Politicians: don’t vote for them, it only encourages them

Lessons learned about lethal parasites from the Covidvax mass poisoning

Intro by Steve Cook

It is vital that we keep driving home the truth relentlessly and never allow the world to “move on” to some new engineered distraction and lose sight of what the Covid psyop and pseudovaccine mass poisoning event taught us about the criminals who have infiltrated and subverted our governments.

The following article does a very fine job of laying out vital truths for you and is well worth reading in full.

It is becoming more and more clear by the day that:

The so-called “pandemic” was a deliberately engineered con job that used various tricks and deceits (such as falsifying stats, the rigged PCR test and standard propaganda techniques deployed against the citizenry via a complicit MSM etc etc) to dupe and terrify the populace into submitting to unsafe and ineffective vaccines.

The government, health agencies and manufacturers KNEW that the vaccines were neither safe nor effective but kept pushing them anyway with evident malice aforethought.

The vaccines have since shortened the lives of millions and the number is still growing as more data emerges over time so that we are now seeing revealed the biggest mass murder in history.

What has unfolded was not a “mistake” (or, rather, a series of abject howlers) unless you accept the fact that your government and most politicians, various agencies such as the WHO, the pharmaceutical manufacturers and most of the media are complete morons. When a pattern of egregious “errors” becomes so relentless as to defy our belief in human stupidity, then we must assume the pattern is being deliberately engineered. Nobody, in other words, is that stupid.

Most of the political parties now trying to get your vote were complicit in this atrocity, in the deceit and consequent injury or murder of your fellow citizens, family members and so forth.

At the very least, they were lethally negligent. They knew what was being done and were willing accomplices.

And the shallow, irresponsible crooks, sociopaths and dimwits expect us to vote for them?

They should be standing up in court answering for their crimes, not standing up at the hustings trying to con you into voting for them.

As I’ve said before, it is now clear that our government has been thoroughly infested and subverted by lethal parasites, sociopaths in smart suits who will not hesitate to utter with a straight face and posh accent any lie that suits their purpose and kill you if it suits their agenda and all without conscience or remorse.

In the words of the comedian, Jack Dee: “Politicians? Don’t vote for them, it only encourages them.”

Actually I do think we should vote but we need to at least vote for people who were not party to the Covid atrocity. That includes almost all – with a small handful of honorable exceptions – the MPs who sat on the benches of the last Parliament and their respective parties.

Who  in their right mind would want to encourage these turds to come right back at you with another round of deceit and new efforts to kill you?

The lies remain the same – the WHO wants censorship of truth – portrays pro-health lobbyists as “anti-vaxxers” – they are not, they are “pro-health”

I doubt there is a single human being that would not take a preventative treatment for an infection that would cause severe injury or death. And yet, rather than investigate the experimental treatments for safety and efficacy in an objective manner, the WHO persists in labelling those who point out the tens of millions of deaths and billions of injuries caused by the experimental C19 injections, both modified mRNA and viral vector injections, as “anti-vaxxers”.

The people who point out the damage are not “anti-vaxxers” – they are “pro-health” – even “pro-lifers” – who see that injecting various bio-chemical concoctions and enabling delivery mechanisms are bad enough – but the adulterations and contamination present in the injections lend a whole new meaning to the term  “reckless endangerment of self” – equivalent to injecting recreational drugs made in a grubby meth lab.

We knew from the start that the sole clinical end-point of Phase 3 clinical trials was the reduction of symptoms – not the cure of the cause of the symptoms, just a reduction of symptoms (cytokine storms) – there was no end-point to reduce infection or prevent hospitalization or death – just reduce symptoms. A cynic might say that the intention was to make the entire population “asymptomatic”.

See if you can spot the correlation between cases and C19 injections at the global level:

Coronavirus Graphs: Worldwide Cases and Deaths – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

Those “cases” were diagnosed using the RT-PCR test that detected presence of viral particles. Th chart of deaths on the right-hand side depends on the diagnosis of a “case”. (6^ of those that died with the virus present had 2-6 co-morbidities and had lived a few years longer than average life.

Now the injections:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations – Our World in Data

Cases explode ad injections explode then stop when injections top.

The WHO claims that the injections saved millions of lives – ludicrous. The injections CAUSED the emergence of more lethal variants, starting with clinical trials in 2020, and continuing from 2021 in the general population.

