Culling the herd: mass murder disguised as medicine

Iatrocide: Remdesivir - article by Simon Lee of Anew UK

The following well-researched featured article from Anew UK highlights yet more of the mind-boggling criminality that drives the Covid-pseudovax psyop.

And by criminality we mean a clear determination to kill as many people as possible.

That those responsible for deliberately and with malice aforethought foisting a killer drug on patients are not facing criminal charges tells us the degree to which their killing spree is approved of by guilty governments.


by Simon Lee, Science Officer for Anew UK, The People’s Party

[Iatrocide- The act of killing a patient by medical treatment. iatro- + -cide , from Greek iatros (healer) + Latin -cide (killing).]

Remdesivir was developed as an antiviral drug by Gilead Sciences and was first tested during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. The drug was found to have a very high death rate (over 50%) so was not pursued further at that time. In the early months of 2020, however, the drug was used in COVID trials and performed just as bad.

Not only was the drug ineffective but it also had serious and life-threatening side effects, including kidney failure and liver damage.

It’s worth noting that Donald Rumsfeld was the chairman of Gilead from 1997 until he joined the Bush administration in 2001. Rumsfeld was also the CEO of the pharmaceutical company G.D Searle at one point and was instrumental in getting approval for aspartame to be added to diet drinks, thousands of food products, and over-the-counter drugs, due to its sweet taste. Previously the Pentagon had considered aspartame to be a biochemical warfare agent.

On May 2, 2020 Remdesivir was approved for emergency use to treat COVID-19 after Dr Anthony Fauci claimed a study had found it could reduce recovery time and reduce mortality.

According to an article from the Alliance for Human Research and Protection (AHRP):

“Fauci has a vested interest in Remdesivir. He sponsored the clinical trial whose detailed results have not been peer-reviewed. Furthermore, he declared the tenuous results to be ‘highly significant,’ and pronounced Remdesivir to be the new ‘standard of care.’ Fauci made the promotional pronouncement while sitting on a couch in the White House, without providing a detailed news release; without a briefing at a medical meeting or in a scientific journal — as is the norm and practice, to allow scientists and researchers to review the data.”

A Chinese study on Remdesivir, published in The Lancet (April 29th , 2020) was stopped because of serious adverse events in 16 (12%) of the patients compared to four (5%) of the patients in the placebo group.

Fauci dismissed this study as “not adequate”. The Chinese study denigrated by Fauci, was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-centre peer-reviewed, published study in a reputable journal, with all data available. In contrast, the NIAIDGilead study results, that the Remdesivir approval was based on, had not been published in the peer-reviewed literature and details of the findings had not been shared.

The primary outcomes of the study that led to Remdesivir’s emergency use approval were changed on April 16, 2020 and these changes were posted on

Previously there was an 8-point scale, which also included the deceased patients, but this was changed to a 3-point scale, leaving the deceased patients out of the assessment and which also only measured the time until recovery or release from hospital. According to the AHRP:

“Changing primary outcomes after a study has commenced is considered dubious and suspicious.”

The change in primary outcome measures raised serious concerns for many scientists but this was largely ignored by the mainstream media who parroted Fauci’s promotional script.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the regulator of medicinal products in the European Union, performed a safety review of Remdesivir on account of some patients developing serious kidney problems after being given the drug.

The WHO reported that in its own trial called “Solidarity” Remdesivir not only failed to produce any measurable benefit in terms of mortality reduction, but that it also didn’t reduce the need for ventilators, or the length of hospital stays.

Fauci studiously ignored this study too. Gilead commented that “it is unclear if any conclusive findings can be drawn from the [Solidarity] study results,” because the trial hadn’t been peer reviewed or published in a scholarly journal.

This is disingenuous because it was a multi-centre, global trial involving more than 11,300 adults with Covid-19 in 405 hospitals in 30 countries. According to the WHO:

“Multiple small trials with different methodologies may not give us the clear, strong evidence we need about which treatments help to save lives. This large, international study is designed to generate the robust data we need, to show which treatments are the most effective.”

The study funded by Fauci’s NIAID was finally published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The only alleged benefit reported was a shorter recovery time for patients receiving Remdesivir compared to those in the placebo group and that was based on seriously flawed underlying data.

The placebo group in the Remdesivir study did not receive a real placebo. Instead, most of the patients got a “placebo” containing the same ingredients as Remdesivir except the supposedly anti-viral agent e.g., sulfobutylether-beta-cyclodextrin, which can itself cause serious problems.

John Beaudoin has called for a criminal investigation into the drug, citing data for Massachusetts he estimates Remdesivir may have killed 100,000 people in the US alone. He tweeted “They know, or they wilfully refuse to know. Either way, it’s homicide.”

