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Discussion of "World War 4"

Intro by Steve Cook

It is difficult sometimes not to walk into the trap of spreading doom and gloom and “how bad it all is”. That’s been the role of the MSM as the mass psyop arm of the oppressors of Man for quite some time and one would hate to do their job for them.

So one strives not to be overly alarmist even when one sees a situation as particularly dire and feels compelled to sound a sufficiently loud warning.
On the other hand, if the ship has hit an iceberg it is better to let people know and urge them to man the lifeboats rather than let them drown for fear of telling them things that might upset them.
So having thought it over, I’ve decided to feature the video that follows, even though there is a risk that it might alarm or upset you. I personally think the presenter has it more or less right, although of course nothing is inevitable and it remains within our power to adjust the future course of events for the better.
Besides, it helps to give people a forewarning of what is to come so that they can prepare. And when you are thoroughly prepared for emergencies, they tend not to happen.
It does look very much, given current stats and current understanding of the Covid pseudo vaccines, as if many vaccinated people are going to get very ill and/or die over the next year or two. We need to prepare for this deliberately engineered “die off” and the disruption and outages of supply (among other things) this will cause. The video explains this quite well.
So before you watch the video and see the worst-case scenario, remember that there is much you can do to prepare, and thus greatly improve your prospects, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Among these, very briefly, are:

Get into ACTION.
Form interconnecting groups and ‘survival clubs’, comprising cells, clusters, communities and networks of like-minded people so that you can pool, share, barter and exchange resources, information, skills, defence and so on.
Strengthen and bolster your personal contacts and alliances. In essence, form a new grassroots civilisation that can be cultivated and grown out of the decay of the old.
Wherever possible as you club together, organise growing your own food on whatever land is available to you. Dig up the ruddy lawn and grow some freakin’ vegetables, build and use a greenhouse, grow mushrooms in your garage, set up hydroponics in your shed or spare rooms. Persuade local farmers to rent out plots in their uninitialized fields for local people. Trade your produce with like minded people. As much as possible reduce your dependency on supermarket supply chains where the tap of supply can be turned on and off, whether with malice or through glitches in the prevailing highly centralised system.
Do what each of us was born to do: HELP OTHERS, HELP ONE ANOTHER. Pour coals on this basic human drive to help like you’ve never poured coats on a purpose before. It is this drive TO HELP that will get us all through this. And you’ll find that not only will you survive, your life will become richer and more enjoyable.
Remember that two of the primary interconnected survival powers we can create and harness are
(1) the power of help and

(2) the power of communication.

1. getting plenty of fresh air, sunlight (even the wintery kind) and exercise (Vit D). In other words, get out and about, meet others in the park, walk, cycle, jog, do tai chi or yoga outdoors, play frisbee, soccer and any one of a myriad other actions your imagination can conjure.
2. Get plenty of vit C, Zinc etc etc. There are plenty of places on the net where you can get good advice on all this. Here’s one example.
3. Cut out the junk food as much as you possibly can, the additives, preservatives, sugar and so forth.
4. Quit smoking,
5. Quit drugs and get off pharmaceutical medications if you can safely. If withdrawal is a problem, there are plenty of organizations such as Narconon or The Road Back who can help you.
6. Put in their place or cut connection with people around whom you feel stressed, who put you down, criticise you overtly or covertly or who seek to introvert or demoralise you. Keep them out of your clubs, groups and cells. The stress that comes from connection to persons suppressive to you is a huge factor in illness and accidents.
7. Treat everything uttered by the government, the media or corporate interests (now largely the same thing, so interwoven have they become) or their front men and talking heads as suspect and unworthy of your trust. If you check this out you will find that this pans out time after time after time. There are plenty of sources of information from honest people beyond these crime syndicates.
8. Search out what you can do to protect your health if you’ve been vaccinated, such as this article.
Remember, the above will help the vaxed and unvaxed alike. Whilst the predictions that large numbers of vaxed will get very sick and many will die may be more or less true, nothing is set in stone and every person who dies has an individual “why” unique to that person and those who act now to get themselves in as good a shape as possible can make it.
So now, steel yourself for the video that does present a lot of insight and information that enables us to predict what will happen or what the enemies of Man are trying their utmost to make happen. You will probably find the presentation is neither slick nor professional but persevere through that if you can because the info itself is important.
If nothing else, it will give you food for thought.

Discussion of World War 4

Find video on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/vYcNUsHbr6rQ/

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