Avoid the cure, avoid prevention, ramp up the threat

Why the government rejects common sense and favours the Fear


The following article is from the Medical Express and further exemplifies the growing trend for the media to break ranks with the government’s narrative and the unhealthy agenda that drives it.

It gives further data on the value of vitamin D in boosting your immune system and the value of a strengthened immune system in fighting COVID19 or indeed any other bug.

The article covers factors that are key to overall human health and resilience and not just the “virus” the government has managed to fixate everyone’s attention on. Not least among these is the fact that:

* Vitamin D plays a critical role in preventing respiratory infections, reducing antibiotic use, and boosting the immune system response to infections.

* One in 8 adults suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.

What’s the betting that those who have had a hard time with COVID19 or indeed any other flu-like bug have a deficiency of vitamin D and thus a weakened immune system?

No mention of this by the government of course. The silence is bizarre considering this is pretty basic, well-known stuff.

The government is busy selling the COVID19 Fear with the long-term goal of making a packet for its pals in the pharmaceutical industry through the sale of vaccines.

There are of course political goals that require the cancellation of basic rights and enhanced authoritarian control.

Thus we wind up with a narrative that requires creating a high level of fear and trepidation over a big scary virus  and that in turn requires steadfastly ignoring and excluding anything that  makes the virus less big and less scary.

* Such as the fact that there is at least one fairly workable cure, hydroxychloroquine.

* And the vital role played by the immune system and vitamin D as the article below covers.

Look at this this way:

The government has been busy selling us a Big Scare over a virus. THOUSANDS WILL DIE we are told stridently, THIS IS THE BIGGEST THREAT SINCE WW TWO!! and so on. We are VERY CONCERNED and DOING EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to SAVE LIVES and SAVE THE NHS!


Oh really? This is belied by the government’s ACTIONS – or lack thereof – that contrast tellingly with its spin.

If government were really so concerned about all this, it would have:

* Pulled out all the stops implement the cure. Even a cure that only worked on, say, a third of cases would save thousands of lives and vastly reduced the burden on the NHS.

* Gone hell for leather to educate the public on how to protect and boost their immune system and thus reduce their likelihood of becoming prey to this or any other bug bug. Why do nothing about this and pin all hope instead on a vaccine at some time in the future? That strategy of boosting of the immune system is plain common sense – or at least it would be if one’s aims really were the robust good health of the citizenry. And it would include promoting Vitamin D, which costs next to nothing. This strategy would also SAVE LIVES and help to SAVE THE NHS.

So how come these things, to be expected of a government truly concerned about the health of its citizens, have been avoided?

In their absence, the government has hobby-horsed socially and economically dispruptive or destructive measures such as distancing, lockdowns and the various measures that restrict liberty, bankrupt businesses and pave the way for a vaccine that will make a bundle for Big Pharma – not to mention strengthen State power.

It is no coincidence that neglect of prevention and cure make these destructive measures appear necessary

Anyway, enjoy the article below and also check out this related one: Whatever you do, don’t mention the immune system!

Vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19

Researchers from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin have released a crucial report today in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With one in eight Irish adults under 50 deficient in Vitamin D, the report highlights the importance of increasing intake.

How is Vitamin D produced?

Vitamin D is produced in the skin by exposing the body to just 10-15 minutes per day of sun. In Ireland Vitamin D can only be made between late March and late September. It cannot be made in winter, and the amount that we make in summer depends on how much sun we get, weather and other factors. Even in summer, getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin D can pose a challenge due to cloud cover, rainy weather and a lack of sunshine.

The good news is that deficiency can be remedied by adequate intake of foods and by supplementation. Vitamin D is readily found in foods like eggs, liver and oily fish—such as salmon or mackerel—as well as fortified foods such as cereals and dairy products.

Is the Irish population getting enough?

TILDA researchers have found there is insufficient daily intake of the  across Ireland.

Some of TILDA’s key findings are:

  • 47% of all adults over 85 are deficient in winter
  • 27% of adults over 70 who are ‘cocooning’ are estimated to be deficient
  • 1 in 8 adults over 50 are deficient all year round
  • Only 4% of men and 15% of women take a Vitamin D supplement

Who is most at risk of Vitamin D deficiency?

People who get little sun exposure or eat inadequate amounts of fortified foods are most at risk, especially those who are currently house-bound or confined to their homes. Other people who fall into the high-risk category are those who are obese or physically inactive, and those that have asthma or chronic lung disease.

Vitamin D is available without prescription. What is needed now is for people to increase their Vitamin D intake, especially as supplementation is low across the nation, and particularly low in men.

What is the recommended intake for Vitamin D?

TILDA researchers recommend that adults over 50 should take supplements—not just in winter, but all year round if they don’t get enough sun. Those who are ‘cocooning’ at present should also take supplements.

Professor Rose Anne Kenny, principal investigator of TILDA, said: ‘”We have evidence to support a role for Vitamin D in the prevention of chest infections, particularly in older adults who have low levels. In one study Vitamin D reduced the risk of chest infections to half in people who took supplements. Though we do not know specifically of the role of Vitamin D in COVID infections, given its wider implications for improving immune responses and clear evidence for bone and muscle health, those cocooning and other at-risk cohorts should ensure they have an adequate intake of Vitamin D. Cocooning is a necessity but will reduce physical activity. Muscle deconditioning occurs rapidly in these circumstances and Vitamin D will help to maintain muscle health and strength in the current crisis.”

Dr. Eamon Laird, research fellow in medical gerontology and co-author of the report, said: ‘”These findings show our older adults have high levels of vitamin D deficiency which could have a significant negative impact on their immune response to infection. There is an even larger risk now of deficiency with those cocooning or confined indoors. However, vitamin D deficiency is not inevitable—eating foods such as oily fish, eggs, vitamin D fortified cereals or dairy products and a daily 400 IU (10ug) vitamin D supplement can help avoid deficiency. However, Ireland needs a formal vitamin D food policy/recommendation, which we are still lacking—for instance Finland has such a policy and has virtually eliminated deficiency in their population.”

More information: Vitamin D deficiency in Ireland—implications for COVID-19. Results from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA). tilda.tcd.ie/publications/repo … _Covid19VitaminD.pdf

Provided by Trinity College Dublin



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