Opposing the Empire

The Brits have rejected the bankster empire, not the people who must live under it

It has been a propaganda trick to conflate opposition to the political entity known as the European Union with some sort of hostility towards Europe.

The EU is a political construct and a bid for dominance over the lives and endeavours of millions of human beings by a small elite whose record in terms of war and economic constraint makes them the very LAST people fit to dictate the fortunes of whole peoples.

It is portrayed by its engineeers and their followers as the best or only option for Europe. Says who? It is not only not the only option open to humanity, it is a very inferior one.

I’ve said before that I would not wish on my worst enemy a future dictated by such an organisation – an organisation engineered by a criminal elite and foisted by sly trickery upon Europe’s populations. I want the nations of Europe to be prosperous, free and self-governing. I want power and responsibility to reside as close to the grassroots building blocks of our civilisation as possible.

Flowing power and responsibility AWAY from the people and UP the power pyramid where it will reside in the hands of an elite few is the WRONG direction to flow power if you aspire to any form of tolerable existence for your children and your children’s children.

When you oppose an empire – whether that empire is carved out by force of arms, deceit or the infiltration of governance – that cannot be construed as opposing the people who must perforce live under it.

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