The trouble with government .. . and how to resolve it

Towards a government designed and run for all the People

by Steve Cook

Here’s something I’ve been giving some attention.

I’ll state the bare bones of it very briefly here, pending further refinement:

1. It is observable that we have a great deal of trouble with various industries that have become increasingly criminal in their conduct towards their fellow man. Examples are the corporate food industry and the pharmaceutical-industrial con-plex, which are quite happy to lie, cheat, con, falsely promote, rig the “science” and so forth and as a result harm and kill children and adults so long as it makes them money.

2. The type of person who does such things without remorse is a criminal.

3. It is a valid role of the government to act on behalf of and as a service to The People to detect and prevent such dishonest harmful criminal conduct and remove it from the environment of decent people

4. The above mentioned difficulty with some corporate interests, which is now on a scale that is costing millions of people their health and happiness, has come about as a result of a long term dereliction of duty by the government in enforcing ethical conduct. As a result, criminal conduct, treated permissively and even rewarded, has proliferated and compounded to a point where our civilisation and the people in it are in danger.

5. We must therefore change such habits and routines and create a government that WILL act in defence of the people to remove criminal conduct from their environment through the enactment and enforcement of just laws applied equally to ALL (and by ALL, I mean ALL without exemption).

Over the last couple of years, the unethical conduct of criminal corporations and their subversive agents and proxies infiltrated into the government itself has become more obvious to more people. This has catalysed the exponential growth of the freedom movement.

6. That growth has been staggering in its breadth and scope, the sheer numbers of people active within it and the creation of development of new and better ways of living our lives

7. That movement now numbers tens of millions, with more and more people allying themselves to it every day and the blogs, websites, cooperatives, alliances and so forth expressing its ideas have proliferated until they simply overwhelm the efforts of big tech and other collaborators with the corporate crime syndicates to nullify them through censorship, character assassination, the spreading of false reports and many other methods by which they try to suppress dissent.

8. There is self-evidently a HUGE demand for change and for more rational conduct by government and corporate vested interests. This has now reached a point where if the freedom movement could come together, draw up some basic principles agreeable to all and form a grassroots-based organisation to implement them, it would exert considerable power.

9. Power is directed or focused energy.

10. Such an alliance would mean that instead of each freedom group fighting the full monied might of global suppression alone, all these thousands of groups would find themselves no longer alone and in possession of some powerful collective muscle.

11. Such a group could, if it wished, get elected and form a government. Such a government with a clear mandate from the people would be in a position to implement REAL change.

12. But how do we arrive at the principles that the group would push and which would be the basis of the mandate it would seek?

13. Well it could do worse than simply take the various unpopular things the current government is doing and pledge to do the opposite. This would be a good starting point to get the ball rolling.

For example:
a.) When elected, our government shall immediately withdraw its membership from the WHO. It would instead draw up a code of conduct binding upon the government and all entities operating within the nation that forwards the full armoury of know-how we now possess to bring about good health, good medical practice and so forth whilst upholding the basic human rights of all citizens. Such rights would include the right to seek out and apply one’s own health solutions as one sees fit and not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be the victim of enforced medical treatment of any kind.

b.) When elected, our government shall immediately draw up a code of conduct binding upon all (ALL) people within the nation that supports and promotes full human rights as exemplified by the UN Declaration on Human Rights. All Acts of Parliament that previously inhibited, limited or compromised with human rights would be declared null.

c.) Human rights shall include the full right of all people to express and exchange ideas, opinions, discoveries and so forth. It would NOT include the right to false-report or deceive (such as through doctored or slanted “scientific” tests). It would NOT however punish honest errors.

d.) (i) When elected, our government shall restore the FULLNESS of SCIENTIFIC RIGOUR to the testing of ALL substances consumed by human beings AND animals in the form of foods, drinks, medicines, drugs, injections, inhalations, environmental contact et al. All laws allowing said full scientific rigour and attendant safety standards to be quickied, skimped, brushed off, abbreviated for any excuse whatsoever shall be declared null.

d.) (ii) Our government ahall immediately enact a vigorous investigation into the possibility that either the government or private groups or both have been spraying the atmosphere with chemicals. The investigation will find out whether this has been happening and, if so, by whom specifically, to what precise extent and with what chemicals. Where appropriate, criminal charges will be brought if physical harm (poisoning) has resulted from such activity. At the same time it will be established as a firm principle backed by just laws that the environment is not the private property of any person in or outside government, is not theirs to tinker with and all such activities shall be declared illegal.

