Conventional Economics is a Form of Brain Damage

Geneticist and climate activist David Suzuki explains how conventional economics a form of brain damage

This short video says it all. The authority of bogus sciences like psychiatry, economics and so forth are key flaws in our culture. We leave key survival endeavours in the hands of “experts” who present a body of opinion and try to pretend it is scientific. As Dr Suzuki points out, Economics as we know it is unable to resolve, address or include in its computations the real survival imperatives of the real world Our effort to use a flawed body of “knowledge” has resulted in skewed or even fatal solutions to survival problems. Hence it becomes perfectly reasonable, following “economic” logic, to wreck our environment or drug our children or start a war.

We need a new more workable body of basic principles, the pursuit of which leads to enhanced, not inhibited, survival for the human race. – Steve


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