Lok at the charts – by 2021, everyone who believed the lies had taken two doses. Ever wonder how many people were classified as “died from C19” who actually died from the injections – or wonder if the number of “cases” increased because the RT-PCR tests were picking up those people who had been “vaccinated”?

Fun fact: VARS reports a million adverse events and around 18,700 deaths for 670 million administered doses of Pfizer/BioNTech plus Moderna C19 injections but reports only 600,000 adverse evets and the identical number of deaths for around 6.7 billion doses of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna injections administered OUTSIDE the US. Figure that one out. Then adjust for an under-reporting factor of 40. (400-440 million adverse events globally, just from those two – now consider that a few billion AstraZeneca injections have also been administered worldwide (mostly in India) and which are 4-5 times more toxic than those two!

(100) EUDRA shows 4-5 times more deaths and adverse events reported per million doses for viral vector C19 “vaccines” compared to mRNA C19 “vaccines” – media silence continues (substack.com)

But instead of a burning desire to get to the bottom of excess deaths caused by the experimental C19 injections, or the accelerated death pathways of expensive chemicals, the WHO supports NO INTROSPECTION at all.

No surprises really, the Director General of the WHO is not eve a medical doctor and I doubt his mathematical or statistical expertise stretches to probability distribution curves or Lives (Value) at Risk, or number needed to vaccinate, let alone an ability to explain numbers like these, posted in November 2022

(100) A tale of two countries – one with C19 deaths of 3,272 per million people, the other just 15 (hint: the US is one of the two countries (substack.com)

Here’s a few reminders of just how bogus the tests were:

How children are spoofing Covid-19 tests with soft drinks – BBC Future

Did Tanzania’s President Expose Faulty COVID-19 Testing by Submitting Non-Human Samples? | Snopes.com (The President dies shortly after that episode).

Pharma Downloaded Spike Protein Recipe From Chinese Government?! The Virus Has Never Been Isolated! (bitchute.com) (Skip to 10 minutes for Dr Andrw Kaufman).

And through all this there is no mention of the recovery rate compared to the prevention of cases or deaths.

Officially, there have been around 700 million cases of C19 (using the bogus test) worldwide since the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC pronounced FAKE) was declared. Of those 700 million cases, 7 million people died over a period of more than four years. That’s a case fatality rate of 1% – and the “cases” were more than 90% false positives.

The average period from infection to recovery is around 15 days.

Remember the only clinical end point was to reduce symptoms – but let’s say it was to reduce deaths.

7 million deaths over four years amongst a global population of 8 billion people. Around 60 million people die worldwide every year – four years 240 million. How is this a global health emergency? Overall global excess deaths are somewhere between 5% and 15%.

Call global excess deaths of around 10% for the three calendar years f 2021, 2022 and 2023 – the period of the C19 injections. 3 lots of 10% times 60 million = 18 million excess deaths since the injections were rolled out.

Put it another way – the equation per million of the population = 87,5000 “cases”, 875 deaths – compared to 250,000 adverse events and 2,000 deaths (one death pr thousand doses times two doses each) if all one million are injected and the adverse event rate is 25% for the full course of two doses (see page 11 here for the adverse event rate: )

The COVID-19 Inoculations – More Harm Than Good FINAL Video & Print (canadiancovidcarealliance.org)

And yet, look at this innumerate quack pretend to be the benevolent paternalistic best doctor for the world.

From here:  a few minutes of a transcript from a recent WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus “speech”

WHO Chief: Time to Aggressively Push Back on Anti Vaxxers (youtube.com)

more than 14 million children in 2022 did not receive a single dose of vaccine working together with Partners like GAVI and UNICEF we aim to have that number by 2030.

but you know the um serious challenge that’s posed by anti-vaxxers, and I think we need to strategize to really push back because vaccines work.

vaccines affect adults and we have signs evidence on our side I think it’s time to be more aggressive in pushing back on anti-vaxxers

I think they use covid as an opportunity and you know all the havoc they’re creating “

“Serious challenge that’s posed by anti-vaxxers…”??? Those 14 million kids are alive today because they did not take the injections – nor does he have any proof that vaccines do not cause more harm than good over the long term. I bet he has no idea how many vaccines have not been subjected to properly powered clinical trials or have been vetted for long term impacts n health. He just makes shit up – or his handlers make it up for him.

He is an insult to humanity – his lack of self-awareness is beyond measure is directly proportional to his desire to pursue the truth.


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