Times they are a-changin’. Thank Christ for that!

When regime-change capers no longer work and the West heads towards revolt. against its ruling crime syndicates

I thought the article below, which appeared on our sister site Europe Reloaded and the network’s flagship site The Liberty Beacon was worth running by you for your consideration.

It makes some very valid points and, for sure, the “regime change” strategy the author refers to  – criminal genius on the part of the parasitic “Mafia” that long ago hijacked Western governance – worked for decades in service of those criminal factions. And, for equally sure, it is  no longer working as well as it used to with, every sign it is going to work less and less well as time goes on.

I would only add that:

Those responsible for such cleverly engineered, subversive attacks on other nations comprise a money-power echelon that exists, much as a puppeteer, senior to Western governments. We refer to these people as the “Elite” although there is nothing elite about them except in their own sordid imaginations.

This criminal echelon long since subverted and hijacked Western governments, loaded it with its minions and collaborators, turned democracy into a con game and, like a parasite that takes over a host organism and feeds upon its lifeblood, diverts and channels and uses for its own ends the energies and industry of Western civilisation and, indeed, the lives of the young men and women it dupes into fighting for it.

As the author of the article points out, these “Western” powers, these parasites, are essentially cowardly, as indeed are any of the warmongering loons who enthusiastically stir up or engineer wars for their own profit and send other people’s sons off to fight them.

The cowardliness does not extend to the soldiery of Western nations. What is now increasingly evidently missing is a willingness to fight and die for bogus causes and what people of the West increasingly see, correctly, as pointless wars engineered for the benefit of bankers, corporate interests and arms manufacturers and which have no honour, decency or just cause in them. People are no longer buying the “fighting for freedom”, “making us safe” and “liberating people from tyranny” bull and seeing these wars for what they are, insanity. Given that growing awareness, of course Western men and women are less willing to risk their lives – or take other people’s.

For that reason, the Elite cannot now commit our soldiers to wars that will see large numbers return home in body bags.  People of the West are sick and tired of these endless wars already and a war that kills large numbers of their young people or requires conscription and so forth would pretty much tip public opinion into revolt.

Hence, the proxy wars using “freedom fighters” who are in fact paid mercenaries, criminals scraped up from somewhere or other who do not fight very well.

Thus, behind this shift to proxy wars lies a shift in mood of Western people whose tolerance of such shenanigans is wearing thin, despite the ultimately vigorous media propaganda campaigns, the false flag operations and so on, designed to demonise this country or that, this people or that and to whip us into a war-frenzy. Even these well engineered propaganda campaigns no longer work as well as they used to. Whipping up popular support for another war has gotten much harder.

This growing awareness is further fulled by the fact that so many veterans returning from these wars are in a position to tell the rest of us just how utterly pointless are the agonies they have been through  and been obliged to inflict on others.

Coupled with that is the fact that Western people outside of  their lunatic fringe have little desire to fight or kill people with whom they have no real quarrel and whom they have never met.

He who says the librarian in Nebraska or the postman in Bolton has a real quarrel with a taxi driver in Baghdad or market trader in Damascus, especially one savage enough to justify burning the limbs off their children, LIES. And we know it.

In short, we are sick of it.

We are sick of the cynical  lies and of the mass murders committed in our name. We would rather skip it, if it’s all the same to you and get on with our lives.  We would rather nations helped one another prosper and flourish through production and trade and through the free exchange of ideas. We would rather communicate than kill.

We would rather live in a  human community than a  sea of hostility.

As Russell Brand once so aptly put it: “We have more in common with the people we are bombing than those we are doing the bombing for.”

So the so-called Elite have a problem – how to keep their satanic game going when the West itself is headed for revolt against these venal, parasitic powers, powers that produce nothing that enriches our lives and deal only in chaos, conflict, dismay and the grieving of bereaved mothers. Campaigns to neutralise or emasculate that revolt by pitting Western citizens against one another (Republican vs Democrat, Brexiteer vs Remainer etc) the good old Divide and Rule capers, are having some effect as people fall for the ruses designed to bring about conflict among brothers, but such capers are merely delaying the inevitable. There is a growing understanding of how (and why) these things are done.

At the same time, they have another problem: very shrewd leadership in Russia and China and the fact that they and many targeted countries are now wise to the regime-change caper and have learned how to emasculate it.

We live in interesting times and I for one am optimistic that they are going to keep on getting better.

Our first duty as citizens of Western nations, both to ourselves and out brothers across the human community is to depose the money powers – remove their “right” to create money, which gives them their leverage over economic and political life – and install governments that are truly designed and run for all the people.

