Is Big Pharma sitting on a “miracle?”

by Boudicca

Now here’s a thought I would like to run by you because (a) I find it fascinating and (b) I don’t think anyone has as yet pointed this out.

First of all, clearly I am not an expert. In publishing items about Covid 19 and the experimental pseudo-vaccines and so forth, I therefore tend to publish the views and findings of recognised, qualified experts.

In terms of recognised qualified experts willing to stick their necks out and challenge the corrupt and deceitful government/Big Pharma axis, we are very rich in resources. There are hundreds if not thousands of them.

One thing that distinguishes this current push by government is the staggering numbers of experts speaking out against it. Thanks to these caring men and women of science and ethical medicine we know many things that the government and its corporate puppet masters do not want us to know.

Among these is the fact that the official numbers of “cases” and “fatalities” for Covid 19 are false. The fraudulent mis-use of the now infamous PCR test has resulted in an epidemic of misdiagnoses whereby thousands of people not sick with Covid19 have been told they are.

All these flaws have been discussed at great length elsewhere and add to these revelations the recent admission by the CDC that the PCR test will be withdrawn by the end of the year because it cannot distinguish between Covid19 and various influenzas.

This is a quite a shattering admission and it comes in the wake of revelations by various sources (INCLUDING THE UK GOVERMENT’S OWN WEBSITE) that the PCR test detects only often miniscule  remnants of various viruses such as Covid 19, influenza and so on and does not necessarily, if at all, detect the presence of a “live” viral infection. The presence of these remnants results in a “positive” and the “positive” is misinterpreted as evidence of the presence of the C19 virus and the person is then dubbed a “Covid case” even when he does not have any symptoms.

Another complication is that the symptoms of the alleged C19 infection are very hard to distinguish from the symptoms of other infections such as colds and flu. In the absence of distinct symptoms that mark a case as unmistakably a Covid case, we fall back on the likes of the PCR test to distinguish which infection the person has – but of course we now know that the PCR test cannot so distinguish.

So what this amounts to is that the alleged pandemic with its alarmingly high  numbers of infections (asymptomatic or mild in the vast majority of cases) is composed of various illnesses such as influenza A , influenza B and so forth, lumped together and renamed “Covid 19.”

In other words, a person deemed to be suffering from C19, might be  actually – and often is – suffering from flu, colds, pneumonia etc etc under the blanket term “C19”.

We do not, as far as I understand it, yet know the percentages – if indeed ANY of the c19 “cases” are actually infected with C19 because (and this is another chapter in the great work of fiction known as the C19 pandemic) the SARS COV2 virus that causes the illness dubbed C19 has not yet, after all this time been isolated and observed as a discreet entity, had its DNA fully mapped and so forth. This is not to say it doesn’t exist but if it does, it is rather strange that it has not yet been isolated and “seen in a microscope”  so to speak.

That’s a great peculiarity and of itself grounds for suspicion that the wool in ruddy great bales has been pulled over our eyes.

But let us give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it actually exists. What we know is that the pandemic numbers are inflated by lumping C19, influenza A and Influenza B and so on together and the percentages of influenza are likely to be high.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

Let’s take some fictitious figures for illustration and say that 300 people in some area (such as a nursing home where most fatalities occur) are “suffering from  C19” and of that 300, (say) 25 die of it. Of those 300 Covid19 cases, 50 (say) actually had C19 and the remaining 250 had some other illness such as influenza, heavy colds and so forth.

Of the 25 deaths, 11 had Covid and 14 had something else. These are made-up figures. Exactly what percentage of the cases that were lumped together to create the numbers that were – and are – presented as the symptomatic cases of the pandemic is not known but my guess is they were considerable.

Along comes Ivermectin or one of the other known remedies for C19 (such as Hydroxychloroquine) and in the hands of a competent doctor cures most of the cases.

If we stick just with Ivermectin for the purpose of this discussion, it is known that its use has been very successful in both disease prevention,  and in producing fast recoveries, slashing hospitalisations and reducing fatalities by around 80-90%  (see this article or Google Dr Pierre Kory (USA) or DR Tess Lawrie (UK) among many others for more data.

So of the 300 cases in my example, Ivermectin used correctly would successfully cure (say) 270 nd reduce the fatalities by 80% – in other words reducing fatalities from 25 down to 5.

So, Ivermectin is making a lot of sick people well and saving a lot of lives and we say that it is very successful in treating C19.

But wait! The C19 cases it successfully treated and the deaths it averted were not all C19 cases!

They were called C19 cases but were actually influenza and other cases.


So it looks very likely that in these remedies for C19 we also have remedies for influenza, colds and similar ailments.

If so, could we have chanced upon something remarkable?

A cure for colds and flu?

A remedy that renders flu jabs as well as Covid jabs obsolete?

The irony, if this turns out to be the case, would be that in this use of products such as Ivermectin, the pharmaceutical industry might well have developed something that is a genuine boon to mankind!

But as their patents have expired it cannot make oodles of dosh from monopolising them so is not interested.

Besides, there’s less profit in curing things quickly than treating them forever.

Probably the only thing wrong with the pharmaceutical branch of medicine is that it has fallen into the hands of criminals.

Perhaps someone with the right know how can look into this.

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