Fear and Loathing in Covidland

by Steve Cook

I received this account of a friend’s adventures in Covidland and I thought it worth quoting in full, so ere goes:

I just want to share recent experience and my impressions thereof with you.

I earn my bread and butter as a tradesman, a house painter to be exact. and of my last 3 clients I have had dealings with, all three were vaccinated.

Usually clients don’t make a thing out of vaccinated or not vaccinated, masks or any other aspects of the Covidian VaxCult worshipped by the government and other such degenerate minorities so such things rarely come up. But it just so happens that these last three customers found out I’m not vaccinated and their reactions were interesting.

Only one of the three actually asked me if I am vaccinated (“I’m having my booster next week, have you had yours already?”)

The other two didn’t ask but it came up in casual conversation.

The first client is a doctor. When she found out I am not vaccinated, NO REACTION.

She just was not concerned. At one point one of her kids was sent home from school due to another kid testing positive or something and she asked me if I was okay with being around her child. When I said I wasn’t the slightest bit worried, she was if anything slightly relieved.

The second client was a middle-aged guy with physical problems looking after an aged, infirm mother. Both he and his mother are, predictably, vaxed.

When he found out I am not vaxed, his first reaction was FEAR. Yes, fear! He’s vaxed, his mother is vaxed yet he’s afraid he’ll catch Covid or some such thing. Actually, I got the impression he does not quite know WHAT he is afraid of exactly.

So I said, innocently, “Oh sorry, I assumed you and your mum were vaxed!”

I knew they were but fibbed a little. When he admitted they were vaxed I said, innocently again:

“Well great then, you’re safe if you’re vaxed!”

I saw the doubt cross his face for a moment but he wasn’t going to openly admit he wasn’t so sure. To say he was not safe would mean he would have to admit – to me and himself – that the vaxes (all three jabs) are rubbish.

Whoever heard of a vax that doesn’t make you safe from the thing you have just been vaxxed against?

I mean, in the old days when you were vaxed against Polio, for instance, you assumed rightly or wrongly that you were immunized, ie rendered immune, ie you would not catch Polio.

So even when you associated with people who had not had the Polio jab (and I ‘ve come across many in my life) you didn’t worry because you were vaccinated and the vaccines made you safe from the infection.

You never hadsomeone vaccinated against Polio asking a tradesman “Are you vaccinated against Polio because if you are not, I can’t have you in my house in case I catch Polio.”

But that has now changed and, for the first time when people are vaccinated against something, they are afraid of catching the thing they have just been vaccinated against.

This is despite the fact that Covid is not as dangerous as Polio and several safe, cheap and very successful remedies for it exist.

And not only is this the first jab where people are scared of the thing they have just been jabbed to protect them from, it is the first jab I know of where in order to be fully not protected they need AT LEAST THREE (and probably more) jabs in the space of a few weeks.

Be that as it may, I didn’t go into it in detail and I certainly did not make the guy wrong for his decision to get jabbed.

He says, “I wouldn’t have had you working in my house if I’d known you weren’t jabbed!”

So I said, “Well fortunately you’ve had the jabs so you’re safe” and when the “I’m-not-sure-if-the-jab-really-works” doubt flickered in his eyes, I added, “And even if the jab is not as good as you’ve been told, I’m immune in any case” (the truth, so far as I know) “as I’ve already had Covid and that’s the most robust and long lasting immunity so even if the jab doesn’t work, you’re protected anyway, thank goodness.”

He’s had the jabs and so has his mum. There was no point is terrifying the guy by going into the dangers (it’s too late for that) or making him out to be a gullible fool because making the person wrong is the best way I know to guarantee you will NEVER “win” the argument.

So my suggestion is skip it. As the damage has been done there is no point in trying convince him of “how wrong he is” or “how right I am” except maybe to get him thinking outside the media/government box that has him locked in like a ruddy coffin, realizing there is more to it than what the media is saying (he knows that instinctively anyway) and prompting a willingness to mistrust his murderous government a little bit.

I kept it light and breezy and cheerfully unconcerned, so when he dived back into his hypnotically installed reality and said,

“Well, as long as you keep your distance”, I reminded him:

“If you want, but I’m just relieved you’re vaccinated and of course protected . .. if the vaccine works.”

He said, “No, I mean for your benefit . . . ”

And I said, breezily, “Well, I’m immune anyway but even if I weren’t, I’m not worried about catching Covid because I’m in good health and not in one of the vulnerable groups.”

And I left it at that.

He looked a bit bewildered because some of the contradictions in what he has been told to think had started to grind like clashing gears.

The next day, he was more relaxed and even started telling me how the government fiddled the Covid fatality stats and we both agreed that the government are lying scum who cannot be trusted.

I withdrew at that point and acted not particularly interested in banging on about something so unimportant and non-scary as Covid and we ended up as friends.

Okay, so he wasn’t a convert and I don’t care about getting converts but I figured that overnight he’d been on the internet proactively looking things up a bit more as opposed to the usual absorbing everything the TV tells him.

I think if we can get people to be less robotic and start questioning a bit more, if we can leave them with a raised awareness of things that don’t add up, we’re making progress.

The third person was an older lady in a nice house with lots of time and money on her hands, plenty of time to watch lots of TV, soak up the BBC propaganda and so forth and generally have her brain washed and put on the spin cycle.

Again, I saw the fear as soon as she realised I was unvaxxed.

It was an instinctive reaction but it soon passed. We got superficially chatty. She was quite friendly. I just told her that I’d take my chances with Covid as the Chief Medical Officer already told us as long ago as April last year that unless you are very elderly and/or have a serious preexisting health issue, there’s very little to worry about as Covid is relatively mild for most people.

Again, I kept it chirpy and matter of fact and didn’t make her wrong and that seemed to work. We were on good terms and she was left with some awareness that there are things about this whole narrative that don’t make much sense.

I think it reassures people to see someone in front of them who is not afraid and not hostile to them either.

I think too that the ones most afraid are the people with lots of time on their hands to sit in front of the TV, read newspapers etc.

For some, life is perhaps too safe to offer much excitement or much of a game, which is why some people seem to be quite enjoying the drama of there being an epidemic allegedly going on.

Add to that the fact that they have been relentlessly worked on with the fear porn for nearly two years intermixed with often contradictory data that shifts and never quite adds up.

In fact, given how much brainwashing they have been subjected to by the utterly evil sociopaths feeding them misinformation designed to terrorise, it is hardly surprising they are a little timorous.

You guys who are not timorous should pat yourselves on the back.

Of course, if there are people out there with lives so placid and safe they’ll snatch at something like a flu like bug to be scared of and they really want something to fret about, maybe we can persuade them to direct their fear at something far more deadly than a bug, such as the government.

r better still, the puppet master’s pulling the government’s strings.

Or, on second thoughts, maybe that’s too much overwhelm for many people (and what we have here is a mix of viewpoints and tolerances) and a bug that kills a small percentage of people if you help it along is as much as they can confront.

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