Vax Attack: when the dinosaur’s in its death throes, beware its thrashing tail

The pharmaceutical industry has a very large world-wide problem

Why Amazon Was Ordered By The Globalists To Attack The Powerful “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement…

Have Your Books Been Banned from Amazon?

From Germany By Karma Singh

Recently, Jeff Bezoz, the founder and president of Amazon announced that Amazon would, with immediate effect, ban all books critical of vaccination.

Amazon sells a lot of different stuff but not vaccines (as yet?) so why should Mr. Bezoz concern himself with this?   Well, the general rule these days is, “follow the money”.

You see, the pharmaceutical industry has a very large world-wide problem.

Too many people are realising that pharmaceutical medicine just doesn’t work.

Even worse, many are finding out WHY it doesn’t work. It was with this problem in mind that, some decades ago, Rockefeller set about buying up all the news media which the pharmaceutical industry, through various proxies, now controls about 93%. The purpose was and is to prevent the truth reaching the public.

Thanks to the internet, many millions of people have learned the truth, especially about vaccination: So much so that the vaccination business is in imminent danger of collapse. Some countries have already banned it and switched to the much more effective, safer and cheaper homoeopathy (see video below).

As this is one of the three major sources of income for the pharmaceutical cartel, worth several billions each year, you can perhaps perceive why the pharmaceutical industry is in such a world-wide tizzy.

But what has this got to do with Jeff Bezoz and Amazon?

Something you probably do NOT realize – Amazon is deeply in debt.

It only continues to trade at all because the bankers find it a useful tool in the destruction of small and medium businesses. By continually extending credit, the bankers keep Amazon afloat.

[UKR Editor’s note: and right here you have the nature of the leverage that the banking cartels can exert on almost ANY business or government. In a debt-based economy, where money itself is created as interest-bearing loans by the bankers it is almost impossible to flourish without carrying debt. And once you carry debt, the money lenders have control over you.]

Pharmaceuticals and banking, the second and first biggest frauds ever perpetrated, are intrinsically entwined. The owners take off their pharmaceutical hats, put their banker hats on and tell Mr. Bezoz that it’s time to return favours. He is instructed to participate in the world-wide suppression of knowledge about the vaccination scam and to ban all books which seek to spread this knowledge. He, of course, acceded to this “request”.

Amongst others, is my own book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” which not only explains, scientifically, just why pharmaceuticals never could work but also what does work, why it does and why you are not being told about it.

“I want to say this about your book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P”:
It is one of the best researched books on this theme that I have ever seen and shows not only the impracticality of present “main-stream” medicine but also gives hard, practical and proven (but suppressed) information on what will bring about great improvements in health; all this in a style which is easy for everyone to read. The book gives the history of western medicine going back to the Roman Empire. Topics such as vaccination, nutrition, electro-smog and more are examined in detail; a complete review of great importance for all.

Please make me an offer for 10 further copies so that I can confront everyone in sight: It’s much easier than arguing when you can say, “Read that and we’ll talk about it later.” Donovan R. Proof Reader for the German edition

But Amazon is not a creator; it is just a merchant that buys one place to sell for more somewhere else.

There is NOTHING on offer at Amazon that you can’t get somewhere else; sometimes even cheaper! So let’s just do it. Buy elsewhere and let Amazon sink into the muck it stands in.


The above article is from The Bolen Report. Visit The Bolen Report for more great articles.



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