? And nor do we know for how long; does it just make it once – so there’s just one production of spike protein and then it’s the end? Or does it keep on for an hour or a day or for ten days or for two months?

So the amount of spike protein that is generated is uncontrollable, it’s unknown. The duration of time over which it will be generated and also where in your body it will be produced [is also unknown]. So these are such importantly different variables compared to the localised inoculation which is controlled that it is, to me, reckless to use that in humans until you have properly proven in animals that you know what you’re doing and it’s effective and safe.

So those are the reasons why theoretically I would be worried about this vaccination. However, [also] excited, because if it works – it would be an amazing scientific breakthrough that would be good for humanity and could possibly be used in many other things and infection, such as cancer or other diseases. So, it’s a very interesting scientific breakthrough. But the effects of it are not known.

Now, normally vaccines and other new drugs or whatever get tested in animals before it gets tested in humans. What we are told is that in the case of this all previous attempts at developing mRNA vaccinations for coronavirus in animals, not SARS-CoV-2, previous attempts have all failed.

So the animal trials have never succeeded. Also in this – in the Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 – the animal trials failed. And the reason that we are told by virologists or immunologists why they failed is because of immunosuppression and because of another phenomenon called antibody dependent enhancement.

View full PDF  document here

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