When the corporate media can’t be trusted to tell you the time of day . . . .

It's time to create a People's Media that can

Intro by Steve Cook, UKR director

The following article refers to the issue of the control of information by a corrupt elite in an American context.

It has, however, as much importance for the UK or indeed any country, for we have all seen how the corporate media are engaged in a desperate and broad-scale effort to control the information people receive and upon which they base their decisions and so forth.

We seen that operating currently where a great many people have been convinced by a coordinated media blitz that a deadly killer virus is cutting a swathe of carnage through our communities and against which your only defence is to submit to being injected with the experimental biochemical agents they are very, very keen for you to have. Yet examination of that narrative soon reveals the lies and false reports upon which it is built.

In a nutshell, if the corrupt elite operating the media can control the information you receive and essentially obliterate any information that challenges their narrative, they can control you.

Fortunately for humanity, they have not been able to stifle or neutralise the healthy free flow and exchange of ideas upon which the very survival of a tolerable civilisation fit for alert humans to live in depends.

The so-called “alternative” media is alive and well, flourishing and gaining strength. In this context “alternative” means free and uncontrolled as an alternative to the highly controlled corporate-owned media.

It it were not for its vibrant challenges to the corporate narrative the mental enslavement of humanity would be complete and the civilisation we live in all but dead.

So now is the time for the global freedom movement to go on the offensive and drive forward like never before.

There is a free and vibrant civilisation to be built.

With that in mind, I highly recommend you join the online community to which the article refers. Please take a look at the new social media platform for the freedom movement – and, I hope, join me in this new adventure. See you there!

The Failure of the Fourth Estate … It’s Time to Talk

SOURCE: The Liberty Beacon

By: TLBTalk Sr. Staff

Media today is a far cry from what baby boomers experienced in their youth. Media was trusted, it was a mission to watch the evening news with favored commentators and news casters hell bent on bringing you what really happened today. Or maybe they just thought it was that way because at the time they had no reason to believe otherwise.

Fast forward to today and you see the same (TV) media corrupt beyond belief and struggling just to keep their heads above a 50% approval rating (with some well below 50%). Our founders are turning in their graves as what they hoped would keep government in check … has become their main tool for sedition and tyranny against We The People.

And then came Social Media …

With the advent of even basic social media such as facebook in the late twentieth century, all of this changed. We began to look at these platforms as an extension of our voices, something that could amplify and relay our thoughts and beliefs to a whole new audience of “friends” scattered across the country and even the planet. We could have a voice.

Little did those who funded and promoted these new forums of publicly accessible media know that these platforms would be seized upon to hold tyranny in check via the voice of We The People. They eventually came to not only realize this … but to also plan and institute means to silence us on the very platforms … they had provided to give us a voice!

Today, via these supposed mechanisms of free speech, We The People suffer massive push-back, censorship, and restrictions on our ability to speak. Global corporations and elite now make the rules, and most of the Big Tech social media platforms we see today are only too happy to prostrate themselves before the alter of global elitism (of which some of them belong).

As social media continued to grow in size and presence, its ties to both government and elite global corporations increasingly became their focus, and rigging election (for example) became a reality via the mechanism of retarding the influence of one side by ensuring that their message was muffled (censored) … and promoting broadly the message of their benefactors.

As a result here are just a few of the many issues we now face:

You are censored for saying anything that threatens vaccine uptake (Big Pharma’s cash cow).

You are censored for saying anything about the death and suffering COVID vaccines are causing in magnitudes above what any other vaccine in history has.

You are censored for saying anything about the horrible fallout from lockdowns, or the lives it has destroyed or stolen.

You are censored for saying anything about the Paid and biased “Fact Checkers” who are now the authority … even when their bias and loyalties are called out.

You are censored for discussing the blatant theft of the voice of We The People with the most corrupt and seditious Presidential Election ever in modern history.

You are censored for saying the truth about the takeover of America by a treasonous radical left, who bases their power on convincing America that conservatives (especially white males) are a massive threat to our Republic (???).

You are banned, your information deleted, or tagged with erroneous bull to indicate to others that you are either lying, severely compromised by bad influences, or just plain dumb.

Yea the media, Fourth Estate, the mechanism our founders hoped would hold a growing government in check, has Failed We The People in a monumental fashion … and in fact has become what we fear most!

So how about something different …

TLBTalk is a new social media platform created for the specific reason of allowing you to have your say … as our Constitution and Bill of Right puts forth in the name of We The People. It is a platform funded in total by members and staff, allowing us to speak the truth without the danger of upsetting those who would own us (literally).

It is freedom to speak your mind as it pertains to the reality we live in today, without constant and amplifying repercussions that benefit only those we are pushing back against. THIS is what our founders intended … and this is what Talk will provide.

As for those who would/will do their best to see this endeavor fail … we say:

Please understand that Talk is about the freedom to speak what you believe … BUT … there has to be reason in this equation. All must remember that “If it is illegal on the outside (actual law), then it must be illegal inside”, or this platform will be taken from us so fast it is insane. Barring this, your right to be heard will be protected.

We would also like to bring to your attention (again) the fact that Talk is fully funded by members and staff, allowing us to say and present much more than would be tolerated on commercial sites who are beholding to big investors. For this reason we ask that all who come in (membership is free) make at a minimum a onetime $5 donation (price of one cup of fancy coffee), or whatever amount you see fit, to help fund the success and expansion of this platform. If you would like to check the box that says “make this a monthly donation” you would be helping to ensure the future of Talk.

With all this being said we are eager to rock this new home for those who wish the respect of being able to Talk.

Please come and join us on July 4th and let’s present a True Peoples Forum to American and the world.

Click on the image below to visit us and … Talk:

The People’s Media


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