Beaudoin found 1,840 excess deaths from acute renal failure from 1 January 2021 to 30 November 2022 just in Massachusetts and he believes Remdesivir is the cause. He tweeted “Thousands dead in Massachusetts ARF (Acute Renal Failure) likely due to Remdesivir. This requires CRIMINAL investigation.”

On 20 November 2020, the WHO issued a recommendation against the use of Remdesivir in hospitalised patients, regardless of disease severity, as there was no evidence that Remdesivir improved survival and other outcomes.

On 22 April 2022, the WHO changed its recommendation following the publication of data from a single clinical trial. WHO’s updated recommendation is that Remdesivir can be used in mild or moderate covid patients who are at high risk of hospitalisation.

Dr. Paul Marik, a pulmonary and critical care specialist and founding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, explained that during the “pandemic” the only drug he was allowed to prescribe was Remdesivir.

When he refused to follow the Remdesivir protocol, he was subjected to a “sham review,” an unofficial but widely acknowledged process in which a “troublesome” doctor is accused of wrongdoing and forced out of practice. He was eventually sacked and reported to the National Practitioner Databank and the Board of Medicine.

There are financial incentives in the U.S to report doctors like Dr Marik since the U.S. government pays hospitals a 20% upcharge on the entire hospital bill if Remdesivir is used. According to Dr Marik:

“We know, according to the WHO, Remdesivir increases your risk of kidney failure 20 fold. It increases your risk of dying by about 4%. It has no place in medicine. Yet the Federal Government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if you prescribe this toxic [and ineffective] medication. So, you can see how the hospitals and health care systems are now subservient to industry rather than doing what’s best for their patients.”

In April 2022, the FDA shockingly even approved Remdesivir as the only COVID-19 treatment for children under 12, including babies as young as 28 days. To make matters worse Remdesivir was also approved for outpatient use in children, which is unprecedented.

Lawsuits are piling up alleging Remdesivir killed “COVID” Patients. Two women are suing Kaiser Permanente and Redlands Community Hospital in California for giving Remdesivir to their husbands without consent. Both men died from kidney and organ failure after being given the drug.

Also in California, lawsuits have been filed on behalf of at least 14 families against medical providers for prescribing Remdesivir without providing the necessary information about it, leading to the patients’ deaths. Another wrongful death suit was filed in Nevada, after a patient died of kidney failure and respiratory failure a week after being given Remdesivir.

According to Dr. Bryan Ardis who spoke at the Health Freedom Conference:

“People did not die of Covid-19, they died from Remdesivir. Remdesivir has been proven to cause kidney failure which leads to pulmonary oedema. Officials are calling this secondary pneumonia from Covid, no it wasn’t, they are shutting down everybody’s kidneys with Remdesivir, causing their lungs to fill with fluid, and they are drowning them to death.”

Dr Ardis continued:

“They are using Remdesivir the same way that they used gas chambers to destroy people in Germany. This is how they’re doing it, and perpetuating those deaths, using a drug in hospitals.”

Remdesivir is not exclusively an American problem, as it has also been used in the UK, although to a lesser extent. The NHS website claims, “it’s used to treat early COVID-19 infection and help to prevent more severe symptoms.”

According to the NHS, those in the “highest risk group” are eligible for Remdesivir:

“If you are in the highest risk group you may be sent a letter and a lateral flow test that you can do at home, should you develop symptoms of COVID-19. You must report your COVID-19 lateral flow test result on GOV.UK.”

Those that report a positive result on the completely useless lateral flow test will then receive a text, email, or phone call from the NHS. But if they don’t the situation can get “urgent”:

“If you have not been contacted within 24 hours of your positive test, but think you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments, call your GP surgery, specialist or 111. They can make an urgent referral if needed.”

They continue:

“You will then be assessed (over the phone) to see if Remdesivir is right for you. If it’s suitable, they’ll tell you where to get your treatment, how to get there and how to return home safely. This will usually be by text, email or phone.”

It’s difficult to comprehend in what circumstances an ineffective, toxic, and potentially lethal drug would be “suitable” or “right” for anyone. But the NHS insists that “it’s important that you complete the course” but warns “common side effects of Remdesivir include headaches and feeling sick.”

It is outrageous that Remdesivir remains a primary treatment for “covid-19”, despite the research showing it is not effective and can cause high rates of organ failure and death. This drug should never have been approved for use in the first place and should be withdrawn from use immediately.


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  1. 7/29/2023
    This past week as recently retird young in shape US Veteran visited his previous home State where he had a cabin – Michigan. Well, he got sick and went to the ER.

    Michigan is still venting and using this death protocol.

    He is dead. They killed him.

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