The non-meek shall inherit the Earth

Raising our Confront of Evil: if we can face it we can fix it

by The Masked Writer

Regarding the Covid19 psyop, the evidence is overwhelming that:

The government lied cynically on several fronts and fabricated from false reports and false stats a smoke-and-mirrors “health emergency” that was intended to (a) place the populace in fear and (b) cajole, browbeat, bully or mislead millions of people into submitting to the so-called vaccines.

The claims that the co-called vaccines were “safe” and “effective” was a bare-faced lie on both counts. The lie was pushed by people who KNEW the pseudo vaccines are UNsafe and INeffective.

As a result, millions are injured or killed by those unsafe and ineffective pseudo-vaccines and the true extent of the harm done is now becoming clearly evident as time passes and more and more  injuries become manifest.

This was done with malice aforethought by persons in government and those unseen interests who hold the whip-hand over them who have set themselves up as the mortal enemies of the citizenry.

The destruction wrought upon health and upon economic life is deliberate. There is no way this level of mischief could have been done “inadvertently” any more than someone could “accidentally” mug someone or “by mistake” put ground glass in their soup on several occasions.

Many of course are aware of this. Their numbers have grown considerably to the point where the enemies of humanity are at risk and are consequently afraid

The reason for this growth of dissent is that the evidence is extensive and overwhelming and the only way not to see it is to refuse to look. Yet even now there is a dwindling but still large portion of the citizenry who “don’t see it”.

Refusal to look is the first refuge of the afraid.

Beyond that, the ultimate refuge is unconsciousness.

There are two ways to deal with painful experience. One is reduced awareness – one goes unconscious to one degree or another so that it will not hurt. The other is to increase awareness, confront it and handle the hell out of it. The first is a trap that winds you up in death or slavery wherein the reward for the avoidance of discomfort is more pain. The second sets you free.

Those who are fully aware of the war that is being waged upon us, often express dismay or bewilderment that other people “cannot” also see it.

Indeed, those who cannot see it will often decry them for stating the blindingly obvious.

One wonders how people can be so blind.

But it is not that people “cannot” see it or “cannot” believe it or are simply so dim they trust the government.

The truth of the matter is that while Jo Obtuse is arguing with you or sneering at you or using the corny and lazy “conspiracy theorist” jibe or “refuses to believe” the government could lie or knock off a few citizens, or refuses to look anywhere but the corporate media for his “info”, he KNOWS that the gov and MSM are lying.


His problem is not gullibility or ignorance.

It is that he DARE NOT look and that unwillingness to look is driven by an inability to confront evil.

It is painfully evident that what is being done, the warfare that is being waged upon the good people of this planet IS evil. The evil is so extensive and ugly only the toughest among you can confront it.

That toughest stratum comprises perhaps ten percent of the citizenry.

And their toughness, their willingness to confront evil and speak out against it then emboldens others and brings them, on whatever gradient works for them individually, out of their non-confront and up to a higher level of confront. The raised confront of evil brings about a commensurate willingness to LOOK and once they can look, usually they become angered by the crimes committed against their fellow human beings.

And then motivated by a desire to HELP and to crush the sly, cowardly, treacherous belittlers, defamers and killers of Man.

And so our numbers grow. By a contagion of sanity, the emboldened, little by little embolden others who take solace in and draw strength from their like-minded fellows and they in turn embolden still more people.

And we cease by increments to be cowed or enslaved by our timidity in the face of evil. For survival is a team game.

All we have to do is keep speaking the truth along whatever lines of communication are open to us, to speak to whoever will listen in matter-of-fact voices that will not make them flinch.

And make our numbers grow, as they have been growing, inexorably and by patient increments.


.And shoulder-to-shoulder create a world that WE want, and not one forced upon us by knobheads or inherited by default.

For survival, and civilization and community are team games and none need face tyranny alone. So let’s be there for one another.
For the only way to play the game is to play it to WIN.

We can raise this planet on our shoulders.

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