Dear Freedom Movement, take a win but stay vigilant and don’t let up

There's a war on for your planet

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We are making it our business to present you with some of the best articles from the flourishing grassroots People’s Media, which is swiftly replacing the discredited and dying corporate media as the go-to resource for the truth and for hard-hitting thought-provoking articles that arm you with understanding.

The following is a well reasoned cogent analysis of the unfolding war between The People and the aspiring Globalist tyranny published on 3oth January.  I highly recommend it, particularly its warning that now is not the time to let the enemy of humanity, the doers of great evil off the hook. We must stay vigilant and press home our counter attack until the forces of evil are expunged. We have shown that we can exercise great power collectively and we have for sure routed an attack but the war is not yet over. Let’s take heart and step up our game to an even higher level, win the next battle, then the one after that .

It is from Freedom Alliance and was originally brought to our attention by Principia Scientific. We recommend both sites very highly.

The narrative collapses?

It’s all coming to a head – and many are set to roll.

By Miri Finch.

The narrative collapse is currently in full swing, and, as the deadline issued to GPs for issuing booster doses is tomorrow (31st January), I think we can expect some major, paradigm-shattering revelations come February.

Already, the mainstream press is starting to vigorously flip the narrative on its head, with The Express warning about vaccine-induced heart failure, The Mail issuing heavy criticism of the government’s “unethical, totalitarian”, propaganda scare tactics, and even Piers bl**dy Morgan praising the joys of going mask-free.

This is just a small sample of the theatrical sea-change currently underway on the world stage, and – whilst I’m hugely pleased and relieved the derangement of the last two years is set to be revealed (I’ll never forget the moment I knew true mass madness had set in, the occasion when, in March 2020, a complete stranger barked at me to “sing happy birthday twice” whilst I was washing my hands) – I feel considerable apprehension and anxiety, too, because, while “we were right”, and will be vindicated as right, a much larger concentration of the population was wrong – severely, horrifyingly, lethally wrong. And when that realisation fully dawns on them, I can’t quite comprehend what the social and political consequences are going to be.

I do think there will be a lot of “sacrificial lambs”, e.g., notable public figures who will be seen to be exposed and punished to appease the seething, baying mob of the bitterly betrayed public – either because these figures (Boris, Whitty, et al) have served their purpose and the ruling classes no longer need them and so will be happy to throw them under the bus, or (more likely, in my view) because the whole “exposed and brought to justice” thing will just be another fake and hoax; a ruse staged by actors (always keep in mind the inextricable crossover between politics and showbusiness, and just how many politicians and media talking heads have acting credentials on their CVs).

The reason this causes me some considerable trepidation is two-fold: first of all, I am profoundly worried about the mental health of those who were deceived, and what the psychological consequences will be for them as they are confronted with the truth in a way that they can’t dismiss, ridicule, or deny. It’s extremely difficult for any of us to admit we were duped, because it’s such a huge threat to our self-perception and our ego. As Mark Twain so astutely observed, it’s much easier to dupe someone in the first place, than to convince them thereafter that they’ve been deceived. That’s why the “normies” are so absolutely impervious to any amount of evidence that their beliefs are wrong, but, when it comes to the point that all the mainstream channels, all politicians, scientists, doctors, and media talking heads, converge on a narrative-flip and confirm everyone’s been duped – well, denial won’t be an option any more, for anyone, and I don’t know how the collective national psyche is going to process that, because such a monumental, horrifying act of deception has never, to my knowledge, been perpetrated on a people before.

My sincere hope is that most people are able to remain in a state of relative calm. I know that’s asking a gargantuan amount of them, but anything else is just playing into “elite” hands, since what the ruling classes want is mass mayhem. They want riots and violence and all the rest of it, because they want our society torn to the ground so they can “build back better”. Ordo ab chao (order our of chaos), as is their motto. That’s why they’ve set this whole dark pantomime up, and why they are revealing it now.

So if you’re in the position where the awful truth is starting to dawn on you, then, as much as I extend my heartfelt sympathies towards you for all the anger and rage you must justifiably feel, please don’t give the puppet masters perennially trying to jerk our strings what they want. Please do what you can to process the truth (including looking into ways to reverse the effects of the injection), and then start to strategise ways you can fight back that are in our interests, not “theirs”. Networking with like-minded people and forming real-world communities is critical in this, and Stand in the Park is a great initiative for finding like-minded people near you, as are various pro-freedom movements, such as the Freedom Alliance political party, which regularly organises real-world events (even if you’re not into the voting side of things, joining a political party has historically always been an excellent way of networking and organising with those who think like you).

What the overlords want is mindless, violent, disorganised rage, so we must strive to ensure we behave in exactly the opposite fashion, remaining calm and in control of ourselves, and ensuring how we react to “the great reveal” doesn’t help expedite the ultimate goal of “the great reset”.

Which leads on to my subsequent concern, which is, not for the shortly-to-awaken, but for the already awake, who have known all the while that this was a scam. We have been relentlessly pilloried, mocked, ridiculed, attacked, and worse, with many jobs, relationships, and families left in tatters or lost forever. So, obviously, when it is revealed that we were right all along, the overwhelming rush of vindication is going to be intense, and, in many ways, amazing – and therefore dangerous. As they say, a football team is at its most vulnerable when it has just scored a goal.

So – as challenging as this will certainly be – I think we’ve got to work really hard to remain relatively dispassionate as “all is revealed”, and not get too sucked into the media pantomime of dramatic exposes and grand revelations. Remember, this is all just another pre-scripted act on the world stage, and – although we absolutely should feel vindicated in our abilities to accurately recognise and resist murderous government psy-ops – it is not a straightforward “victory”. Rather, it’s just another strategic chess move on the part of the global games-masters.

So I’m not saying don’t be vindicated – absolutely do be. I’m simply reiterating the age-old wisdom necessary to preserve freedom – eternal vigilance, including and especially in the light of an apparent victory.

They’ve played their latest move. Now it’s our turn.

Miri Finch is a founder member of Freedom Alliance.

More of Miri’s work is available at

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