How adhering to government diktat puts the public at risk

Excerpts from a letter from Dr Sam White's Solicitors to the NHS

We have extracted some of the salient points from the letter from Dr Sam White’s solicitors to the NHS as they summarise, in our view, pretty much everything that has been a miss with the NHS’s handling of the Covid so-called “pandemic”.

They are quoted from the letter the full text of which is here

The concerns are these: that the public have had their health, well being and lives put at risk by the following:

The NHS adhering to government dictat by cutting the role of primary care and keeping GPs out of the loop with covid cases throughout 2020.

That as a consequence of that decision, early diagnosis and treatment was denied to many patients and prophylactic and therapeutic treatments used elsewhere, to great effect, were being denied to NHS patients.

That the NHS was following government policy of focusing its clinical response on vaccines, vaccines developed and manufactured by companies with links to charitable foundations who had provided substantial grants to a regulator, universities, and other institutions involved in the COVID-19 response. It’s a matter of record that our Prime Minister met with Bill Gates in 2020 and that vaccination policy has changed over time and the Government has ignored the advice of the JCVI.

That the data gathered by the NHS had exaggerated the risk posed by COVID-19 as the unfit for purpose PCR test had been used. We referred you in our earlier letter to the Drosten paper.

That there had been very little information on the immune system as an alternative to vaccination.

That the roll out of the vaccination was based on misleading and inaccurate information. That the benefits of vaccination had been

That the risk of vaccination had been under-reported and under stated.

That the NHS was complicit in working with government in rolling out a NHS COVID app which compromised NHS clinicians’ ability to ensure patients were exercising free will in consenting to vaccination. Vaccination came with the benefit of traction free travel and access to events.

That wearing face coverings in health care settings had not been properly risk assessed. There is evidence that masks do harm, particularly to children.

Dr White and myself have agreed to a request made by a third party to assist the UK Police in any investigation into alleged criminality regarding the government’s and others’ response to COVID-19. Dr White and I are also in contact with those who lodged the International Criminal Court referral in September 2021.

There is a huge backlog of cases and missed diagnoses of diseases such as cancer mean some patients’ diagnoses have been delayed and their prognosis has worsened.

There is substantial evidence accumulating that early treatment protocols for COVID-19 using a combination of anti-viral therapeutics have substantially better outcomes than waiting

There is also evidence of patients being treated simultaneously with CPAP and midazolam.

The NHS was following government policy of focusing its clinical response on vaccines, vaccines developed and manufactured by companies with links to charitable foundations who had provided substantial grants to a regulator, universities, and other institutions involved in the COVID-19 response. It’s a matter of record that our Prime Minister met with Bill Gates in 2020 and that vaccination policy has changed over time and the Government has ignored the advice of JCVI.

Dr David Martin a specialist in patents has gathered evidence regarding dates and timelines of patents filed by various entities from 2001 onwards which relate to both the lab creation of gain of function viruses as well as patents filed for vaccines.

Full evidence of the regulatory capture by pharmaceutical companies and how that capture impacted governments’ responses to the pandemic declared by WHO in March 2020 are detailed in Robert F Kennedy Jr’s work “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” which was published on 16 November 2021.

Robert F Kennedy Jr together with Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Cory, Dr Lawrie, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Stephen Frost, Dr David Halpin, Professor Sacharit Bhakdi, Professor Dolores Cahill and other eminent clinicians and scientists have agreed to support Dr White and all have been in contact.

The FDA withdraw emergency use authorisation of PCR tests on 19 July 2021 effective 31 December 2021.

The Government has admitted that: “The detection of RNA in a swab is only a proxy for viral shedding (RNA detection does not indicate thepresence of live virus).”

121 studies are summarised at the Brownstone Institute showing that immunity and infection provides longer lasting and more well rounded protection than any immunity derived via vaccination.

The government policy was to rely on vaccination to provide immunity from COVID-19. The government has now made a highly qualified statement and admitted that: “Although there is limited data to draw upon in this area, if vaccination reduces the amount of viable and transmissible virus in a person who is infected despite vaccination, there may be a reduction in transmissibility. It is also possible that vaccination reduces the duration of infectiousness in those individuals who become infected.”

A whistle blower who worked in a Clinical Research Organisation has alleged that Pfizer manipulated the safety and efficacy data from the clinical trials.7

There has been criticism that the data relied on by the government and the NHS has been misleadingly presented, particularly on what amounts to “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated” cases or hospitalisations or deaths, this was termed the “denominator problem.”

Studies show that the vaccines have not been as efficacious as many had been led to believe. The vaccine has failed to prevent infection and spread against Delta That is to say studies have shown that fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts and that viral loads are no different when comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

physicians for informed consent have produced a document showing safety and efficacy data.

There is increasing evidence that the spike protein amounts to a toxin with the potential of causing potentially serious long term adverse effects. Dr White’s concern has always been around the absence of long term safety data and the experimental nature of the mode of action of the mRNA vaccine.

That some of the vaccinations currently in use in the UK have been withdrawn in other jurisdictions on safety grounds.

That there is a higher than usual number of elite athletes having heart problems.

France has withdrawn Moderna’s vaccine for under 30s because of the risk of heart inflammation.

That incidences of myocarditis and encarditis are rising. Dr White’s letter dated 2 July 2021 expressly stated that there was a material risk of these conditions arising as a vaccine side effect. Evidence of risk is being revealed daily including some evidence extracted from Pfizer via court order.

The guidance produced for the COVID pass application has a limited number of exemptions. This application and its use is exerting undue influence on clinicans to deny exemptions to many individuals who have very good reasons (not that any are needed) not to be vaccinated.

There is evidence that the CQC has allegedly unlawfully relied on the COVID pass app as the only means of evidencing exemption in their workplace. We thought the regulators, including the GMC, were independent of government, not in its pocket and pushing Government’s policies.

The law is that any individual has the right to make their own decision on whether to have a treatment or not. Any decisionshould be free from third party pressure. The NHS Covid Pass application exemption system denies individuals their lawful rights, described in the Montgomery case as a “fundamental human right,” by exerting unlawful and coercive pressure by denial of exemption. This is the most serious allegation anyone could level at a health service. A health service that is complicit in denying patients their fundamental human rights and is complicit in pushing a government policy, vaccine passports, which has nothing to do with the health of the nation and everything to do with with the control of a nation, such control including pressuring the population into a vaccine which many patients, quite reasonably, may wish to decline for whatever reason.

There is still no evidence that any risk assessment has been conducted on the benefits and risks of face coverings. There is mounting evidence that face coverings cause harm and that evidence has been available for some time. Developmental and physiological harm to children is inexcusable.

The independent World Council of Health set up by Dr Tess Lawrie has some research you may wish to consider.

Given that it has now been five months since we last wrote and evidence has been accumulating that every single one of Dr White’s concerns are well founded it is incumbent on you to reply to all the points raised.

Read the full letter here

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