A tad too scientific for comfort? Send in the Inquisition!

How the pharmaceutical-industrial complex burns modern heretics at the stake

by David Linden

The Covid psyop has been a powerful wake-up call for millions of people, myself included.

As such it has backfired in large measure against those who deployed that cultural wrecking ball in so far as it has  brought to the attention of millions that there is something awfully unhinged going on in the realms loosely referred to as “science” and “research”, especially where the biochemical dogma of Big Pharma is concerned.

In short, one of the indicators of devious and underhand dealings that shows up as soon as one starts to skip the “everybody knows” surrounding the “science” of viruses and vaccines and look more closely and analytically at the reality of what is being said and done is the viciousness with which anyone who does not adhere slavishly to the dogma is subjected to character assassination.

One is reminded of the Middle Ages in which the Christian Church sought to suppress all ideas or differences of opinion that called into question any aspects of its imposed orthodoxy. This was done even to the extreme of the tortures of the Inquisition and the burning at the stake of heretics.

Well fortunately the high priests of the current pharmaceutical orthodoxy cannot burn modern heretics at the stake but they can sure mobilise the media and internet to destroy them.

Poor Andrew Wakefield was an early victim of the pharmaceutical inquisition. His crime was to opine that we should investigate to see if here is a link between vaccines and autism. The mere suggestion that this should be properly investigated – which is the sort of thing real scientists do – saw the man subjected to a vicious campaign of character assassination that destroyed his career.

He is far from the only one subjected to this treatment. Anyone who raises points that cast doubt upon the safety or efficacy of vaccines, for instance, gets “the treatment”. Respected professors with hitherto impeccable credentials overnight become quacks, charlatans and conspiracy theorists and successful careers get sunk.

This latter day pillorying or burning of heretics is accomplished by the degenerate “journalists” of the corporate media and the sudden appearance of a storm of condemnatory articles in Google searches and so forth , courtesy of Big Pharma’s chums in Big Tech.

The viciousness and outright mendacity of the attacks and the speed with which the internet becomes seeded with such aspersions as to the targeted heretic’s character, integrity or even sanity is quite breathtaking.

The degree to which dissenting scientists and so forth are attacked in an effort to shut them up and/or destroy their credibility tells us of course that Big Pharma has a lot to hide. When Andrew Wakefield had the temerity to suggest  there should be a proper investigation of possible links between vaccines and autism, the industry acted swiftly to destroy him.

The effort to destroy Wakefield, so savage as to also deter anybody else (they hoped) from promoting dangerous ideas, tells us the industry is terrified by the possibility of investigation.

If the industry had had in Wakefield’s case nothing to hide concerning possible links of its vaccines to autism then it had nothing to worry about from an investigation that would of course have establish its innocence and dispelled any doubts once and for all, IF properly and thoroughly done. So all the industry had to do was ensure a PROPER, honest and unbiased investigation got done, not sets its hounds on the person who suggested such an investigation.

Indeed the number of people attacked for voicing ideas that challenge its claims and the amount and degree of relentless censorship it is now engaged in to silence those challenging voices tells us that here we have an industry in trouble. It is trying desperately with increasing venom to shut people up, terrified of what might emerge should the free exchange of ideas ever be permitted.

Of course, having embarked on the strategy of silencing dissenting or questioning voices so as to protect whatever skeletons  are hidden in its closet, the industry now has to keep that up forever. It cannot relax its grip, cannot give an inch to the principles of free speech, free exchange of ideas, free inquiry and proper science because as soon as it does, the accumulating skeletons in its increasingly crowded closet will come tumbling out and it will have had it.

One can gauge the size, number and ugliness of said skeletons by the energy devoted to shutting people up or stifling the communication of ideas.

Orthodoxies tend to be at their most authoritarian and most inclined to lash out just before they perish and the incumbent orthodoxy has the stink of death all over it.

It is worth considering too that so corrupt have the pharmaceutical/industrial complex and its government and media stooges become and so egregious their efforts to blinker public perception that as a general rule of thumb if some scientist or researcher or other qualified professional is getting thoroughly slagged off, then what he or she is asserting is well worth is taking an interest in and putting before as many people as possible for their consideration.

Another example of an heretic burned at the proverbial stake is the researcher and expert on aluminium, professor Chris Exley. His story illustrates the viciousness with which the modern Inquisition turns on scientists who commit the crime of being a tad too scientific for comfort.

It is very ably told by Miri Anne French, whose fascinating and illuminating account is here.

Of course, like Andrew Wakefield and many others professor Exley did not just roll over and continues his scientific crusade, which you can find out about here.

Check out the blog on Substack: The Latest Musings of Mr Aluminium.


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