Are pants on fire causing global warming?

There's a whole lot of lying going on as he war for your planet hots up

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We feature here selected excerpts from an excellent and much longer post which we highly recommend that you explore here.

As with the Covid psyop we see in the Climate Crisis psyop the same propaganda trick of bare-faced lying thinly disguised as “science” with which the people are relentlessly pounded morning noon and night.

The operation, designed to dupe the people into a cooperation with of their own enslavement, is backed by trillions of dollars on the part of the wealthy parasitic echelon who hope to do the enslaving and thereby lord it over a subjugated humanity.

The cooperation of the people in their own subjugation is vital because the aforementioned rich parasites do not have the power, numbers, courage or grassroots ideological support to enforce it. Mind games and psychological manipulation (fancy terms for lying) are the methods by which the weak and cowardly seek to gain the upper hand over the strong.

But the current efforts to cow humanity have, as we saw with the Covid psyop version of the same agenda, a weakness: the scientific pretense and outright falsehoods upon which they depend are wafer thin and easily penetrated by anyone who cares to shrug off the fear for a moment and take a look.

As we saw with the Covid narrative, millions can be easily gotten so to do and when they do the whole thing starts to unravel at an accelerating pace.

It would be nice if on this occasion we could help bring about the unravelling BEFORE millions of lives are ruined or prematurely ended.

We have the power to help our fellows by accomplishing that mission and there are signs that it is already happening. So let’s pour coals on it.

There is a war on for this planet and whilst it appears it will inevitably give a lot of people a hard time, all the signs are that, given persistence and grass roots unity coupled to a sense of purpose, we are quite capable 0f winning it.

And winning the war requires we understand the objectives and strategies  of the enemy . . . then use our understanding to take him down.


The Powers That Be Who Rule Our Lives Are Inveterate Liars

by Joel Smalley Nov 11  2022



The Powers That Be (TPTB) showed their true colours during the Covid “plandemic” through their proven lies, fearmongering psy-ops, false propaganda, censoring, cancelling of dissidents, coercions such as the vaccine mandate of “no jab, no job” and turning a collective blind eye to the horrendous Covid vaccine injuries.

All this for a virus similar to flu with a median Infection Fatality Rate of 0.035% for the under-60s including the chronically unwell and with safe and effective early Covid treatments deliberately and cruelly banned.

The median age of death in the UK from the not-so-deadly virus has always been above UK life expectancy, currently running at an astonishing 86 versus life expectancy of about 80 years.

TPTB ruthlessly pushed their own agenda and showed themselves to be the enemies of the common people yet their smooth-talking politician puppets and amnesty-seeking lockdown apologists are now trying to airbrushed away this unacceptably abusive behaviour, seeking to “just move on”.

Neil Oliver recites these shocking abuses and vows never to forgive and forget in this powerful monologue, walking on Ofcom censorship eggshells. His use of the word “murder” then the phrase “criminally insane” all but enunciates “crimes against humanity”.

The good news is that TPTB’s now obvious Covid atrocities will hopefully lead to the unravelling of their other scam, “climate change”.

By TPTB, I mean the unaccountable globalist establishment which calls all the important political shots comprising, inter alia and with overlapping agendas: Big Money, central banks and the IMF, Big Tech, the bought-and-paid-for MSM, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UN, the WHO, national health authorities, assorted billionaire “philanthropaths” such as Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and George Soros, and assorted “green” NGOs.

Our incumbent politicians act (as in “play-act”) as obedient puppets to this immensely rich, powerful and unaccountable globalist mafia, as evidenced by the recent double coup which has installed a set of WEF stalwarts at the helm of the UK government. The Trilateral Commission Leader of the Opposition also kowtows to them, leaving the UK electorate disenfranchised on the most important issues of the day.

I had thought to write on how modern society has somehow managed to drive itself insane, such is the lunacy of many of the major policies being pushed by TPTB, often with the enthusiastic support of the brainwashed general public. However I found that too daunting a task and in any case I’m sure that the “lunacy” is driven more by evil than by insanity.

I’ll leave it at that but some articles which may give pause for thought are given herehere and here, with a very good Covid-specific one here about the book “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane”.

.  . .  TPTB have been lying to the general public for decades on the subject of “climate change”, aka alleged man-made global warming for a nefarious ulterior motive nothing to do with climate, explained below.

They have invested massive effort and expense on brainwashing the public into believing their lies (just as they did on Covid), sadly so successfully that “climate change” has become a latter-day quasi-religion.

