by Dave Randle

Bilderbergers, Illuminati, New World Order – those of us whose chains are being continually, and more or less clandestinely, pulled by these ruling cabals have acquired the strange habit of deferring to them with something approaching awe, and referring to them as ‘the elite’.

The word does have a number of definitions suggesting superiority and even greater intelligence, but its only apposite application where these customers are concerned is ‘richest’.

Far from being more enlightened, quick-witted or wise than the huddled masses whose existences they toy with, the majority of them are the shrivelled products of in-breeding with the haunted eyes of pedigree horses and little or nothing in the way of wits or humanity. They may or may not be David Icke’s shape-shifting aliens, but that’s hardly the most important question, and I would be hesitant to bet against him.

What is clear is that they mean us no good.

Much of what they seem up to, apart from tired old stuff about being chosen by God, is designed to keep us in what they consider to be our place so that they can achieve dominion over a totally despoiled and useless planet while counting their equally despoiled and useless money.

To this end they have been working with the likes of NASA and other dubious US military-industrial corporations to ensure their survival of armageddon, or the immanentisation of their personal eschaton, as some sort of Dalek-like animated tin cans.

Their main problem – and our main hope – is that they, and the people they co-opt into their ‘elite’ groups (superannuated politicians, media propagandists, banking numpties and bent scientists for the most part) are not as a rule terribly bright. Certainly some of them boast high IQs on paper, but that’s like having an expensive Meccano set. Impressive, but it’ll never amount to anything if you don’t take it out of the box.

Unable, or unwilling, to take the trouble to do anything for themselves they can pay a servant to do, they have been listening to so much codswallop for generations that they would now be better described as the Delusionati.

The core fantasies behind the plans of the combined ungodly were, and still are it seems, rooted in 1940s and 50s sci-fi and war comics legitimised by vacuous constructs from psychiatry and barmy psychology. These, and the growing dominance of materialist science made their ascendancy a walk in the park.

Cliché though it might be, money certainly talks at the level at which these guys operate, so the thrust of ‘science’, medicine, political correctness and other such endeavours has naturally been toward the benefit of their paymasters.

In itself, this is a powerful indicator of the intellectual limitations of our lords and masters. They are so used to having things their own way that they think they can buy a reality that accords with the requirements of their world domination plans.

Some areas of science don’t need much encouragement to deviate from reality, as when the twenty year anomaly in the speed of light was solved by fiddling with Einstein’s formula so it would still seem to be right despite any further inconvenient variations. Do what the ‘authorities’ say thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

If you study Darwin without looking up the answers, you’d be unlikely to arrive at the official version we’re saddled with at this time. That anyone not brainwashed would buy the ‘survival of the fittest’ idiocy that maintains the Delusionati beggars belief. How can something that kills off its symbiotes expect to benefit by being the last thing standing?

Nonetheless, the BBC and other propagandists go on reinforcing the same old drivel. No animal is ever simply possessed of a feature or ability according to them; no part of it is perfectly designed. Anything to do with design is ruthlessly excised and all its features must be ‘evolved’ or ‘adapted’ by some fairytale process from an elusive common ancestor that came from nowhere, but is not to be gone into too deeply.

More species have been ‘voted off’ in the short time televolution has been in charge than ever during the bad old days when we didn’t have any telly.

Cosy pre-scripted wildlife programmes make their animal subjects conform to official dogma by setting up and editing together clips and multiple animals. As soon as somebody armed with a phone comes accidentally upon an unscripted animal, they spot that it behaves in a manner completely contradictory to the official version, that it has emotions and feelings, not only in relation to its own (labelled) kind, but across ‘species’; that you don’t have to look a bit like a human and thus be labelled a ‘primate’ to have your own intentions, desires and intelligence. Factory farming depends on the lie the BBC has perpetuated by believing in bought and paid for authorities, just as multi-millions have been made for drug companies by flogging the medico-pharmaceutical monopoly as a science rather than a racket.

Smug stand-ups who can’t tell sarcasm from comedy earn a cheap and easy living knocking religionists as people who are not rational, while themselves believing utterly and irrationally in the omniscience of the likes of Dawkins. One actual Darwin scholar recently wrote: ‘Despite his clear instruction that his Struggle for Existence was a broad metaphor, and that the real story of life is that “the vigorous, the healthy, and the happy survive and multiply,” evolutionary theorists that followed, who call themselves Darwinists, have twisted the metaphor into an alleged fact of constant scarcity. Their failure to understand that biological struggle is a figure of speech has progressed step by step into the greatest absurdity in biology – the struggling genes of selfish gene theory. A metaphor to explain a metaphor. No wonder confusion reigns.’ (Steve Jones: How Darwin was Misinterpreted)

So, all of this is not to say that we have nothing to worry about. The planet is on a headlong trajectory toward the last idiocy of all, and the protagonists have all the lumpen stupid materiel firepower at their disposal. They also have the most enormous conglomeration of propagandist broadcasters ever assembled in the hands of their equally deluded sycophants.

But, although they are doing everything to shut it down, we have come – also partly through their incompetence and lack of vision – to have the most powerful and democratic free press this planet has seen in the form of the internet. We may not have it for long, so we’d better make the best of it.

We have shown we can still put a spanner in the works by catching them off guard on the European grand plan, but we need to get our own asses in gear and we need some more of us to take our heads out of the asses of others.

Why are the Delusionati’s apologists so afraid of creation and ‘fairy tales’? Because the only thing that sustains them in the forwarding of the endarkenment and inevitable destructionism of which they are the architects is the biggest fairytale of all – money.

It has no intrinsic value and has ceased to be a representation of something of value held somewhere to back it up.

Its worth is dependent entirely on what we say it is and whether or not we are prepared to believe in it.

The same goes for the brainwashing, the divisiveness, the cheapening of lives, the corruption of animals and crops, the plundering of the land through fracking, the drugging of our children and old folk, the removal of education from honest teachers to dishonest corporations, endless movies and TV dramas about murder, death, destruction and war, scare shows about the power of the state over those who feed and maintain it, economically sub-idiotic austerity policies and just about anything that tells you ‘experts know best’, especially about yourself and your families, children and friends.

Get the message. These freaks are not elite in any real sense.

We can still rescue this shambles if we think it’s worth it.

That’s what UK Reloaded and the rest of the Liberty Beacon network is all about.

The future belongs to the aware, the bright and the informed; to life, not to the corrupt and the diseased; to the vigorous, not to those who would control and enslave.

Welcome to an adventure that is long overdue in starting and which will determine the future of this poor old planet.


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