Genocide plan about to kick in?

Gov prepares its excuses in advance

by Caratacus

The horrible truth of the matter is that I do not know what ids going to happen over the ensuing months and years.

My own view is I would have to be an idiot to trust a government that has turned lying into an art form and get myself injected with an experimental substance in order to protect myself from a bug that is no particular threat to me and for which several safe remedies exist in any case, albeit the gov has them suppressed. And I would have to be a total criminal to have it injected into my – or indeed anyone’s – children.

So I am going to wait and see what happens now to the millions who have volunteered themselves as guinea pigs and been vaccinated.

Far as I can tell I am in no pressing danger from Covid19. I’m nearly70 but in good health, fit, active don’t smoke or do drugs, I’m not obese and have no present health issues. So why should I be so afraid of this bug I’d risk an experimental jab with more adverse reactions and deaths already than any vax in history and for which the long term consequences are unknown?

And spare me the drivel about “protecting others”. If the vaccines work, then all those already vaxed ARE protected if they truly need protection and the only people I would place at risk if I caught the bug then went around trying to infect others are those who like me have decided not to vaccinate. Of those, only the frail or ill would be truly in danger in the absence of the effective remedies that have been withheld.

Truth of the matter is even if these experimental agents don’t cause the extensive harm and death that some are predicting, – and so many virologists, immunologists, pathologists and so forth have risked their careers and livelihoods to speak out and warn us, we would be smart to pay them some attention – I still wouldn’t bother with it.  After all, the average age of death with Covid 19 is 83. The average age of death in the UK from all causes is 81.

So why should I freak out, why would I get vaxed? Because the government and media tell me to? I don’t take instructions or “advice” from dodgy con men and known liars.

The government’s obsession with injecting everybody with experimental agents to protect us all from a bug that is no great threat to the vast majority of us puts me right off. If the gov is so all fired keen that I get jabbed, I don’t want to get jabbed unless they can satisfy me that this bug is anything like the threat they pretend it is and sufficient to justify risking the clearly dodgy vaccine.

One could understand the obsession if this bug were as lethal as, say, Ebola but it simply isn’t – not even close. In fact for the young it is less lethal than the flu!

So there’s something wrong with the picture, something off. The response we are seeing from government would fit with a disease as bad as Ebola but it does not fit with a treatable, much less dangerous bug like SARS Cov2.

This probably accounts for the various psychological operations the government and media have used to talk SARS COV 2 up a bit – to make it fit with and justify the intensity and hysteria of the response, the core thrust of which is the drive to get experimental biochemicals into every living human being.

This bug is very treatable and would have killed or hospitalised very few if known remedies had not been suppressed and withheld from those who needed them. So much for all the government’s insincere handwringing about “keeping you safe”.

The fiddling of stats and fraudulent misuse of the PCR test to seriously inflate the infections cases, admissions and deaths statistics are now broadly known and need no further explanation from me.

The obsession with vaccinating those in no danger and even those immune by reason of natural infection, alongside the withholding of effective remedies makes no sense and we ought to be HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of the true motives.

It certainly has little or nothing to do with safeguarding health.

Anyway, the meme featured here highlights one school of thought as to what is going to happen. Maybe it is overly pessimistic but I am not so sure it is.

Bottom line: if you haven’t been vaxed, don’t do it. At least let the mass experiment run its course: wait and see what happens to those who have.




A Cykotine Storm is:

a cascade of exaggerated immune responses that can cause serious problems. The immune system contains many different components that help you battle infections. It includes many different types of cells that communicate with each other via signaling molecules, known as cytokines. SOURCE;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1626215512/RO=10/

Or try this definition:  a sometimes life-threatening, systemic inflammatory condition that results from an aggressive immune response involving over-activation of immune cells (such as T cells in response to immunotherapy or infection) which release excessive cytokines in the body in an uncontrolled fashion and that is characterized especially by fever, fatigue, headache, rash, or muscle or joint pain and may progress to more serious symptoms including hypotension, increased heart rate, capillary leakage, edema, hypoxia, multiple organ failure, and sometimes death. SOURCE

Virologist, Professor  Dolores Cahill  gives a thorough explanation of what awaits the vaxed here

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