Mind Games – a heads-up

January 7, 2021 0

by Fabian Ubiquitus I’ve noticed that many groups allied to the Freedom Movement and fighting back against the coup being attempted by the Covid Terror Faction are getting infiltrated by trolls and shills who post […]


Penetrating the smoke screen

December 26, 2020 0

by Fabian Ubiquitus A tremendous amount of noise – a chaos of information  – has been orchestrated around the issue of COVID19. The maelstrom of lies and half truths can be bewildering and apparenty hard […]


Reasons to be cheerful

December 13, 2020 0

by Fabian I keep seeing posts and comments from people who say how bad it all is, how the people are all sheep, how “everybody” is submitting to the overwhelming might of the government, how […]


Propaganda: the power of the puerile

November 19, 2020 0

by Kieron McFadden Propaganda fascinates me. Most of it is utterly puerile when you step back and look it over, yet it does seem to have a disturbing effect on some people nevertheless. I have […]


Great Propaganda tricks of today: Gaslighting

September 3, 2020 0

by Anonymous 3/9/30 Have you ever asked yourself, ‘am I crazy?’ If you have ever asked yourself that, you’re not crazy. You’re most likely being gaslighted. Gaslighting is a devious, despicable, and unconscionable form of […]

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