Propagandists waging Propaganda War from Inside Britain accuse Putin of Waging Propaganda War from Inside Britain

Here’s another gem from the British media, which has become an endless source of hilarity almost as entertaining as the American media.A propaganda media mouthpiece, an offshoot of a proganda machine with offices all over the UK, accuses Russia of setting up a propaganda office in the UK. The sport of slagging off Russia and accusing it of doing what Washington and its proxies have been doing for decades is now in jeopardy as the accused threaten to give their point of view and/or challenge the view of reality put forth by the freedom-loving oligarchs and spin doctors of the West.Giving their own view on things is just the sort of filthy trick one can expect from countries slated for regime change or a bit of restructuring by democratic missiles.It is also extremely rude of Vladimir Putin to butt in like this and interrupt the peace of the graveyard with some uncensored ideas, not to mention challenging our beloved media’s copyright on propaganda. The controlled Western media are probably having kittens.

Putin’s Russia seems at the moment to be the target, having committed the cardinal sins of (a) being there and (b) doing quite well as it shakes off the post-Communist hangover that laid that country low for a while and (c) scuppering the plans for global dominion on the part of the bankster crime syndicates that have hijacked America.

Be that as it may, the following Daily Express article – or indeed most MSM articles – itself makes a fine study in the subtle art of propaganda. When you look very closely at the article you find “sources “quoted with no data on who they are exactly, generalisations with no specifics, conjecture and opinion presented as fact and a smokescreen of “reasons to be alarmed” but very little real substance behind it.  And all this in the guise of “keeping the public informed”, whilst what they are really doing is “keeping the public anxious, dismayed, scared witless or mad as hell at whoever the media’s puppeteers want the public to be mad at”. I’ve interjected some comments of my own [in brackets] to draw your attention to key points. Steve

RUSSIA WARNING: Vladimir Putin ‘waging propaganda war’ from INSIDE Britain  [Gosh! nobody has ever done that before! Britain as you know had been entirely proganda-free until the pesky Russkies came along and started commincating with people]VLADIMIR Putin is waging a Cold War-style propaganda war against Britain by spreading disinformation and infiltrating universities from within the UK, it has been claimed. [Claimed by whom? On what evidence? What disinformation exactly is being spread? Infiltrating universities? What precisely does that mean? Perhaps the Russian agents involved could be named with an account of what exactly they are doing?] 

Vladimir Putin is reportedly waging a ‘propaganda war’ against Britain. [Reportedly? Reported by whom? The Daily Express?]
Top NATO sources said Russia is “muddying the waters” by spreading dubious news stories through its international news service Sputnik  [Wow! Dubious news stories! We’ve never had any of those before! But which stories and in what way are they “dubious? And who are these “top” NATO sources and what evidence do they hasve to support their opinion? I’d hate to think that NATO is issuing propaganda lines].And it was also claimed paranoid Russia [I love the use of the emotive word ‘paranoid’. It is hardly paranoid to think that the West is hostile to Russia, armed to the teeth and has a penchant for engineering regime changes and outright invasions] is targeting [What does targeting mean? what are the specifics?] British universities,with Edinburgh being its main target [which other universities?] and Scotland a “testing ground” for a propaganda exercise in 2014 [Any specifics? What propaganda? Who issued it, to whom? How was it false? How the hell is the reader supposed to evaluate this information when all he or she has is some generalisations with no actual data?]Vladimir Putin personally signed off the creation of Sputnik [It’s a good job the West never creates propaganda machines like Sputnik! It is the sort of low trick our leaders would never stoop to].
The shock [emotive word] claims come as the US accused Moscow’s intelligence services of hacking up to 20,000 stolen emails from the Democratic Party’s National Convention. [Who in the US made the accusation exactly? The CIA? NSA? of course it the US makes an allegation, it MUST be true! Good job Western intelligence does not spy on anybody, tap phones, hack emails and so forth. But we have yet to see hard evidence that the hack was done by Russia or “a Russian”. Of course the hack revealed more Hilary Clinton skullguggery so it’s a good job someone did it or we would never have known about that. Here is an article from the aforementioned Sputnik with Russia’s take on the matter. Decide for yourself whether it is propaganda or a fair-enough statement of as point of view.]News channel Sputnik and cultural mission Russkiy Mir (Russian World) were both created by decree of the Russian president. [True enough. No pretence otherwise by Russia. We appreciate the Express saying it twice in one short article.]
Russian cultural mission Russkiy Mir reportedly [Reportedly? Did it or didn’t it? Who reported it?] gave the University of Edinburgh £221,000. [If it is true, is the writer alleging that Edinburgh University was taking a bribe of some sort?]
The Russian information effort is to muddy the waters, to create uncertainty. [Challenging theMSM’s carefully crafted narrative does of course create uncertainty. People might become uncertain (if they are not already) as to wether they can fully trust what the MSM is telling them. The Western propagandists want certainty: certainty that everyone will believe and no one will challenge what they say. But of course our media are so honest and trustworthy they themselves have never muddied any waters or created an uncertainty of any kind]
Sputnik operates out of Edinburgh, and has reportedly [Reportedly again. Who said it?] spread baseless stories such as one suggesting the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox was a pro-European plot to derail the Brexit campaign. [Have our own media ever spread baseless stories? Or suppressed stories not in the interests of our own elite? Is it baseless just because the Express says it is?]Russkiy Mir is headed by Vyacheslav Nikonov, the former head of Soviet spy agency the KGB, and gave £221,000 to the University of Edinburgh, £85,000 to St Anthony’s college, Oxford, and opened cultural centres at Durham University. [What other donors do the University accept money from? What precisely is wrong with the Russian cultural centres at Durham University?]

