How scum rises to the top

Paedophiles and the control of governments through blackmail

by Steve

There is a form of logic goes like this: from what you can see of available phenomena you put to together a theory that explains it. You then see if this theory holds out as more data comes in. If data comes in that disproves the theory, you amend or drop the theory. The theory holds good so long as data and phenomena support it. If the theory is right, it will predict other new phenomena.

So I developed a theory a while ago. It was inspired by an article by the humanitarian L Ron Hubbard entitled, “Druidism and Psychiatry.” Take a look at the article and its concluding paragraph.

Now, when I first came across this I could not quite believe that Mr Hubbard was right in this instance. He’s had a tendency to be incredibly prophetic in many instances but on this one occasion, the data he was offering up for my consideration seemed at the time too wild, too incredible for me to be able to take it on board.

Then some time l later it became obvious to me that something is “off” concerning the industry known as “psychiatry.” Here we have a “profession” thoroughly exposed time and time again at grass roots level as a fraud, a TRANSPARENTLY fake science, that has NEVER made anyone well but consistently makes its “patients” (victims) worse. It is a profession whose stock in trade is mass drugging (to no good result) and gruesome barbarisms such as ECT and lobotomy (with no good results) and which ruins every area it touches. I can state it briefly here and you can look it up for yourself.

There is no profession (not even close) that is so reviled by the general public and which has so many (thousands upon thousands) of groups and individuals dedicated to speaking out against its fakery and so many survivors trying to expose its cruelty.

It is as out of place and anachronistic in the modern, scientific world as the Spanish Inquisition.

Yet it is still here! It is still functioning, still the official mind-cult of governments the world over. Why?

How is it surviving despite all this? No other profession with such a horrendous record of failure and worse would survive the scandals, outcry, crimes and lack of anything remotely resembling results. So why are government still funding it?

Imagine, for instance, the hypothetical case of an engineering company, let’s call it Death Air, that makes aircraft that don’t fly or if they fly at all they regularly crash killing their passengers.

Death Air keeps right on manufacturing those aircraft, which keep crashing and keep right on killing passengers until the death toll is in the tens of thousands. There is an outcry about it with thousands of citizens’ groups all campaigning to expose Death Air with slogans like “Death Air Kills” and even air safety experts and pilots’ unions joining the outcry to condemn Death Air.

But despite all this, Death Air goes on making its aircraft decade after decade and our governments keep right on buying those aircraft with taxpayer pounds and dollars even though they keep crashing and killing the government’s own citizens. The government remains deaf to the outcry and blind to the growing mountain of evidence that no passenger of a Death Air aircraft ever safely completes a journey.

Not only that but the government goes so far as to favour Death Air above all other aircraft manufacturers, making it the sole supplier of aircraft to the nation.

The board of Death Air even accrue government awards and positions as advisers to government on matters of air safety and so on and so forth.

After a while you would ask this question: what is the HOLD that Death Air has over our government and politicians and perhaps even the media moguls whose news chains steadfastly withhold from reporting on Death Air’s manifest record of human carnage?

Wouldn’t you want to know who or what keeps Death Air in a position of power despite all this, despite it actually having no value or desirable function?

How did it manage to keep so many politicians on its side? Does government for some reason WANT to kill its citizens and utterly sabotage the business of air travel?

From whence does Death Air’s immunity to justice, decency, the market place and plain common sense come? How does it manage to keep such a tight rein on the powers that be?

Do the board of Death Air, whoever they are, or the friends of the board of Death Air, who for some reason WANT an aircraft manufacturer that slaughters passengers, have some sort of blackmail hold over their proxies in government and various regulatory agencies?

In the end, blackmail or similar leverage would start to look like the only thing that explains how Death Air manages to maintain its power and position and remain utterly aloof from market forces, or any even vague standards of performance, safety, science and ethics, despite being a complete freakin’ liability.

We can ask the same questions of psychiatry.

It has no real friends, commands no real loyalty, inspires no spiritual or ideological allegiances in anyone so what IS the mysterious source if its power over, say, the FDA, which is currently turning a blind eye to the reintroduction of psychiatry’s repeatedly discredited barbarities such as ECT (which it now proposes to use on children for Gods sake!) lobotomy and so forth and its drugs which are some of the most debilitating concoctions known to man. So what IS this hold that it has?

Could it be blackmail?