Worth mentioning, I think



Suddenly West is Failing to Overthrow “Regimes”

It used to be done regularly and it worked: The West identified a country as its enemy, unleashed its professional propaganda against it, then administered a series of sanctions, starving and murdering children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

If the country did not collapse within months or just couple of years, the bombing would begin. And the nation, totally shaken, in pain, and in disarray, would collapse like a house of cards, once the first NATO boots hit its ground.

Such scenarios were re-enacted, again and again, from Yugoslavia to Iraq.

But suddenly, something significant has happened. This horrific lawlessness, this chaos stopped – was deterred.

The West keeps using the same tactics: it tries to terrorize independent-minded countries, to frighten people into submission, to overthrow what it defines as ‘regimes’, but its power, its monstrously destructive power has all of a sudden become ineffective.

It hits, and the attacked nation shakes, screams, sheds blood, but keeps standing, keeps proudly erect.

What we are experiencing is a great moment in human history. Imperialism has not yet been defeated, but it is losing its global grip on power.

Now we have to clearly understand ‘Why?’ so we can continue our struggle with even greater determination, with even greater effectiveness.

First of all, by now we know that the West cannot fight. It can spend trillions on ‘defense’, it can build nuclear bombs, ‘smart missiles’ and strategic warplanes. But it is too cowardly, too spoiled to risk the lives of its soldiers. It either kills remotely, or by using regional mercenaries. Whenever it becomes clear that the presence of its troops would be required, it backs up.

Secondly, it, the West, is totally horrified of the fact that there are now two super-powerful countries – China and Russia – which are unwilling to abandon their allies. Washington and London do all they can to smear Russia and to intimidate China. Russia is being provoked continuously: by propaganda, by military bases, sanctions and by new and newer bizarre mass media inventions that depict it as the villain in all imaginable circumstances. China has been provoked practically and insanely, ‘on all fronts’ – from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and the so-called ‘Uyghur Issue’, to trade.

Any strategy that could weaken these two countries is applied. Yet, Russia and China do not crumble. They do not surrender. And they do not abandon their friends. Instead, they are building great railroads in Africa and Asia, they educate people from almost all poor and desperate countries, and stand by those who are being terrorized by both North America and Europe.

Thirdly, all the countries in the world are now clearly aware of what would happen to them if they give up and get ‘liberated’ by the Western empire. Iraq, Honduras, Indonesia, Libya and Afghanistan are the ‘best’ examples. Submitting themselves to the West, countries can only expect misery, absolute collapse and the ruthless extraction of their resources. The poorest country in Asia – Afghanistan – has totally collapsed under NATO occupation.

The suffering and pain of the Afghan and Iraqi people is very well known to the citizens of Iran and Venezuela. They are not giving up, because no matter how tough their life is under sanctions and the West-administered terror, they are well-aware of the fact that things could get worse, much worse, if their countries were to be occupied and governed by the Washington and London-injected maniacs.

And everyone knows the fate of the people living in Palestine or Golan Heights, places which have been overrun by the closest ally of the West in the Middle East, Israel.

Of course, there are other reasons why the West cannot get any of its adversaries to kneel.

One is – that the toughest ones are left. Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea (DPRK), Iran, Syria and Venezuela are not going to run away from the battlefield. These are the most determined nations on earth. These are the countries that have already lost thousands, millions, even tens of millions of their people, in the fight against Western imperialism and colonialism.

If one is following the latest attacks of the West carefully, the scenario is pathetic, almost grotesque: Washington and often the EU, too, are trying hard; they are hitting, they are spending billions of dollars, using the local mercenaries (or call it ‘local opposition’), and then they quickly withdraw after wretched but anticipated defeat. So far, Venezuela has survived. Syria survived. Iran survived. China is fighting horrible Western-backed subversions, but it is proudly surviving. Russia is standing tall.

This is a tremendous moment in human history. For the first time, Western imperialism is being not only defeated, but fully unveiled and humiliated. Many are now laughing at it, openly.

But we should not celebrate, yet. We should understand what and why this is happening, and then continue fighting. There are many, many battles ahead us. But we are on the right track.

Let them try. We know how to fight. We know how to prevail. We have already fought fascism, in many of its forms. We know what freedom is. Their ‘freedom’ is not our freedom. Their ‘liberty’ is not our liberty. What they call ‘democracy’ is not how we want our people to rule and to be ruled. Let them go away; we, our people, do not want them!

They cannot overthrow our systems because they are precisely our systems! Systems that we want, that our people want; systems we are ready to fight and die for!


Original article 

Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, and a writer that penned a number of books, including China and Ecological Civilization. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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