A NATO source told the Times [Who exactly? The bloke who works in the kitchen at NATO HQ?]: “The Russian information effort is to muddy the waters, to create uncertainty.” [Ah NATO! Now there is a trustworthy source. No bias or fish to fry there! You might want to check out NATO’s Operation Gladio before you decide whether a NATO “source” of any kind can be trusted].“Sputnik is part of an overall effort to present a Russian view.” [It might be nice to get the Russian view of things for a change. Then we can make up our own minds instead of having the Express make them up for us. The British are a grown-up people and we don’t need the Russian point of view censored out of the debate.]

It is also believed Russia [Believed by whom?] would seek to influence Scotland if it were to declare independence from the UK [They probably would but as a declaration of Scottish independence hasn’t happened and maybe never will it is hardly a worry woirth getting our knicekrs in a twist over. Blimey! The writer is really clutching at straws here! But they are unlikely to be the only ones trying to influence Scotland in  this hypothetical future are they? Can you think of any other rather large country seeking to influence by peaceful means or strong-arm tactics any other country?]

Scotland’s ban on fracking would mean independence could lead to a dependency on Russian natural gas. [Could lead, not will lead. It’s not a certainty then, even in this hypothetical future that has not actually happened. And this is not a statement of fact, merely someone’s opinion.]
Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames said: “If people are stupid enough to be suckered by the Russians, that’s their lookout.” [As opposed to those stupid enough to be suckered by the British media which is not a very reliable source of information at the best of times]A top NATO chief last week warned Mr Putin could be set to launch a “pre-emptive” attack on eastern Europe. [Well if an unidentified bloke allegedly from NATO says so it must be true. This is probably wishful thinking on the part of those who seek to get a war going with Russia, from which they hope to make a lot of money. Although despite the provocations, the NATO troops massing on Russia’s borders, regime change in Ukraine and so forth Putin has been too smart to take the bait, which is probably annoying the hell out of somebody. In any case this is all so vague and lacking in specifics we can’t verify if it was even said at all. Russia doesn’t look particularly suicidal to me and if it is planning to start WWIII and lay waste to itself and Europe, if not the whole planet, there is hardly any point in the rigmarole of setting up a news office in Edinburgh is there? There wil be no-one left alive to hear what it says! Besides, Russia doesn’t have to start a war, it merely has to wait while the West’s economies stagger ever deeper into the debt-laced mire of ineptitude. Looks more likely that Russia is taking steps to throw a ruddy great spanner of its own in the already failing Western propaganda machine. Quite a smart move.]
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