Who turned “science” into a con game?

Trickery and deceit: the slippery tricksters are at it again

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The latest assertion that certain vaccines are “proven safe” is yet another in a long line of outright lies glossed over with a thin “scientific” veneer, a fine example of how The People are, with malice aforethought, blinded not so much by science as a cynical mockery of science.

One has to look closely, as James Allard of the excellent OYE.News has done, at the recent claims that “studies” have shown that the experimental “vaxes” being pushed on the populace  are safe for pregnant women to discover yet another lie.

The lies are getting tiresome.

They are also vicious.

Who but an outright criminal or psychopath would produce rigged studies designed to con pregnant women into submitting to a treatment?

If we in the People’s Media achieve nothing else, we will have saved millions of lives now and into the future if we can instill in the citizenry the willingness to actually look, question and challenge when presented with “evidence” clearly designed to secure their compliance with some government agenda or other.

And to evaluate, for the love of God, the source of that information rather than accepting what we are told (by politicians and Big Pharma PR experts for heaven’s sake) on faith.

When you take what you are told on faith, it is best to at least evaluate exactly what sort of person you are placing your faith in.

“It is as if “science” has become the new orthodoxy, in which the utterances of its priesthood are taken on blind faith by a servile flock. It is time then for us to get out of the Middle Ages where we appear to be stuck and connect with the present time of the Age of Reason we are actually living in.” Fabian Ubiquitus

The following article shows the way, demonstrating how a few intelligent questions and a closer look a exactly what bill of goods we are being sold this time, can protect us from the manifold slights of hand of encroaching tyranny.

When we are told (as we often are), “studies have shown that….” something or other, the sane response is not some sort of apathic acquiescence but a few searching questions such as,

“Oh yea? What studies exactly? And what exactly did they do?”

And when that question is aimed at the “studies” of the experimental vaxes and pseudo vaxes and pregnancy we soon discover a con job masquerading as science.  We gain at the same time an insight into how the ‘scientific’ trickery is foisted on the people.

As you read the article that follows, bear in mind that the sham study being so ably exposed includes no comparative study by which one would assess the actual need for a vaccine. By this we mean a study of  how much risk to pregnant women is posed by Covid19. This risk we understand to be virtually zero unless said pregnant woman is (Lol) over 60 and suffering from diabetes or heart disease or some such thing).

Given the seriousness of the adverse reactions being experienced in the immediate aftermath of vaccination (medium and long term effects yet to be seen but right now the omens are not good) if my wife or daughters were pregnant, there is no way on God’s green Earth I would have them risk theirs and their unborn child’s wellbeing by getting the jab.

It would be safer to have them take plenty of vitamins C and D and Zinc and have Ivermectin or any one of a dozen cures on stand by and take their chances with a malady that is virtually no risk to them in any case.

And, again, all this begs a glaring question we really must start asking of this and many similar incidences of low-risk groups: why the hell is the government so keen to inject pregnant women with experimental biochemical agents they do not actually need, that carry a risk of serious adverse reactions, that nobody can assure us actually work, of which nobody knows the long term health consequences so as to protect them from a bug that is no threat to them and for which many effective and safe remedies exist in any case?





Both the Moderna and the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine offering have been determined as safe and effective in pregnant women according to a new study[1] published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“How can this be?” I hear you ask. How can a product which is less than 9 months old be declared ‘Safe & Effective’ for a 9 month pregnancy?

Well, fear not, the study lasted for a whole two-and-a-half months, that’s right; the study lasted for just 1/3 of the length of a full pregnancy term and this was enough to determine the vaccine safe for pregnant women. Aren’t you glad you have corporate-science to look out for our best interests!

The US study[1]analysed the effects of the two vaccines on 84 pregnant, 31 lactating, and 16 non-pregnant women, with samples collected between 17 December and 2 March. – The Pulse[2]

So what exactly did they note that indicated this was safe for pregnant women?

No differences were noted in reactogenicity across the groups – Study[1]

That’s it. They simply noted that adverse reactions were the same with pregnant women as they were with the rest of the population.

There is no data on the health of the babies following birth, let alone 6 months to a year down the line. This study confirms nothing and to conclude that vaccines are ‘safe & effective’ for pregnant women is not only irresponsible, it’s outright criminal.

Please leave your comments below and please if you are pregnant, leave these experimental vaccines well alone.


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