Suicidal Elite attacks Wolf: Tipping point looms.

The attack on Dr Naomi Wolf and her DailyClout website provides a fascinating  insight into the lengths the criminal elite will go to to prevent exposure of their crimes.

The attack, described vividly in the article featured below, highlights the trouble that elite is in and the fear that drives their efforts to silence those who are doing a fine and often heroic job of bringing the truth to their fellow citizens.

And Dr Wolf sure has been doing a very fine job, as you will discover if you  and explore her website.

Such efforts to censor truthful voices are of course irksome but ultimately do not work. Indeed, they highlight for the rest of us where the truth that terrifies the criminals in high places can be found. For instance, we have witnessed over the past few years increasingly desperate efforts to rob strong voices of their power to speak out against the corruption and psychopathy of our so-called elite. And the result has been a massive proliferation of those dissenting or contrary voices to a point where a tipping point now looms, at which that elite may find itself at the mercy of an enraged public, who have seen loved ones, living standards, health and happiness sacrificed upon the altar of corporate greed.

So please take a look at what Dr Wolf has to say below and visit her website where you can gain great insights into what is happening to this knocked-about, kicked-in-the-head civilisation of ours (and who’s doing the kicking).

DailyClout Wholly Erased All at Once from Facebook, Instagram; Users Receive Threatening Messages

A Massive Censorship Attack on Us — One Day after my @WarRoom Interview Explaining mRNA Vaccine-Caused “Frameshifting” has 720,000 Views.

DailyClout contributors and readers discovered yesterday, Dec 10, 2023, that Facebook has removed all of DailyClout’s content, both articles and videos, or marked it all as Spam. This scorched-earth erasure was applied to DailyClout — and to my own — content, posted as far back as September 2022.

Facebook also blocked readers from sharing DailyClout content, and the platform told readers and contributors that they were violating Facebook’s terms of service if they shared our posts. Users get messages warning them of various terms of service violations that include “terrorism”.

In the case of Instagram, not only were our contributors’ accounts restricted, but the word ‘DailyClout’ itself was deleted from their bios, though they had taken no such action.

We know from lawsuits by two US Attorneys General that the White House and CDC already pressured Facebook to censor accurate information I’d posted in 2021, related to menstrual damage from mRNA vaccines. I was blocked from Facebook intermittently for months after that. Due to these prior acts of censorship by Facebook, millions of women have been prevented from learning about potential damage to their bodies and to their fertility — damage which they now suffer as a result of that suppression.

Facebook’s and Instagram’s censorship of DailyClout — and of me personally — yesterday followed my posting of an interview I did with Steve Bannon on his widely viewed podcast WarRoom, in which I explained that scientists had confirmed that the mRNA injections cause ‘frameshifting’, or the production of ‘nonsense’ proteins, with unknown outcomes. It reached 720,000 views on Twitter. (I cannot open it on Rumble).

My sources were a December 6 2023 article in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.comN1-Methylpseudouridylation of mRNA Causes +1 Ribosomal Frameshifting,” (Thomas E Mulroney, et al), as well as an earlier report by the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Team. The sources for that report were the Pfizer internal documents released by the FDA under court order. On May 11, 2022, DailyClout had published “Report 22: Effects of N1-Methyl-Pseudouridine in the Pfizer MRNA Vaccine,” linking drectly to the Pfizer documents.

My reporting is, once again, correct, and once again, the censored finding, this time of of N1-Methyl-Pseudouridine causing protein-related problems, is a matter of public interest.

Though much of the documentation of this that was abundant online a year ago has been scrubbed (I reported on it in my previous book The Bodies of Others) — the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation invested in the mRNA vaccines discovery process. Indeed, their list of “COVID-19 Partners” shows Mark Zuckerberg’s investment in and his profiting from every aspect of “lockdowns”; testing and pharmaceutical treatment of COVID; from pumping millions into “partnering” on distance learning and internet connectivity for homebound children, to developing COVID treatments, including vaccines; to the “Chan Zuckerberg Biohub” for COVID testing.

If you want to know exactly how the world was “locked down”, profitably tested, profitably distanced, profitably vaccinated, and in the meantime had its DNA harvested — if you want to know who got paid to keep your child home from school for between one and two years of your child’s life, and who paid for those “distancing” educators — look no further than at the “COVID-19 Partners” of “CZI”: These “Partners” also include those at the center of the catastrophic mRNA vaccine rollout: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Institute and the WHO. “Mark Zuckerberg’s Bid to Get America Vaccinated,” as the Wall Street Journal put it, also profited his own investments.

My interview with Steve Bannon reveals one the massive potentially criminal result of this undertaking, which Zuckerberg had so heavily helped to fund and promote.

If Mark Zuckerberg’s vaccine investment has helped to produce a process that has gone terribly wrong, the way to address that is by full public disclosure and informed consent for Facebook’s billions of users; and not by censoring journalists who are bringing peer-reviewed findings to his platforms.

This action on Zuckerberg’s part — censoring me and DailyClout, and wiping out over a year of our content, and intimidating any user who types in my or DailyClout’s name — damages my company, its shareholders and its advertisers. It also harms our columnists, whose alliance with DailyClout has led to their other business interests being restricted on Zuckerberg’s platforms.

He will hear from our lawyers.

If Mark Zuckerberg has harmed his users by censoring what are now confirmed to be serious and widespread risks from an mRNA vaccine process in the development of which he invested, he should say so, apologize, and offer to pay his users’ medical bills; rather than doubling down and seeking to prevent Facebook and Instagram users from finding out what was done to them.

I hope Facebook’s own users and advertisers consider now whether they wish to align with a brand that shows so little regard for its own customers’ health and wellbeing, and so little respect for accuracy, and that is so willing to misinform its own users, in a way that can injure them, or worse.

The thing is, censorship never works. I have been privileged to study the history of censorship, and sooner or later, the truth always comes out. Discussion of discussion of what became Protestantism itself was once censored; discussion of homosexuality was once heavily censored; so was any discussion of birth control. None of that censorship prevented any of these subjects from eventually coming to light.

Mr Zuckerberg’s potential crimes will not stay hidden, just because he has sought to silence me and the posts and videos created by my company. His potential crimes will only, sadly, thus be compounded.


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