d. (iii) The government shall similarly investigate 5G technology IN FULL, find out whether it has caused physical harm and bring criminal charges where appropriate. If found to cause physical harm, the use of 5G technology will be outlawed. The principle here is that no person or group has the right to poison or contaminate any person without their expressed accurately informed prior consent.

d (iv.) Finally – expressed briefly here for the sake of brevity – a thorough investigation onto the safety, efficacy and honesty of vaccines shall be undertaken in similar vein.

e.) Income tax and all (ALL) existing taxes shall be abolished. They will be replaced by a single purchase tax at the point of sale, the rate set by government. Thus the people will be able to see clearly how much tax they are paying and judge government’s performance accordingly. There will be no hidden taxes. Production will NOT be taxed. Only consumption will be taxed.

f.) The current system by which or means of exchange is created by banking cartels out of thin air then loaned into circulation shall be abolished. Government shall create money AS A SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY in sufficient supply so as to facilitate exchange between producer and consumer and to KEEP THE PURCHASING POWER of money stable. That means avoiding inflation by not introducing new money in excess of the productive economy’s ability to absorb it. Thus such a money system shall be based on production. Government will get new money it creates into the economy by SPENDING it into circulation by, for example, providing infrastructure.

NOTE:  the government will in this way have TWO sources of revenue: (a) the spending into circulation of new money and (b) the single purchase tax. Government can reduce the rate of the purchase tax (perhaps all the way to zero) by increasing the spending into circulation of new money. It will create a demand for an increase of the stock of circulating money ONLY by increasing production. Thus a competent government that helps and does not hinder or punish production will be able to reduce taxation. And the rate of the purchase tax and its upward or downward trend will be a gauge by which the People can assess the competence of their government.

g.) Money shall be made available in the form of digital money AND notes and coins. The right of all citizens to use notes and coins as they wish will be regarded as a basic inalienable human right and defended by us in perpetuity.

h.) With income tax, a pernicious penalising of production, abolished government will have two sources of revenue at its disposal to fund the services it provides to the community: (i) the creation of money according to the economy’s demand for it and (ii) a single purchase tax levied at point of sale to the end-user.

The task of the government shall be to reduce the need for the purchase tax by increasing the need for new money. Thus, in order to achieve the ideal scene of zero tax, the government must do all in its power to help, facilitate, reward and increase production.

The emphasis of our government shall be upon fulfilling the two primary duties of government: (i) rendering the environment safe for the honest citizen through the passing and enactment of just laws that proscribe those harmful acts agreed by tradition custom and common sense to be undesirable. (ii) the provision of infrastructure/.

Harmful acts proscribed would be murder, rape, arson, blackmail, theft, embezzlement, assault, causing bodily harm with intent or through reckless negligence etc etc. It should be possible to draw up a list of such undesirable acts (each one clearly defined) that every citizen with half a brain can recognise as undesirable. From there, it will be possible to enshrine these in a code of conduct EASILY UNDERSTOOD by all and EASILY ADHERED TO by the vast majority of people of honest disposition.

14.) The principle of written submission. When elected, our government shall enact a law to make it COMPULSORY for ALL meetings, committees, discussions and so forth of any kind whatsoever between ANY government official, minister, bureaucrat and ANY person whatsoever to be recorded and made available ON DEMAND for viewing in full by any citizen. The editing of such recordings or failure to make them shall be illegal with stiff penalties for violation.

Thus, to take one example, if the PM has a telephone chat with, say, Bill Gates then that chat MUST BE RECORDED IN FULL. The public has a right to know what is communicated between its officials and other persons. Similarly ALL LOBBYING OF GOVERNMENT shall be required by law to be in writing.

There’s a lot more work to be done on this but I’d be interested in your input.

The main thing would be to establish basic principles for benign governance of the nation that can and will be done, to make it very difficult for dishonest men or agencies to operate with impunity in government as they have been doing so far to our immense detriment.

It shall be established as a firm principle that the purpose of government is to SERVE the nation by creating a safe environment in which honest people have rights and can go about their business un-harassed or unimpeded.

It shall also be a firm inviolable principle that it is not the role or right of any government or official thereof to tell people what to think or how to conduct their lives beyond the observance of the just laws mentioned above.

It is also worth mentioning that the enjoyment of human rights brings upon us the duty to honour and protect the human rights of others, to treat others as we would wish to be treated.

This work is to be continued . . . .


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