Hero of the Evolution: Dr Tom Cowan

May 19, 2022 0

by Steve Cook I came across this Facebook post recently by Dr Tom Cowan. He is yet another qualified and intelligent voice of reason steadfastly and dedicatedly censored by the corporate media in  an ongoing […]


Fill the GAPS in your knowledge and be well!

May 15, 2022 1

As we fight free of the globalist-engineered Dark Age into the dawn light of Renaissance 2.0, many areas of human aspiration are experiencing or will soon experience a tremendous uplift and boost. Some areas are […]


Renaissance update: let’s grow!

May 15, 2022 0

With the globalist control cult seeking to sabotage and reverse human advance with created food shortages and other nefarious tricks and deceits, it is important to keep firmly in mind that our best response to […]

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