The Covid Terror, motive

In brief: how the globalists messed up a planet and the cover-up

by Kieron McFadden

We are all in a position of trying to guess what the gov and its overlords are up to and what the end goal of their Covid Terror is. The reason for that is, put very simply, like any enemy that ever attacked us they (a) don’t tell us their plans and (b) try to deceive us as to their real plans.

So we have to try to figure it out and anticipate what they are up to. Again, it’s what you do in any war: you try to read what the enemy is trying to do whilst – if you are smart  – eschewing passivity and making some moves of your own.

So here is one possible motivation for the Covid Terror attack. I’ve tried to keep it very simple and distil a hell of a lot of info into a very short in-a-nutshell summary.

Here goes:

The powers behind this coup – the international banking cartels and global corporate interests (and perhaps senior to these hidden master-players not yet revealed) have messed up the planet’s economy (I’ll go into how shortly) and brought it to the brink of financial collapse.

The FINANCIAL collapse comes, ironically, at the very time when the human race is more prosperous in greater numbers than it has ever been. This is an enormous cock-up: someone has contrived to crash the global economy at the very time when human ingenuity, creativity and technological capability is higher then it has ever been.

How it came to that, I’ll get to in a moment but the globalist money powers  are aware that a system failure is on the horizon.

So blame needs to be shifted elsewhere. As the system failure necessitates getting humans to accept a much lowered standard of living, the thing blamed must also provide “reasons” why a lowered standard of living should be accepted and not fought – because fighting the reduced standard of living would lead inevitably to the de-throning of those global powers whose mismanagement and criminal scams have  brought about an era of poverty in the midst of plenty.

What has been decided upon to achieve this is the fake global pandemic. Economic failure can be blamed on the pandemic as can the increased micro-control of populations that they hope will keep a lid on the inevitable revolt as people become increasingly cheesed off.

So what is causing the system failure in the global economy, what is the inbuilt flaw that renders it unable to sustain and support a period of human advance prosperity and expansion?

To explain this briefly, here is a simplified example:

Joe wants to borrow money (say $5000) from his local bank for something or other.

So he goes to the bank and asks for the loan and the bank kindly agrees to lend him the money.

The bank transfers $5000 into his account. Joe then spends it.

The crux of the whole thing is this: where did the $5000 come from?

The answer is it DID NOT COME FROM ANYWHERE. All that happened was $5000 was entered into Joe’s bank account. That’s all that happened, a computerised ledger entry that wrote the number $5000 into his account.

In other words, at the moment that $5000 was entered in  Jo0e’s account NEW MONEY WAS CREATED OUT OF NOTHING.

Joe can now go and spend it and when he does so he distributes this new money into the economy. ie he gets it into circulation.

BUT: the newly  created money was loaned to him AT INTEREST (say 20% over ten years). So Joe actually now owes the bank $6000.

In other words while $5000 was created in new money, $6000 of NEW DEBT was created.

Again, I’m simplifying as it is routinely smoke-screened by a whole load of complexity and economic gobbledygook, but this in essence is what is happening across the economy day in and day out year after year as citizens like Joe, businesses and govenrments borrow from the banking sector.

The banks were long ago given the power by idiotic governments to create money out of thin air and lend it into circulation at interest.

And this IS the way the economy is supplied with its means of exchange (money) and all the time new money is created in this way NEW DEBT is created in greater amount.

And years of this have created a situation where there is more debt (far more) than there is money in circulation to repay it. The debt can never be paid off.

If all the debt were paid off, there would be no money in circulation.

The existence of money – under this moronic system – depends on the existence of a greater amount of debt.

For money to exist and circulate SOMEONE (many someones) must carry debt – the citizens, businesses, government.

This of course makes the banks very rich and gives them the whip hand over the economy and over government. They are able to influence governments, economic fates, recessions, depressions or help those corporations they favour simply be turning on and off the tap of money supply through the mechanics of lending.

For example, if the banking cartels wish to bring down a country, all they have to do is tighten up on their lending or call in their loans. As money supply relies on borrowing, a reduction of borrowing makes monney less plentiful and throws the economy into recession. Governments can be influenced into doing as they are told just by the threat of them doing this.

There are a great many consequences and ramifications of this that I won’t go into here but for now look at this one:

When an economy expands due to population growth or technological advance bringing more goods and services onto the market, the quantity of money in circulation must increase along with it otherwise money will become too scarce in relation to the amount of goods and services people are trying to exchange back and forth using money as their medium. You get a shortage of spending power and a constriction of economic activity known as recession or depression).

So as we have prospered, populations have grown, new things appear on the market to be bought and sold and so forth, the money supply has to be increased along with it.

But how do you increase the money supply in our idiotic debt-based economy?

That’s right, by people, business and governments borrowing from the banking cartels that create it at interest.

Thus, as the human race flourishes, the money supply grows and the debt burden carried buy all and sundry grows even faster.

Hence we are punished for our success.

Hence the debt burden has increased inexorably until the whole thing grinds into a more of overwhelming debt.

The overwhelming debt causes an apparent money scarcity or more accurately a shortage of spending power. Money is trying to do two things: circulate as a means of exchange and at the same time return to the banking sector in repayment of the loans that created it. The interest you pay on your borrowing is essentially a toll or tax paid to the banks for the temporary hire of your means of exchange.

Sooner of later this bogs down as money, in terms of operating smoothly  as a means of exchange, becomes relatively scarce even while the system appears to be awash with money.

An example of this lies in the proportion of incomes that must now be allocated to the repayment of loans, credit cards, mortgages, hire purchase and other debts, the proportion of local and central government taxes that must now be  returned to the banks rather than paying for services and amenities. Hence governments both local and central are bankrupt and the taxes paid to them by the citizens buy a gradually constricting range of services and more and more of it must return to the banking sector in repayment of debt.

There are many other aspects to all this but that will do for now.

Suffice to say that this breaks down when escalating debt levels and the apparent scarcity of spending power reach an impasse.

That impasse lies just ahead at least in the assessment of those running this scam.

The system itself should go as it is not fit for a prosperous and productive race of beings such as we. It is an horrendous liability that is holding us back and in essence consigning us to debt slavery. But those running it and accruing from it  money and power and dominion over an entire planetary civilisation have no interest in relinquishing it.

Hence the fake pandemic and the efforts to cow, micro-control and virtually enslave us before the you-know-what hits the fan.

I thought you should know this.


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