The game with no referee

We have a pretense of being a referee but no actual referee.

by UKR Columnist, Fabian

Watching our civilisation stumble through this that and the other crisis, I keep asking myself, “What’s missing or omitted from this scene?”

And then it hit me: it is like watching a game with no referee!

Or rather, it is like watching a game in which the referee, whilst pretending to be impartial, is in the pay of one of the sides due to bribery, blackmail or some such thing.

Imagine a game of soccer between Barchester Rovers and Sodbury Wanderers in which the referee is, unbeknownst to Barchester, covertly working for Sodbury.

It makes for a crummy game and a very hard time for Barchester, especially if Sodbury’s players are cheating homicidal scum and permitted by the “ref” to commit foul after foul with impunity.

If Barchester are unaware of the ref’s corruption and can’t quite get past the fact that he isn’t honest, they are likely to become very dispirited and confused.

And if Sodbury just keep on “winning” the rigged game, then Barchester might well start to believe that Sodbury are just naturally better at the beautiful game than they are.

Yet the truth of the matter is that if Sodbury are naturally better at anything, it is the art of corrupting referees and not much else.

This is a somewhat limited analogy but it will do. The referee in this instance is of course the government and Sodbury United, homicidal  players and all,  represents what could be loosely described as banking/corporate interests.

I’m not sure if anybody has ever come to a broad firm agreement as to what we would actually like government to do, what service it should provide and what its exact function should be, against what criteria. Government is just sort of there and evolved out of something or other under the driving influence of someone or other (often crooks and psychopaths) and we just sort of assume that someone must have figured out what its ideal role is.

Well I’m not so sure. Looking at the mismanaged mess that passes for governance on this planet and how “government” is so intimately intertwined with so many of the major upsets, troubles and calamities we are having, it seems to me that we probably need to make our minds up, come to a firm agreement among ourselves and proceed from there.

It also seems to me that a couple of the more obvious roles for government to play would be:

A) Provision of infrastructure and amenities (roads, rail, street lighting, sewers etc etc. (the provision, so to speak, of the playing field).

B.)  The inhibition or indeed eradication of criminal activity (theft, murder, arson, rape, embezzlement, mugging, blackmail, bribery, fraud, warmongering, assault, manslaughter, actual bodily harm, perverting justice, being in charge of a vehicle, machinery or a government whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, criminal negligence, reckless endangerment,  poisoning, false accusation, false witness  etc etc – common sense things that any of us can recognise as destructive actions that should be proscribed and removed from the environment. This is your system of laws, police and justice. In other words, the rules and the enforcement thereof for the playing of the game.

Probably if a government concerned itself with supplying, as a service to the People, just these two primary services and did so reasonably well, we’d have a playable game for all the players and an interesting civilisation fit for human beings to live in.

After all, if you take virtually ANY danger big or small we are experiencing right now, you can trace it back to one or more persons instigating, inciting, conspiring to commit or committing one of more of those basic crimes.

We could add one thing: the presence of an alert referee  with high integrity who ensures the rules of the game are fairly applied to ALL the participants and NONE are allowed to foul or cheat with impunity.

Right now, we have a government that PRETENDS to be the impartial referee yet is anything but.

The game is one of many players and teams and the referee is in the camp of a small number of the participants and covertly allows them to foul or cheat and works with them to ensure they win.

We see this with the current government: a bought referee firmly in the camp of banking and corporate interests.

We are continually dismayed  wrong-footed and outwitted because we ASSUME the government is performing one role when it is actually performing quite another.

What we need to change is that.

We have a pretence of being a referee but no actual referee. A con game in other words. And a playing field that is about as level as the deck of the Titanic.

It would be a much better game if we could demand and put in place a truly honest and unbiased referee working with high integrity to ensure the rules of the game are fully adhered to by ALL the players.

But it is not going to happen unless we, the People, insist on it.

Or else . . .



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