To cut a long story short, inspired by Mr Hubbard’s article, I hypothesised this:

Supposing, just supposing at the very highest level there is some sort of blackmail operation going on, in which up-and-coming political figures, captains of industry, bureaucrats and so forth are invited to lavish and hedonistic “parties” where they are enticed or seduced into popping a few pills, letting their hair down, casting their inhibitions aside and indulging their sexual fantasies or some such thing. And when they succumb to the temptation they are filmed carrying out their indiscretions. From that point on, the people behind the “party” have a blackmail hold over that individual.

That blackmail hold places him in their grip forever. Some of these blackmail victims rise as the years go by into positions of influence: middle ranking, high ranking, and sometimes the highest offices in the land. Perhaps the people behind the blackmail caper use their money and influence to help their “boy” rise high because what they wind up with is people in positions of influence who are under their control.

If the indiscretion over which the target is being blackmailed is bad enough, shameful enough, sufficient enough perhaps to get their boy lynched by an outraged public, not to mention jailed, if it ever came out, their hold is as near absolute as it gets.

And what sort of indiscretions would be bad enough to place the person in absolute terror of ever being exposed?

Well, sexual misconduct such as paedophilia fits the bill.

Hypothetically, imagine an ambitious young man who, being from the right background, university fraternity, secret brotherhood or what-have-you, has the potential to perhaps ride high in, say, politics with the right backing. He gets invited to the right parties or goes for a jaunt on Epstein’s infamous Lolita Express, indulges his predilection got for the young girls thoughtfully provided by his hosts, and is secretly is filmed doing it. Then later he rises through the political ranks and one day becomes President or Prime Minister.

In the background are the people who have his indulgences on tape. He becomes their political proxy who will do as he is told, promote the right people, sack the right people, push the right bills through the legislature, instigate the right wars, “or else”.

This is not to say that everyone in politics is a paedophile or other variety of sexual pervert. But those organising the blackmail will of course do everything they can to “assist” the career of their “blackmailee”and not assist or even inhibit the career of someone who had enough integrity to decline the temptations they put his way. The individuals who operate, according to this hypothesis, at the upper echelons of money power are hardly likely to use their resources and connections (and the help of other blackmailees already in positions of influence) to assist the career of someone they do not, through the leverage of blackmail, own and control.

If this blackmail caper has been working successfully perhaps for many decades, then over time one would expect the scum to float to the top and the upper ranks of government and its agencies to become riddled or infested with perverts, in many respects a kind of secret brotherhood of guilty men all subservient to their blackmailers with honest men increasingly marginalised, inhibited and disadvantaged by a cabal they cannot see.

So that was what I hypothesised has been going on perhaps for decades spanning several generations of politicians and officials.

Turns out I am not the only one who hypothesised this scenario.

But in the meantime has any data come to light that contradicts it? Nope.

Has any data come to light that supports it? Oh yes, lots of it.

The data concerning paedophiles amongst the highest echelons of our “elites” is coming to the surface more and more. Quite possibly the scale of what has been going on is pretty much global or at least spans the governments and agencies of the Western World. Paedophile scandals concerning the political elites of the UK, Australia, Belgium and the US and perhaps many more countries have already surfaced.

Doubtless there is much moire to come and on UK Reloaded I will be featuring articles from Veterans Today, Humans Are Free and other excellent groups who are making it their business to do the job the MSM should be doing but largely, isn’t. (I wonder why?).

The scale of the child sexual abuse and perhaps even worse is mind boggling. The potential for blackmail of political leaders and top officials is commensurately breathtaking. We are witnessing a social cancer that has gone untreated, even nurtured, for a long time until it has formed a massive tumour that threatens to kill our democracies stone dead unless we operate soon to remove it by turning the laser of truth upon it.

When the public finally grasps what has been done and is being done to innocent children by members of our so-called elite, when the lid finally springs from this can of worms, there will in my opinion be a virtual revolt.

It seems to me that this point of attack- the investigation and exposure of paedophilia and its resultant blackmail and through it control of the civilisation – is of the highest importance.

Some fantastic work has been done by some very very fine people (I sincerely take my hat off to them) to bring matters this far in to the light.

So let’s all pour coals on it and get the whole thing into the open, names named, the guilty tried and punished, the blackmailers exposed and jailed, this infestation of corruption removed from the path of our social evolution and a lot of children rescued from the clutches of the planet’s most evil predators.

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