Has the NHS been saved or emasculated?

Anonymous whistle blower spills the beans

by Jon Davy

As you will see, the following statement is anonymous for very good reasons. Anonymous statements are hard, of course, to verify but this one has sufficient ring of truth to it and gels sufficiently with other known aspects of the Coronavirus psyop for us to think it worth publishing for your consideration and for you to make of what you will.

In our view what all this amounts to is that the People have had foisted on them a deception, a con job of staggering scale and devastating impact, a deception that has not “saved” the NHS but cynically and with malice aforethought emasculated it, a deception that has fear-mongered an illness into an epidemic, shattered the economy, ruined businesses and lives and, through the withholding of medical care, has – far from saving lives -condemned an as yet unknown number of our fellow human beings to death

These are the actions of an enemy, an enemy evidently close to or infiltrated into our own government and aided and abetted by propaganda masquerading as mainstream “news”. This whole debacle amounts to crimes against the People on a massive scale, crimes that MUST be investigated and the instigators, perpetrators and their collaborators and accomplices brought to justice.

This person’s statement suggests that at some time in the future we will see an explosion as the suppressed truth of what the NHS is going through reaches the surface and busts through into the light.

We have added a few emphases and edited the grammar in a few places but other than that, this statement is as it came to our attention.

This declaration should be read bearing in mind the experiences of NHS surgeon and whistleblower Dr  Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil which we featured in

Organisation with something to hide persecutes honest surgeon


UK NHS surgeon exposes COVID 19 hoax

An anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in Surrey.  Released 08/07/20:

I am a consultant at a major, regional hospital in Surrey.

By “major” you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E department.

I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an anonymous statement. I have changed my mind simply because all staff, no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press /social media we may immediately be suspended without pay.

I have a family, dependents and I simply cant do it to them. I therefore can not reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows:

In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country.

Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department. In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E.

This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.

At the start, staff that questioned this were told that we were being used as ‘redundant’ capacity, kept back for the ‘deluge’ we were told would come. It never did come, and when staff began to question this, comments like, ‘for the greater good’ and to ‘protect the NHS’ came down from above. Now it’s just along the lines of, ‘Shut up or you don’t get paid’.

The few Covid cases that we have had get repeatedly tested and every single test is counted as a new case. This means that the figures reported back to ONS/PHE (Office for National Statistics & Public Health England) were almost exponentially inflated.

It could be that Covid cases reported by hospitals are between 5 to 10x higher than the real number of cases.

There has been no pandemic and this goes a long way to explain why figures for the UK are so much higher than anywhere else in Europe.

The trust has been running empty ambulances during lockdown and is still doing it now. By this I mean ambulances are driving around, with their emergency alert systems active (sirens & / or lights) with no job to go to.

This, I believe, has been to give the impression to the public that there is more demand for ambulances than there actually is.

Staff only wear face coverings/masks & social distance when facing the public, As soon as they are out of public view, the masks come off and social distancing is not observed.

Indeed, jokes are made about the measures, and I have heard staff express amazement that despite warnings on packets and at points of sale, telling people masks are totally ineffective and dangerous, the public still buy them, because a politician has told them to.

We have cancelled the vast majority of operations and, of these, ALL elective surgery has been cancelled. (That’s surgery that has been pre planned / waiting list).

Non-elective Surgery (this tends to be emergency surgery or that which is deemed urgent) has been severely curtailed.

The outcome of this is simple. People are at best being denied basic medical care and at worst, being left to die, in some cases, in much distress and pain.

Regarding death certification.

All staff that are responsible for this have been encouraged where possible to put Covid-19 complications as reason for death, even though the patient may have been asymptomatic and also not even tested for Covid.

I feel this simply amounts to fraudulently completed death certificates and has been responsible for grossly inflating the number of Covid deaths.

The fact is that regardless of what you actually die of in hospital, it is likely that Covid-19 will feature on your death certificate.

I have included with my statement the detailed published guidance from the Government on Death Certification which shows how Covid-19, as a factor is encouraged to at least feature on a death certificate [UKR note – we do not currently have this documentation].

Remember, Covid-19 itself can not kill. What kills is complications from the virus, typically pneumonia-like symptoms. These complications are in reality incredibly rare but have featured and a large amount of death certificates issued in recent months.

As long as Covid-19 appears on a death certificate, that death is counted as Covid-19 in the figures released by the ONS and PHE.

I genuinely believe that many death certificates, especially amongst the older 65+ demographic have been fraudulently completed so as to be counted as Covid-19 deaths when in reality Covid-19 complications did not cause the death.

There have been Thursday nights when I stood, alone in my office and cried as I heard people cheering and clapping outside. It sickens me to see all the ‘Thank You NHS’ signs up everywhere and the stolen rainbow that for me now says one word and one word only: Fear.

There are many good people in the NHS and whilst I do not plead forgiveness for myself, I do plead for them.

Most are on low pay, they joined for the right reasons as I did and have been bullied and threatened that if they don’t ‘stay on message’ they don’t eat.

I know that if a way could be found to assure staff within the NHS of safety against reprisals, there would be a tsunami of whistle blowers, which I have no doubt would help end this complete and brutal insanity.

I am finding it increasingly hard to live with what I have been involved in and I am sorry this has happened.

To end, I would simply say this. Politicians haven’t changed, the country has just made a fatal mistake and started trusting them without question.”


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