Accident or Sabotage? UK Activist Frances Leader on the Shelby County, Alabama, Pipeline Spill

Frances Leader kicks off her new column on UK Reloaded with insightful commentary on the recent Alabama fuel pipeline spill. Frances is a tireless figure in alternative media and a major opponent of fracking. She is also an extremely cogent and prolific writer. She has strong spiritual values and is an expert on Zionism and its ramifications. Find her on Facebook.
Here’s the article
I have read many comments [regarding the Shelby County pipeline spill] & was most particularly interested in Dakota Stafford’s patient explanation of the technological robust nature of laying, welding, checking, & maintenance of the pipeline from his professional viewpoint.

I am an anti fracking activist in the UK but I respect the men who know their business enough to at least, give them a fair hearing.

He & others make a good point when he suggests that the pipe line could have been sabotaged.

Who would benefit from such a terrible ecological & expensive disaster?

Environmental activists would be my last suspects because their enemy wears suits in Washington & crippling the pipeline damages the very environment that they wish to protect.

My guess would be that this was deliberate, controlled sabotage organised by the oil company &/or alphabeti agencies to create just enough damage to make a sizable insurance claim.

(Bearing in mind the global slump in oil values & the upcoming international discussions on a possible temporary halt in production, due to be held in Algiers at the end of September.)

A hike in fuel costs locally & an engineered “shortage” coupled with an imposed “state of emergency” would also be very convenient for the fossil fuel industry, which is known to be shedding jobs & profits worldwide.

Predator globalist financial interests as a whole would benefit from a renewed demand to replace that which has supposedly been lost.

To summarise:
I am proposing that this was an inside job, with specific intentions to increase demand, value & excuse for further exploration with the added bonus of creating tension in the population under an indefinite state of emergency.
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