Honesty, Responsibility and Declaring Fake Emergencies

Designing a desirable Government: Part Two

 by Fabian Ubiquitus

What passes for government on this planet is, by and large, a mismanaged mess. It has been a mismanaged mess for thousands of years.

The mismanaged mess results in a very hard time for billions of this planet’s inhabitants.

If we are to guarantee the survival of our hard-won civilisation, let alone evolve our civilisation into a more desirable and more benign form, then we really must take action to sort out the business of government.

The mismanaged mess derives in large measure from the fact that we have not even figured out and agreed upon some basic principles as to what we want government to be and do – and then communicated those principles to those carrying the responsibility of governance and MADE them abide by them.

In the absence of broadly agreed and insisted upon basic pro-survival principles to keep them honest, clear-headed and straight, governments can and do go astray.

It is therefore imperative that we who desire benign, pro-survival governance designed and operated for the good of all (ALL) the people of our nation and of our planet figure out and insist upon some basic common-sense principles.

#1 Honesty


A primary difficulty we have with government is that politicians and officials lie to the people. We can all agree that no matter what ideals, bright ideas, policies and so forth the different politicians promote, they SHOULD TELL THE TRUTH.

This enables us to establish the following principles of benign governance:


No person in government may communicate or seek to communicate by any means overt or covert any knowing falsehood, false report or misrepresentation to the people or to other officials or representatives.

*  the requirement for that truthfulness must be enshrined in just laws.

*  those just laws must be applicable and enforceable upon ALL government officials, representatives, agents, agencies, proxies and representatives.

*   those just laws must also be enforceable on and applicable to ALL persons, entities and agencies, corporations et al making representations, applications or submissions to or entering into co-action with government or any agency thereof.


#2 Personal Responsibility


One can observe that persons in government can engage in deceitful, capricious, corrupt and damaging actions that would be treated as criminal if carried out by any person in a non-government sphere, with little or no fear of ever being held to account for what they do. This creates an environment in which criminality can flourish. By its nature, the effects created by government upon the rest of society can be extensive and thus the damage caused by criminality can be extensive. For that reason it is absolutely imperative that there is no room in government for criminality.


It is an inviolable principle of sound and ethical governance that each person involved therein is responsible for his or her own actions and must be held accountable under just laws for his or her own actions. This principle applies to ALL spheres inside and outside government – such as corporations, banks and so forth – and is in fact a fundamental requirement for the good health and well being of any culture or society.

*  there are no exemptions to the above

*  the notion that any person carrying out, or ordering or aiding and abetting the carrying out of any act that results in harm to others is exempt due to the collective liability of some corporate or governmental entity is hereby CANCELLED. A corporate, business or governmental entity is not a person but comprises persons and among these persons are the specific persons who conceive, plan, order or carry out actions and are responsible for those actions.

* this principle of personal responsibility applies not just to government but to all entities large or small so, for example, when a corporation produces a drug that harms or kills and it is found that the harm results from negligent safety testing or disingenuous marketing and so forth, those persons who made the decisions or gave the orders or devised the company’s policies or were party thereto, from the Board and CEO and major shareholders on down, must be held accountable and prosecuted for causing actual bodily harm or whatever the appropriate criminal charge might be. This principle of personal accountability will compel the decision makers and planners in all entities to behave responsibly towards their fellows.

#3 Declaring or Promoting Emergencies


The need to act swiftly to deal with an emergency can on rare occasions require the temporary suspension of democratic norms. This can be abused by criminal elements who have subverted or are operating within government in that emergencies are provoked, fabricated or propagandised so as to justify the suspension of democratic norms and the cancellation or inhibition of the human rights of the citizenry. The damage done to the nation by such actions can be considerable. For the well being of the nation, it is VITAL that such activity is never allowed to happen again.


The fabrication of a fake emergency or threat (whether natural or man-made) or the exaggeration of an existing non-optimum situation or the provoking of a threat is forbidden and must be proscribed by just laws. Any such action by any person within the broad sphere of government and their allies, proxies and co-conspirators shall result in prosecution with terms of imprisonment for any person found guilty thereof.

*  any government must be able to declare an emergency where such actually exists. Therefore, clear criteria, easily understood by the populace for the declaring  such an emergency must be drawn up and made public. The government must be bound by law to abide by these criteria.

*  such criteria shall include the specific maximum length of time that such an emergency may exist before government has to re-apply to the parliament for its extension and this must include clear criteria for granting an extension

*  the criteria shall include exact stipulations as to what government may and may not do during the emergency

*  no laws, edicts, regulations, enactments powers and the like announced during the emergency in accordance with the criteria may exist beyond the ending of the emergency and any attempt to extend or make permanent such temporary measures shall be forbidden by law.

*  the criteria shall include the legal requirement that after the emergency is over, a full judicial inquiry shall be held to scrutinise the good faith or otherwise, the legality or otherwise and the adherence to the criteria established for such emergencies of the actions of those persons involved in the presentation of the alleged emergency and any suspension of democratic norms. Any person found to have knowingly or negligently issued or forwarded by any means overt or covert false or misleading statistics, reports or information shall be subject to prosecution and if found guilty liable to a term of imprisonment.

More Observation and Principles to follow


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