Slavery and the fixation of attention – how to handle

Some notes on the un-hypnotising of nations

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Here is an observation: to the degree that a person’s attention fixates on something, he or she loses power.

That “something” could be sex, some other person, a physical problem, a real or imagined danger and so forth.

It is worth therefore bearing in mind as we enter a new year of new opportunities that if you want to render someone unable, what you do is fixate their attention. In fact that is also how hypnotism works.

Imagine a child with a suppressive parent. The suppressive’s goal is to dis-empower and cower the child and render them controllable or incapable of achieving true independence. So you’ll see constant carping and criticism (“for their own good”) an invalidation of their creative effort, a belittling of their accomplishments, the perpetual implied “you’ll never amount to anything” reminders, the “don’t do that you’ll hurt yourself!” or “you can’t be trusted” hints and this one: efforts to fixate their attention on their body and its frailties and the ever present dangers of getting sick.

And that of course, more or less, is the control operation that is being run on the populace at this time by the Covid Terror crew who have hijacked our government, their “advisors” and whosoever is pulling their strings.

It is a psychological warfare attack, an effort to dis-empower and render cowed an entire populace.

The operation has involved a fixation of attention of the citizenry on the invisible stalking menace of the covid bug. It runs on relentless reminders of how vulnerable they are, how sick they could become, how their life hangs by a thread even if they are healthy, how they could be struck down at any moment and how they must perpetually take extreme measures to protect their frail, perishable bodies even to the point of ceasing to produce, to postponing or giving up on their goals and dreams and the small pleasures that make life worth living.

In other words, they are placed at effect and subject to the slow drip feed of implications that they cannot be at cause.

We, the People are placed at effect and the manipulative characters who have somehow hijacked our government are at cause. And those manipulative characters have us  wearing masks, hiding in our homes and raising barely a whimper as our country is strangled to death in its sleep, all for fear of a flu bug with an average age of fatality of 82!

Boy, has our attention become fixated on this bug that nobody can see but which is “everywhere”. I noticed it even in myself: it got to a point where I would hardly write about anything else and the conversations of people are almost invariably anchored to this one point of fixation.

Someone sure as hell has done a number on us and in essence introverted an entire civilisation.

And to the degree that we are this fixated, we lose power as a people – so much so that a mediocre buffoon like Boris Johnson can go on telly, lie through his teeth, utter a few lines of pseudo-scientific bull and some PR inanities, then pronounce edicts that make little rational sense and the entire nation jumps through hoops.

Thus is a nation of erstwhile explorers, seafarers, entrepreneurs, artists and innovators cowed by a handful of criminals not fit to lick their boots.

And I am not talking about just we Brits.The same psychological suppression has been played upon the French, the Americans, the Spanish and so on.

And while we are at it, as I touched upon above, part and parcel of the suppression of the race is this: placing people at effect.

In life one is either at cause over things or at effect of them. To live well and enjoyably, I guess one has to be able to strike a balance between both: be willing and able to be at cause  and, in balance, be willing to experience being effect. A healthy marriage works like that. Each partner is neither fully at cause nor fully at effect. There is a mixture of both and it gets unhealthy when one partner tries compulsively to be entirely at cause and never be at effect.

It is fascinating to observe then how the media  continually tells you how bad some situation is with this implied  message:  “And there’s nothing you can do about it, pal.”

But of course, the MSM is the propaganda arm of an echelon that compulsively seeks always to be overtly or covertly at cause over the rest of us and never at effect. And it sure does not want the plebs and riffraff getting any funny ideas about being at cause over their own lives or environment.

So the solution to all this is simple and comprises:

  1. recognise that this is what has been done.
  2. unstick our attention and direct it wherever WE want it to go

The un-sticking of attention does not mean neglecting the whole thing or ceasing to fight back. We have a criminal government to sort out that must not be allowed to continue its career of subversion and wanton destruction.

It actually means recognising who the REAL enemy is (and it ain’t a flu bug) and getting really creative and motivated on bringing to heel those merchants of fear whose mind games are geared to making our days dark and miserable.

And it means devising and dreaming up new, broader, more forward-thinking, more expansive goals and objectives for ourselves and our nations, the pursuit of which would automatically require and empower the rolling back and ultimate erasure of the Covid Terror psyop.

It means in other words, getting our attention on how we can we build a better civilisation, more to OUR liking. The building of that better civilisation would of course automatically involve getting government to knock off its current mischief and behave itself.

And to hell with the “great reset” and so-called “build back better” being foisted on us by our would-be lords and masters when they think we are at our most cowed!

How about we dream up our own “great reset” that has nothing to do with theirs or what they have decided is “good” for us, a new dream or paradigm that will re-set those psychotic creeps out of power and into courts where they belong, to stand trial for crimes against the  People?

What would such a desirable civilisation that YOU would like to live in be like?

What would need to change or happen in order for it to be made a reality? What actions by governments and other suppressive groups would have to cease in order for that new world to come about? And how can we organise ourselves in order to MAKE them cease and desists and become honest and straight?

It is worth taking a look at these things and all of us spending time visualising in our mind’s eye the kind of world we would find desirable. What would it be like?

Enough of their fake “reasons to be fearful” and their efforts to subdue us .

Dare to dream!




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