The man who “lost” a battle but helped us win the war

A huge "thanks" to Simon Dolan for services to Liberty

by Fabian

This was released by Simon Dolan of Keep Britain Free on 11/12/2020:

“I am extremely disappointed to let you know that this week the Supreme Court has decided to refuse to hear our appeal relating to a Judicial Review into lockdown.
“The Supreme Court’s decision means that un-elected Judges have set a precedent which now makes it all but impossible to challenge the Government’s use of the Public Health Act 1984 to trample over Civil Liberties and to emasculate Parliament in the process.
“By not allowing the Appeal to go ahead, this puts a protective shield around Ministers and gives them a free run to lock up people in their homes using the Act, without having to worry any more that their actions in using the Act like this are illegal.
“This is a chilling development which should not be underestimated.”


This  endeavour by Mr Dolan and his movement has been a brave and highly valuable exercise.

It has laid bare for all to see the degree to which the judiciary are collaborators with the government and Parliament in this move against the People.

It further removes the thin veneer of democracy, or the appearance thereof, that has kept us clear of outright unrest.

It has shown us very clearly exactly where we stand, all PR, spin and blather aside.

The reality is that we cannot rely upon any of these three arms of the government to safeguard liberty or dispense true, impartial justice uncontaminated by subservience to vested interests.

They have taken on the colour of an enemy and stand, for now, with our oppressors.

It is ironic that this has become evident at this very time, when departure from the EU was fueled by promises of greater liberty.

The “greater liberty” is not yet happening mainly because we are in the process of replacing government by Globalist front men based in Brussels with government by globalist front men based in London.

This is not a new development. It has been thus for some time but hidden by a smoke screen of PR.

But we are now seeing it clearly for the first time. The masterminds at Suppression Central have erred in allowing us to see it and in so doing have hammered another nail in their own coffin.They moved us closer to a broad awareness among the people that the status quo is not good enough and things must change.

We need no longer make the tactical error of thinking any of these poseurs and charlatans are our friends or that the “elite” to which they belong and whose interests they serve consider us to be any more than a flock to be herded, doped, out down or fleeced as they see fit.

Among this parasitic echelon that feeds upon the energy, ingenuity, creativity and productiveness of the rest of us but gives nothing back in exchange for what it has taken, there IS no genuine, honest-to-goodness commitment to or belief in the principle that the People should have a say in their own governance.

They will dispense with it overtly or covertly as and when they think they can get away with it.

This has given us a clear view of where we stand, of where we are starting from and thus enables us to CORRECTLY estimate the efforts required to achieve a just and fair government designed and run for all the people, not corrupted by hidden agenda, skulduggery and outright criminality.

A fully accurate view of where one is starting from and the correct estimation of the effort required to get where we want to go – along with a clear view of where we want to go – are vital to successfully getting there.

It is now obvious that if we want a government designed and run for all the people and the sane management of the collective affairs of millions of good people, we are going to have to band together and agree on and then create one.

And this does not require a revolt.

It requires us forming a unified movement in sufficient numbers capable of speaking with a voice sufficiently powerful and channeled to demand of government the changes and reforms we want to see.

In a democracy, the People can instruct their government. But sometimes instructions have to be delivered with a voice that commands attention

The truth of the matter is that the present echelon of governance listens to and obeys other voices than ours – or even that of its own conscience – and will not act in service of the people unless there is a powerful DEMAND from the people.

We should be forever grateful to Simon Dolan and what he has done on our behalf. He has brought our task more clearly into focus.

He may have “lost” a court battle but he’s helped us win the war.

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