Close up and personal: the pseudovax genocide

February 22, 2023 0

by Jane Hill I’ve not held back the fact that the majority of my immediate family, friends and neighbours have all had the Covid 19 medical intervention. I refuse to call this treatment a vaccine, […]


Comeuppance is coming . . .

January 9, 2023 0

Intro by Steve Cook This thought-provoking featured article from the highly intelligent Conservative Woman provides excellent insight into the increasing desperation with which government agencies, with the collusion of the corporate media, are fiddling the […]


There’s a war on for your planet

November 13, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook This video briefing by US MILITARY WHISTLEBLOWER DR THERESA LONG EXPOSES MASSIVE POST-VAX SPIKE IN SERIOUS ISSUES & COVERUP. What has happened to the US Military gives us a highly focused […]

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