Power bills and yet another fleecing of the flock

May 29, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook The following featured article by Dr Vernon Coleman  d0esn’t mince words. When dealing with a government that is through incompetence, malice or both trying to kill its citizens, one can hardly […]


Gene-edited food: corrupt government is at it again

May 26, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook More shenanigans from Britain’s corrupt, reckless and irresponsible government, which proposes to line the pockets of its pals in Big Agra by doing away with the usual safety checks on genetically […]


G Capo presents: Let the Children Breathe

May 24, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook This new release from the increasingly popular G Capo conveys an important message. In the ongoing attack on Humanity by the globalist Forces of Unreason, children so often become casualties and […]

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