This long-established precedent shows that we, the people, should not believe TPTB on their other skulduggeries such as Covid, the war in Ukraine and the energy and food shortages which they are deliberately trying to engineer.

. . . [P]oliticians owe it to all . . . constituents to act against this global tyranny, not kowtow to it.

I challenge you both to refute my arguments and I look forward to receiving your mea culpa replies with apologies for having dismissively fobbed off my prescient earlier warnings.  . . .

Climate Change 

My recent post on climate change debunks both the theory of alleged man-made global warming and the disastrous futility of rushing to attempt unilateral decarbonisation of our economy using totally inappropriate technologies like inefficient weather-dependent renewables. I won’t repeat it all here and can only ask that you review it and its linked references with your critical thinking caps on. I will however recycle a few of the key arguments and add a few new ones.

COP27 is upon us and climate activists have ramped up their nauseating climate propaganda. Despite this being the 27th such climate pantomime, global CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise year on year yet global temperatures have done little more than flatline for the past quarter century, punctuated by transient natural El Ninos as shown by satellite measurements of tropospheric temperatures which for technical reasons should be the first to show signs of any man-made global warming.

If global temperatures are barely changing and are in fact showing a distinct cooling trend since 2016, why have TPTB suddenly claimed that we are in a “climate emergency”? Why do they use dishonest psychological techniques (just as in the Covid scam) to brainwash the people into joining their climate change cult?

UN IPCC climate models predicting imminent Thermageddon have failed dismally, just like the SAGE/Neil Ferguson Covid computer models. The science reports of the UN IPCC are grossly exaggerated in the Summary Reports for Policymakers because they are written by political activists.

The climate change hoax is only sustained by unscientific knee-jerk claims that random adverse weather events are due to “climate change”, coupled with unrelenting establishment propaganda and censorship of contrarian opinions, as also done for Covid.

Independent analysist Paul Homewood debunks such climate scare stories with ease, turning the propagandists’ own official statistics against them. Independent scientist Clive Best proved years ago that record-breaking extreme weather events are mathematically certain to happen regularly somewhere or other in the world and as such are “totally meaningless”.

In contrast to establishment propaganda, a recent study by leading scientists, explained in this lecture, has shown that the greenhouse gas warming effect of increasing atmospheric CO2 is negligible, totally negating TPTB’s official narrative.

This study sits well with the obvious lack of evidence of man-made global warming over the last 80 years despite steadily rising emissions and atmospheric CO2 levels: the global cooling from the 1950s to the mid-1970s which led to fears of an impending ice age; then a spell of minor global warming in the 1980s and 90s; followed to the present time by a quarter century of global temperature flatlining while atmospheric CO2 levels soared to an “all-time” high.

As a quick aside in case any addressees are challenged by the science of greenhouse gases, the following paragraph “dummy’s guide” may help.

Anyone who is meekly acquiescing in having our entire way of life comprehensively trashed and our hard-won civic freedoms snatched away on a fake pretext such as Net Zero based on fraudulent UN IPCC pseudo-science really ought to try to understand it.

When heat from the sun strikes the Earth, some is absorbed at the surface and some is reflected back towards space over a wide spectrum of infra-red (IR) radiation.

The ‘greenhouse gas effect’ comes about because so-called “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere – water vapour (H20) which is by far the most dominant, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ozone (O3) – absorb some of this outgoing IR radiation and reflect it back down to the surface, thereby reducing the cooling that would otherwise happen if it went straight out to space.

It is a characteristic of these ‘greenhouse gases’ that they only absorb certain frequencies of the IR spectrum. Hopefully this will help to explain the radiance graphs.

Unlike UN IPCC climate models which have always exaggerated global warming, this study shows stunning agreement with actual satellite measurements over hugely different areas of the earth’s surface (see 15:00 of the lecture).

This explains why the Earth did not turn into a hot, waterless planet like Venus 750 million years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were at 7000ppm. It also tallies with the evidence from the Vostok ice cores that increases in global temperatures in the distant past preceded increases in atmospheric CO2 levels, not the other way around.

The bottom line is there is no climate emergency and there is no good scientific reason why we shouldn’t continue to use our abundant (though finite) reserves of coal, oil and gas until such time as nuclear power can become dominant, rather than impoverish and freeze ourselves using uncleanunreliableunsustainableexpensivejobs-destroyingshort lifespan so-called renewables.

This is taken from a long document. Read the rest here

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