Noshi-Do: alimentary self defence. How to Defend your Brain

First Kata: how to give psychiatry the chop by kicking it in the aspartame.

This is the first Kata in the revamped Noshi-Do series, which I originally spawned about ten years ago under a pseudonym as I was having an identity crisis at the time.

Anyway, I have since recovered from my identity crisis and am now absolutely certain I have no idea who I am or, indeed, what planet I am currently living on at least part of the time. As such I am, of course, no different to the rest of the human race.

So I decided to celebrate by exhuming the Noshi-Do series, a move partly inspired by the discovery that while I was AWOL in an alternative universe of my own devising, I was plagiarised. There is no greater compliment another writer can pay you than to plagiarise you so, as you can imagine, I was quite thrilled.

Noshi-Do teaches alimentary self-defence techniques and is intended only for those of you who eat food or similar substances.

It comes from “Do” (Japanese = the way or path ) and “Nosh” (British slang = food) and means “The Way of Food.”

It is an ancient and mysterious art whose mysteries became all but lost around about the time the food giants discovered they could make money by poisoning everybody and the black art of Doshi-Do (dosh= money + do = the way) was adopted by assassins of the evil Dojo of the Red Shield, such as Soros the Illuminated and Monsatan the Infinitely Annoying.

The Kata described below teaches you about kicking aspartame and giving psychiatry the chop. Be sure to practise until you are really good at it


There are an awful lot of things that can cause depression and other mental symptoms, including aspartame. Why does psychiatry pretend not to know this?

by Steve Cook

According to psychiatry, if you are feeling blue, there is something wrong with your brain and the thing to do is clobber your brain with a chemical such as an antidepressant until it quits.

Personally I think there is something wrong with the brains of many a psychiatrist because they seem to have an aversion to using theirs.

Why so harsh? The fact of the matter is there are myriad causes for a person being depressed.

Personally, listening to the waffle spouted by psychiatry as an excuse to drug people depresses the hell out of me but the work of psychiatrists is just one of many reasons a person can get depressed. And none of those reasons include a diseased or defective brain.

Of course, like any bodily organ, the brain can be harmed by toxins or bad nutrition but psychiatrists rarely if ever do anything other than label the person mentally ill, reach for the prescription pad and get the person on a drug – which is of course a toxin, with significantly less nutritional value than polystyrene or carpet underlay, that can mess up bodily organs such as the brain, which as you know is quite important.

Why do they do that? Why no medical check? Why not find out what kind of poisons and other rubbish the person is putting into his body and get him to stop doing it? Why no check for any underlying illnesses he may have?

After all, if you went to a doctor with a bullet in your leg, missing two pints of blood, and complaining of feeling tired and irritable, you would not think much of a doctor who did not even look for the bullet but glibly diagnosed “gammy leg syndrome, probably due to genetic defect” and prescribed opium to make you feel numb and euphoric. Meanwhile, gangrene sets in and your leg falls off.

The list of things that can cause a person to feel depressed, irritable, tired, listless and so on and so forth is a long one that includes but is by no means limited to stopping a bullet. Yet psychiatry doesn’t seem to know any of this or if it does, it ignores it.

Call me fussy but to me this is inexcusably ignorant and grossly negligent and evinces an agenda that has nothing to do with making people better. How many thousands of people have been denied the opportunity of improvement and actually ruined because their psychiatrist was in such a hurry to prescribe an antidepressant rather than provide any honest help?

The example of aspartame nicely illustrates this point.

Aspartame is a chemical sweetener that goes by the brand names “NutraSweet” and “Equal.” It is one of the very first chemical sweeteners and is over 150 times as sweet as sugar. How the food industry actually gets away with putting this harmful substance in food and inducing the unsuspecting public to eat it is not quite clear. I suppose this is yet another instance of governmental perfidy or negligence but whatever the reason, there are over 6,000 products containing aspartame, sold in over 100 countries and consumed by over 250 million victims worldwide.

There have been more adverse reaction reports to the FDA concerning aspartame than for all other food additives combined, and there have been a staggering 900+ published studies on the health hazards of aspartame. In addition there are around 10,000 documented reports of adverse reactions to aspartame. [Note. I wrote the original article about ten years ago so God alone knows that the number has grown to over the ensuing years of the FDA, government and so forth completely ignoring the problem]. Those adverse reactions include death, which is quite a serious condition with no known cure.

Now, it is estimated that only roughly one in a hundred people who experience an adverse reaction actually reports it. These may or may not be major reactions, there is no way of knowing but the bare math tells us that at least a million people may have experienced an adverse reaction they were able to attribute to aspartame. This does not of course include people who have had a reaction to aspartame but not recognised the connection and blamed something else.

Among the dangers, a chemical known as phenylalanine found in aspartame increases dopamine levels in your brain and this can lead to symptoms of depression because the serotonin/dopamine balance becomes distorted. It can also, through a similar chemical distortion, lead to migraine headaches and brain tumours.

Furthermore, there is another chemical in aspartame called aspartic acid, which is an excitotoxin.

Excitotoxins are special amino acids that cause particular brain cells to become excessively excited, to the point they will quickly die. In addition, Excitotoxins can also cause a degeneration or loss of brain synapses and connecting fibres. Aspartame has other dangers, not the least of which is it has also been found to cause cancer.

In short, aspartame is a pretty scary chemical and what it is doing being inserted in our food, why manufacturers go on inserting it and why the government stands idly by and allows it is, as I have said, a mystery.

The only reasonable explanation I can think of to explain all this is that the people behind it are complete shits.

Here again there appears to be on the part of certain corporate entities, their directors and shareholders and on the part of government itself a “who cares?” attitude to the small matter of innocent citizens being made unwell or even killed.

Much of our world seems to have fallen into the hands of creatures who care nought for the fate of human beings when it comes to making a buck.

Now, among the ranks of these cold, calculating master criminals, there are evidently some pretty deranged individuals in need of the ministrations of their pals in psychiatry (I highly recommend lobotomy) but psychiatry in general seems to spare such people and focus its attention on the rest of us for its “mental illness” labels, quackery, fakery, drugs and skulduggery.

In so doing, the role of aspartame in generating depression and other mental problems in people is very carefully ignored. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are consuming aspartame and have consumed it for decades. How many cases of depression has just aspartame alone caused?

How much has aspartame and similar food additives contributed to so-called “mental health problems?”

How many people have been given drugs rather than simply being persuaded to stop consuming aspartame?

How many people as a result then had to contend with the damage done to their body, nerves and organs by the aspartame AND the damage done by the psychiatric drugs they had added to it?

One supposes there is no money or power to be had in simply counselling people to stop poisoning themselves.


Steve Cook is a 4th Dan Black Belt in the art of Kung Food.



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