Stat fiddles hiding true death figures?

England report triggers the alarms

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We  feature the following article from The Expose for your consideration.

If what the article reports is true – that deaths occurring within 14 days of the jab are counted as unvaxxed deaths – then we are witnessing a monumental cover-up and criminal conspiracy (yes, the “c” word) designed through statistical slights of hand to hide from us the true extent of the carnage being wrought by the bioweapons touted as vaccines.

In our view this also raises the question as to whether a person is counted as unvaxxed if he has not had all three shots.

It also suggests that the true scale of deaths just within a few days of being injected may through the roof and unprecedented in history. And that astronomical number of immediate-term deaths bodes very ill indeed for the scale of illness and death we can expect in the immediate and long term.

In other words, does the deceptive way the stats are counted hide the fact that a much higher number of people than we are allowed to know are dying very very soon after one, two, three or four shots of the pseudo-vaccines.

But accusation and speculation are not proof. We need this clarified and these troubling questions answered once and for all. We need a full, impartial, rigorous investigation to find out whether the reports of stat-fiddling to conceal of the fact that the co-called “vaccines”,  far from being safe and effective as deceitfully alleged, are FAR more harmful and indeed lethal than appears.

If the stat fiddles detailed in the Expose article below are true, then honest stats put out by a government not seeking to hide its crimes would have revealed both that the vaxxed are doing far worse health-wise and the unvaxxed far better health-wise than has been made to appear.

This is a very serious issue that must be resolved – The People have a right to the truth.

If there is nothing to those accusations, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and so can the government which, one would think, would leap at the chance to clear its name.

But if a thorough investigation substantiates them, then those behind the deceit and the malicious pushing of experimental agents known to be lethal (assault and murder) must stand trial.

It is when honest conscientious investigation motivated by a purpose to discover and reveal the truth, whatever it may be, are denied us that we get rumours and accusations, hysteria, trial by tabloid and trial by blog and no resolution.

So let’s press for a full police investigation – which one has a right to expect when the bodies and report of malfeasance stack up – that will exonerate the innocent and bring the guilty to justice.


Shocking analysis finds that Covid-19 Vaccine Death-Rates are much higher than what is being officially reported

Shocking mortality data from Germany, Austria, Israel, England: thousands of post-vaccine non-Covid deaths covered up – miscategorized as unvaccinated deaths…”extremely alarming situation”

“Thousands are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it.”

University of Regensberg Professor Christof Kuhbandner uncovered what he calls an extremely alarming situation, one where thousands and thousands of vaccine deaths are being hidden in the statistics.

England report sets off alarms

According to this Austrian report broadcast by, Prof. Kuhbandner happened to come across a recent study in the journal ResearchGate, where the authors examined the UK ONS vaccine mortality surveillance report.

Although at first glance the all-cause mortality appeared far lower in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, on closer inspection they found fundamental inconsistencies and anomalies in the data and that there had been a “systemic miscategorization of deaths between the different categories of unvaccinated and vaccinated” among other factors.

For the period of calendar weeks 1-38, 2021, Figures 8 and 9 show strong peaks in non-Covid mortality for the unvaccinated 60-69 and 70-79 age groups while the mortality among the vaccinated stayed steady.

At first glance, this would suggest that the vaccines were functioning well in England and Wales. But the ending is not a happy one.

Disturbing: The peaks did occur at the same time

Prof. Kuhbandner noted something very unusual was going on and examined the trend also for the 80+ age group as well. The following are the plots for all three age groups. The peaks and deaths were offset.

Moreover, the paper’s authors also commented:

“In previous years, each of the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ groups have mortality peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated, at a different time, namely the time that vaccination rollout programmes for those cohorts reach a peak.”

In other words, the vaccines were rolled out in stages, first administered to the most elderly (80+years old) and then to the next group (70-79) and then to the 60-69 group some weeks later. The death peaks then followed the vaccination stages.

So why would people NOT getting the vaccine be the ones dying in huge numbers, and not those getting the vaccine?

This is because in Europe, the status of “vaccinated” first gets assigned 14 days after getting the final jab. Thus any deaths occurring before this ends up being counted as an “unvaccinated death”! So if a patient who got a vaccine dies less than 14 days later, he/she gets counted as an unvaccinated death. This is how vaccine deaths are getting hidden. And there many thousands.

As Figures 5-7 above show, thousands of deaths occurred shortly after the vaccines had been administered, and many among them were likely linked to the vaccine itself. If this is the case globally, and not just in Britain, then the number of vaccine deaths may be profound. The nightmare appears to be true, Prof Kuhbandner shows.

Same pattern in Germany

Prof. Kuhbandner then examined the mortality data for Germany and found the very same pattern: large jumps in mortality immediately following the vaccine campaigns. These deaths appear to be directly the result of vaccinations. It’s just too coincidental to be dismissed.

Carnage equivalent to two commercial jets crashing every day

“When you express this in numbers, it translates to 700 more deaths a day on average,’ Kuhbandner tells, looking just at the German numbers. “It would be like two commercial planes full of people crashing every day.”

Kuhbandner also found the same pattern of post-vaccination death in Israel.

The University of Regensburg professor contacted both the Robert Koch Institute and Paul Ehrlich institutes to present his findings, but so far they’ve ignored them. The RKI wrote they did not “have the capacity to evaluate suspicions from every individual.”

“Extremely alarming situation”

As it stands, no one knows when these extremely disturbing findings are going to be taken seriously by the responsible authorities. Until they do, however, many thousands more are going to die each and every day.

If it turns out that there’s a causal effect with the vaccinations, then we are dealing with an extremely alarming situation,” says Kuhbandner. “Then we have a case here where thousands of people are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it.”

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