Iran: America Playing the Terrorism Trump Card yet again

The US adminstration doing its bit for the globalist agendum of a world of endless conflict that will render human civilation fractured, hopeless and exhausted.

The Trump administration is evidently looking for an excuse to embroil the American people in yet another war that will drive their country another notch deeper into the ground. This will, of course, make the country’s puppet masters, the bankers, corporate interests and arms industry, richer at their ercxpense.

Enriching the loons who profit from the military industrial con-plex is naturally the real reason for the evident thirst for a war with Iran. It has n0thing whatever to do with defending America or making it safe and it is absolutely certain a war with Iran will render the United States less safe, as the country’s endless succession of brush wars have consistently done – not to mention poorer on account of wars being extremely expensive.

It was inevitable that their propagandists would play the terrorism trump card. Without the  handy terrorism card they would be right out of excuses

As William Tucker points out in his excellent article on propaganda, an essential, perhaps the essential prerequiste for any criminal regime looking to start a war is that they must have the support of public opinion. Hence the propaganda campaign as a prelude to war with Iran, with the terrorism thing trotted out yet again, although by now it is starting to wear a bit thin.

It is almost as if terrorism was invented or created just to give the warmongering maniacs a PR front for knocking seven bells out of other nations and indeed blowing up a lot more people and creating a lot more pain, distress and terror than terrorism on its own ever could manage.

Iran, as is well known, has not directly attacked another country since before the US got its indepedence, which is a lot more than you can say for the United States, which appears to have taken it up as a hobby.

It is true that  like many other countries – including the US and its allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – Iran has used terrorism and terror groups in one guise or another as the machete of international diplomacy.

If you are going to wage all-out war on a country because it has sponsored terrorists, then the US might as well attack Saudi Arabia or Paskistan – two allies that it consistently lets off the hook for some reason. Apparently terrorism is all right if your mates are doing it.

On the other hand, Iran is not in present time a major player in the art of terrorism proxy-war so if the US warmongers are determined to convince us it is, they had better produce some ruddy evidence to prove it – and show us how, contrary to all past experience, a direct military attack on that country is going to get at the cause of the problem and resolve it.

For one thing you can absolutely guarantee is that an attack on Iran, whatever the result, will INCREASE the amount of terrorist activity across the planet, particularly terrorist activity directed against the United States.

While millions of us across the human community are yearning for or seeking to build a safe, war-free civilisation, the globalists, for which the US administration is little more than a front group, are working hard to engineer the exact opposite: the globalist agendum of a world of endless conflict that will render human civilation fractured, hopeless and exhausted.

Isn’t it time that We, The People, told these nutjobs to knock it off?- Steve

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