The man who “saved” Christmas

November 15, 2020 0

by Jon Davy The Prime Muppet is making a big song and dance about “trying to save Christmas”. God help us if he saves Christmas the way he has “saved” the NHS (by preventing it […]


Thin excuse = thin ice

August 30, 2020 0

Prime Muppet concocts excuse to let child molestors off the hook by UKR Columnist Jon Davy St Petersburgh 30/8/20 HYPOTHESIS: the Coronavius psyop triggered by Elite fears of justice over child and human trafficking ** […]


NEWSFLASH! British PM Rushed to Hospital!

August 27, 2020 0

by Steve Cook The White House, Washingborough 27/8/20 British Prime Muppet Boris Johnson was rushed to hospital this morning after being taken ill. He was struck by a series of dizzy spells before and during […]