UK Election: “None of the Above” faction wins it by a landslide

by Steve Cook

The UK general election reveals some interesting stats that lead me to conclude that the position of the various globalist stooges and front groups is very weak and growing weaker by the day.

Don’t be fooled by the numbers of seats because the number of citizens who voted this way or that, or didn’t vote, tells a different, truer, story.

It does appear that wherever the WEF or the globalist crime syndicate it represents place their proxies and front men in charge of a party, that party sooner or  later takes a spanking from a cheesed-off electorate and that the more thoroughly the globalist agenda is pushed, the more cheesed  off the electorate become.

We’ve seen in France that the somewhat unhinged globalist puppet, Macron is getting thumped. Likewise, the increasingly unhinged Trudeau in Canada. These people, lacking any true leadership qualities – or indeed sanity – and racking up crimes against their own people at rate of knots, are proving to be the kiss of death to whatever group they are manoeuvred into being in charge of.

This is hardly surprising as the group pulling their puppet  strings is a dying parasitic ‘”aristocracy” and like all groups at the death phase of the birth-growth-decay-death natural cycle, bring death to anything and anyone with the misfortune to be in their vicinity. Unfortunately, in this case we are talking about whole nations.

Thus we see death and sickness brought to millions through their Covid psyop and pseudovaccine mass poisoning. Likewise, we see  death brought to the economy through the “we’re-all-gonna-die” climate psyop and Net Zero suicide; death brought to farming by people who think it would be a fine idea to bankrupt  farmers, buy up their land and force people to eat bugs; death brought to millions through the pharmaceutical  industry that profits from sickness and death; the support for genocide in Palestine; the slow death of millions caused by booby-trapped food supplied by a sociopathic food industry steered by the same degenerate “aristocracy” of financiers and their stooges.

And now we see the death of the globalist front group known as the Tory Party after years of watching them try to kill the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Tories have been replaced by another globalist death squad known as Labour which will, in the usual guise of “help”, do its best to complete the job as swiftly as possible.

But Labour’s position, as is the position of all globalist fronts, is pretty tenuous.

The globalist-subverted front group known at the Scottish Nationalist Party is in similar dire straits north of the border having just suffered the calamity of losing 37 seats.

Labour meanwhile secured less than ten million votes across the UK, which amounts to the “support” of roughly  just one person in five.

The Tories got around six million votes from an electorate of about 46 million.

The problem these proxies for the globalist Aristos have is that the People are actually in far superior shape – morally, ethically and in terms of their humanity, aspirations, courage, productiveness, instinctive fraternity and so forth – than the globalist degenerates. The degenerates therefore use every sly trick and cowardly deception the criminal mind can muster in order to hold onto covert dominion over them. Hence the efforts of the Aristos to terrorise, demoralise and deprave the general population so as to nullify that inherent superiority and – they hope – turn communities of bright, capable human beings into a manipulable herd.

People who either spoiled their ballot paper or did not vote because there was nobody on offer they were interested in voting for, numbered about 18 million. This “None of the Above” faction is about twice as large as the Labour faction and larger than the Tory and Labour factions combined.

The None of the Above faction is huge and should present a clear warning of the peril the hijacked political parties of the UK now face. This is going to get worse unless these subverted entities buck up their ideas, start to serve the nation instead of their globalist overlords and so forth.

We can expect more globalist shenanigans from Labour but with the support of only a fifth of the electorate, that support will evaporate very fast as soon as the globalist nonsense starts.

Labour should not be fooled by the large number of seats they hold for the time being because that number belies the fact that they are not popular, are truly supported by a diminishing hard core, having abandoned their ideological base in favour of globalist twaddle and are only tolerated by many because the Tories have shown themselves to be an extreme liability. In fact, Labour got into power with just 35% of the vote, the lowest share of the vote won by any single party majority government, according to the polling expert Prof. John Curtice. This was actually a poor performance considering just how feeble the opposition was.

There is a huge vacuum opening up just waiting for honest people with sensible ideas and no servility towards the globalists to move into.


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