Death and Disability and the booby-trapped pseudo vacksadoodles

Report from the US adds to the mounting evidence of foul play

All Evidence Suggests The C-19 VVVs are Causing a Spike in Disability

A Potential Catastrophe for Our Economy



A few days ago I posted an article suggesting the mRNA vaccines were causing a spike in disability. Since that time the story has gone viral, I’ve had more time to look at the data, others have as well, and I now feel the case is very strong. Because this message is critically important, I am writing a second follow up article on the topic. In this article I will attempt to present a comprehensive analysis, and put the data into context with my experience of having worked with individuals with COVID vaccine injuries and individuals with varying degrees of disability including those seeking disability.

The initial discover of this dataset was Ed Dowd (the Blackrock executive who broke the story of the spike in life insurance claims following the vaccine rollout). He shared this dataset (which can be verified here):

Let’s quickly annotate that to put it into context:

Pharmaceutical injuries tend to follow a bell curve, where the more severe ones are rarer than the less severe ones. However at the same time, the most severe ones more easily catch the eye and hence tend to be disproportionately noticed. For example, in the adverse event log that I put together, I heard of many cases of deaths from the COVID vaccines that someone called me up to tell me about, whereas it was rare someone contacted me regarding a moderate injury that happened to someone they knew. Conversely many people I know personally developed moderate to severe chronic complications from the vaccine, but no one I know directly has died.

One of the major problems with evaluating adverse reactions from pharmaceutical drugs is that there is a tremendous degree of latitude for the manufacturers to classify the injuries as something that is not concerning. There have been a few noteworthy cases of this during the COVID vaccine trials, such as Maddie De Garay developing a permanent neurological disability which was labeled as “Functional Abdominal Pain.” Due to how small that trial was, had Maddie’s injury been classified correctly, it alone likely would have resulted in the Pfizer vaccine never been approved for children. Sadly, there is always some way you can twist and re-classify data within a trial to imply that a benefit is there regardless of whether a benefit actually exists.

For this reason, most of the best authors who understand how to critically evaluate medical literature are of the consensus that the only data point that matters is how many people died in the vaccine group versus the placebo group (termed absolute mortality), as death is the one condition that is both meaningful and not possible to re-classify something else.

Because of how dangerous the Covid vaccines are, they have created a large spike in absolute mortality. There are countless datasets that show this including Pfizer’s final publication on their own vaccine trial. Many individuals have been compiling this evidence, and as far as I know, Steve Kirsch has the most comprehensive summary.

I had initially thought that it would only be possible to prove an increase in absolute mortality through the large available data sets, as the subjectivity inherent to classifying more chronic injuries prohibits them from ever being explicitly quantified through a large dataset. Thanks to Ed’s discovery, I learned of 1998 Executive Order 13078, which required the development of questions aimed to assess disability status throughout the population that were then to be added to the Census Department’s monthly Current Population Survey.

Three data sources exist for this purpose. Most of them unfortunately are not yet current enough to provide the needed data. The one that is able to (a monthly survey of 60,000 households) has existed since 2008. The six disability related questions in the survey were a product of extensive research to determine the best way to assess disabilities with a population.

The CPS uses a set of six questions to identify persons with disabilities. A response of “yes” to any one of the questions indicates that the person in question has a disability. The disability questions appear in the CPS in the following format:

This month we want to learn about people who have physical, mental, or emotional conditions that cause serious difficulty with their daily activities. Please answer for household members who are 15 years old or over.

•Is anyone deaf or does anyone have serious difficulty hearing?

•Is anyone blind or does anyone have serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses?

•Because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition, does anyone have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions?

•Does anyone have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs?

•Does anyone have difficulty dressing or bathing?

•Because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition, does anyone have difficulty doing errands alone such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping?

Labor force measures from the CPS are tabulated for persons age 16 and older.

All six questions in this survey directly overlap with debilitating conditions that overlap with commonly reported effects of Covid vaccine injuries (although the vision and hearing issues are less common). I also must note that many disabling conditions caused by these vaccines are NOT covered by these survey questions, so the magnitude of harm is still being underestimated.

This survey is remarkable because it provides an objective metric to assess population level changes in chronic injuries that cannot be reclassified in order to hide their occurrence. This results of this survey are also consistent with the pattern of chronic vaccine injuries reported to VAERS.

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