Debunking the Coronavirus psyop narrative

June 28, 2020 0

The Camelot TV Network is an independent TV station owned and run by one of the UK’s foremost freedom fighters, John Mappin. It is based in Tintagel in Cornwall, the seat of power of the […]


The Smoke-and-Mirrors pandemic in a nutshell

May 16, 2020 0

For the meek shall inherit the Earth but only to the degree that they will be buried under it. by Fabian Ubiquitus I predicted a while ago that: The government will string the Lockdown out […]


When is a briefing not a briefing?

May 13, 2020 1

When it begs more questions than it answers by Steve Cook We have featured here a fine article from Wired that gives a nice summary of the mess the government has gotten into over the […]


Did the government panic scientifically?

May 9, 2020 0

“Shut stable door, the horse has bolted!” Introduction Throughout the lockdown fiasco the UK government kept telling us that its decisions were based on the best “scientific advice.” Well, that was the propaganda line but […]


In a nutshell: a brief summary of the Lockdown scam

May 8, 2020 0

Using fear to sell a booby-trapped vaccine by Jon Davy “Ferguson co-founded the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, based at Imperial [College], in 2008. It is the leading body advising national governments on […]


Lockdown: a man-made catastrophe

May 2, 2020 3

The sort of thing that happens when dim governments listen to the wrong people The following article and video are fascinating on many levels and help us immensely to understand the psychological warfare that is […]


Not so much a pandemic as a coup

May 1, 2020 0

Steering the herd by Steve Cook Please God let me be wrong but as far as I can make out the strategy of lockdown is this:   String the lockdown out as long as possible […]

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