Medics shun dodgy vaccines

Suspicions grow as to true agendum hidden behind the Covid hoax

by Jon Davy

This Financial Times article from 7th Jan is interesting: Vaccine scepticism among medics sparks alarm in Europe and US 

You cannot trust what you read in the MSM an inch because it is very much the propaganda arm for the Covid Psyop attack being waged against free nations. So take The FT’s analysis and conclusions – along with the reported comments of various government officials and other collaborators with the Covid scam -with a huge pinch of salt but as an indicsator of something that is happening within the medical community, it is fascinating.

An extraordinarily large number of medical people are themselves very, very reluctant to take the vaccine and for very good reasons:

It is being promoted very eagerly and with inordinate urgency by the three most untrustworthy sources of “info” known to man: the media, the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

When three career criminals with blood on their hands and a record of homicidal deception get together to tell you to “swallow this potion, quick!” it is best not to.

The vaccine (whichever one you are being pressured to submit to) has not been thoroughly and properly researched, trialed and tested.

Even when vaccines have been, supposedly, properly trialed and tested in the past, the tricks and dodges and scientific slights-of-hand by which vaccines are sold to the populace are legendary.

They warrant the government getting off its collaborative butt and conducting a thorough investigation into the entire industry and its practices so as to verify all claims made and the integrity of the science behind them. This will ramp up the protection of the public from a voracious and often homicidal industry, plus improve the waning confidence of the public in the myriad chemicals it is being pressured to consume, imbibe, inject or absord for (Lol) “its own good”.

Even the usual animal trials that assess long term health consequences have now been omitted (!) because of the “dire emergency” disingenuously presented by a hyped-up flu bug. In essence, those who are browbeaten or frightened into taking the vaccines that have miraculously appeared are the guinea pigs upon whom their long-term impact will be assessed.

And if they wind up killing, sterilising and otherwise damaging millions of people, well the people who created and make milljuions from deceptively marketing them will not get the comeuppance genocidal maniacs deserve because their chums in government have made sure they are immune to the justice that applies to everybody else

As the goal is to inject the entire populace, then the goal is to turn the entire populace into the aforementioned guinea pigs.

In order to justify playing Russian Roulette in this way with the long term health, longevity and perhaps even fertility of the entire ruddy population how dire would an emergency have to be? How immediately life-threatening to the populace in general, how routinely so fatal that the bodies are stacking up at the undertakers?

The truth of the matter is the Covid19 bug, whilst a serious matter for a small number of people weakened by old age and/or existing serious illness is nowhere near serious enough for that.

Even the false stats, dodgy tests and general lying that has gone into talking it up don’t justify it – the true pathology, dynamics and stats of the bug far less so.

More worrying than the Covid flu is the fact that we have presently a government so venal and so vicious it is willing to take such a gamble and use its own people as guinea pigs.

And the danger of “overwhelm of the NHS”, considerable if you believe the discredited predictions of professor “Doomsayer” Ferguson but less so if you listen to proper scientists such as epidemiologists and so forth, is small compared with the long-term overwhelm we are going to see if the new vaccines, injected into the entire populace, give rise to an accumulation of auto immune and other disorders over the ensuing months and years as many scientists fear.

If and when the long term impact upon the health of those who have submitted to the vaccines show up, it will be too late.

The determined pushing of untried and potentially dangerous vaccines upon the people in order to “deal with” a re-branded flu outbreak that is not threatening to the vast majority of them is itself highly suspicious.

If someone doggedly and with an insistence bordering on hysteria keeps insisting you take a medicine that he promises you is safe in order to “protect you” or “civilisation as we know it” from a bug that makes a few people quite ill but hardly affects 98% of the population, you start to worry about what their game is.

“What’s in it?” you ask, or “why are you in such a hurry to get me to take it?” or “what’s your problem?” or “what’s up with you. What’s going on?”

At least, you will ask these questions if you are sensible.

The message coming increasingly from the medical community itself is this:

“There is something very funny going on here. Do not touch these vaccines with a barge pole.”

It is not as if there are not plenty of other safer and more sensible ways of dealing with this Covid flu.


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