Secrets and Lies: Government by Blackmail

Or, How Scum Rises to the Top

by Watchdog

I composed this meme recently in an effort  to open a discussion on whether blackmail is being use as a lever to coerce politicians and other prominent people into compliance with whatever agenda the globalist/Zionist crime mafia are pushing.

Then someone referred me to a section of a talk given by L Ron Hubbard in 1961, the relevant bits of which I’ve take the liberty of quoting below.

The perspicacious Mr Hubbard had spotted the blackmail operation used by Hitler’s gang of psychopaths as long ago as 1933.

It would seem to me that this subversive tactic, still in use today, has been much refined since then, thanks to modern surveillance and operations such as Jeffrey Epstein’s designed to lure unsuspecting muppets  into the blackmail trap.

Of course, the Epstein operation is the one we know about. It is petty certain that the globalist mafia are running similar operations that have not yet been unmasked.

The hidden blackmail mechanism would explain the apparently deranged conduct of modern politicians, prominent figures, media and various government and non-government agencies and the like, exemplified by the unwillingness of – to take  one example – the Biden crew in the US to stop using their citizens’ money to supply the clearly deranged regime in Tel Aviv with the wherewithal to carry out genocide.

It also makes one suspect that the aforesaid crackpot regime is the way it is because its key figures are themselves the puppets of hidden blackmailers.

Of course, judging by their utterances and atrocious behaviour, some of those key figures are clearly ravingly insane but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone bonkers enough to openly froth at the mouth over the prospect of slaughtering his or her fellow human beings is capable of all manner of shenanigans and has done things – most likely to his own people – best kept quiet.

As Hubbard points out below, the blackmail method of control has bequeathed us government by perverts. I can imagine that someone with enough honour not to join in the depravity at Epstein’s pedo island and thus not inclined to hand his would-be blackmailers the means to control him thereafter isn’t ever going to rise to the top. They want people they can control and the people they control can be gotten to crush or eliminate the people they can’t control. Put another way: in the modern globalist-subverted world, scum rises to the top.

All this of curse would explain a phenomenon that becomes more obvious by the day: our “leaders” are obeying instructions from hidden sources disrelated to or even antipathetic to the hopes and dreams, needs and wants  of The People.

It would explain, too, the decline in the calibre and intellect of those pretending to run the country.

Anyway, here’s the quote from Mr Hubbard, the source of which is “Presession 38”, a taped lecture given by L Ron Hubbard on 24th January 1961 (see page 24 of the transcript).

 . . . [T]he entire Hitlerian Kingdom, empire and whatnot was run totally on police dossiers and blackmail. . . [T]hat was the way those boys came to power over there in Germany in about ’33. They just got a little bit on everybody. And the way they governed was to have a full file on the whole town, the whole state. And they would say, “Well, if you don’t go out and murder yourself a flock of Jews, then we’ll have to expose the fact that you have a nasty habit of making passes at your fellow man.”

This  by the way, is an oddity, since it’s still carrying on and given us government by perverts.

. . . If they can find something on somebody and then keep it secret and then tell the fellow that they’re going to let it  loose “unless . . . “, you have the woof and warp of modern government . . .

. . . This is the mechanism used by intelligence services and has been for a very, very long time. And it’s just that the intelligence services have become ascendant in this world of ours today. You’re not being governed anymore by politics. You’re being governed by intelligence activities. It’s who they’ve got on what.


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