Degenerates use kids as lab rats

June 5, 2021 0

Intro by Caratacus The following featured article is from The Daily Expose. We would only add the following comments: What kind of scumbag volunteers their own child as a guinea pig to be injected with […]


Pfizer’s criminal record gives cause for concern

March 12, 2021 4

SOURCE Coronavirus: What do we know about ‘Pfizer’ and can we trust them with a vaccine By Paul Knaggs The unprecedented swiftness with which medical science is developing a vaccine for COVID-19 is one of the […]


Pfizer “just like Jesus” says UK Health Sec

December 9, 2020 2

by Steve Cook The UK Health Secretary, Matt Crocodile, today declared that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is “just like Jesus”. Speaking to a hushed and largely servile House of Commons, he broke down and openly […]


On death traps and lethal weapons

November 29, 2020 2

Introduction The following was posted on FB as a contribution to a discussion about the deviousness of Vax company claims about the “effectiveness” of their new vaccines. The UKR view on vax companies is that […]