How to keep the Pandemic going forever


The COVID19 “pandemic” is now shaping up to be less severe than an annual flu.

We have been prey to a massive con perpetrated by a clique of crooks working the puppet strings of credulous, dim and often mentally unsound politicians.

To pull off the con, it has been vital to fiddle the statistics to make things look far worse than they actually are.

So we had the fiddled death statistics.This has been thoroughly exposed. Miraculously, for some reason the government survived the scandal of being found out systematically lying to its citizenry without being lynched. The citizenry are incredibly patient. They will, evidently, put up with a lot- even the destruction of their own country by treasonous liars.

No longer able to get away with fiddling the death stats and – with even the fiddled stats dropping to near zero and non-scary levels – the con men  switched to “infection” stats designed to create the impression there was a disease spreading “everywhere”.  Somehow managing to skip right by the glaring fact that it was not making all that many people all that ill, they nevertheless managed to create a scare in the minds of the more gullible of the nation s’s citizenry.

And that scare and the egregiously bogus stats and false reports it is based on is used to justify further destruction of the country socially and economically by the enemies who have infiltrated the upper echelons of governance.

An excellent, thorough explanation of how the bogus “positives” work to create a smoke-and-mirrors epidemic in the minds of many citizens is given below.

It is well worth the effort to get your head around it because therein lies the core deception that will bring down this corrupt government and, if there is any justice, see its ringleaders apprehended and sent for trial.

by Lior Losinsky

The absolute number of false positives depends on at least 3 major factors.

1. The prevalence of the “disease” in the population of people being tested.

2. The % of false positives for the PCR test. (Sensitivity, which is variable lab to lab depending on cycles of application chosen). Bear in mind the rt-PCR still has not been compared to a Gold Standard, so we dont even know it’s specificity.

3. How the populations are being tested (indiscriminately, or those with symptoms, been in contact with someone infected, or just random groups).

So, if we take a very lowball 1% false positive rate for this test (this is lower than many scientists believe), and you’re testing random groups of people where the actual incidence of covid19 is about 0.1% (seen almost everywhere), then over 90% of the reported “cases” will be false positives.(1mil people tested 0.1% real positive = 1000. Of the 999 000 real negative, 1% will be false = 9990 false positives. Total cases shown = 10990. = 90.9% false positive)

If you keep the false positive rate of the test at 1%, but test a group that has a real infection rate of 1% (maybe more targeted towards those showing symptoms and their contacts), then false positive rates will be 50% of cases shown. (1mil people tested 1% real positive = 10000. Of the 990 000 real negative, 1% will be false = 9900 false positives. Total cases shown = 19900. = 49.75% false positive)

What you see here is that with a lowball estimates 1% false positive test (its most likely higher), you have a “pandemic” that can never go away. If the real infection incidence eventually drops to zero, and you test 1000000 you will get 10 000 false positive cases with 100% false positive rate.

The only way a test with such a high false positive rate can be useful is if the real incidence of infection in the population tested is way over 1%. Random and indiscriminate testing will keep the casedemic pandemic going forever.

The idea of “more testing” at all times and in all places only makes sense if you want to keep this going on forever.

I doubt the average politician or medical practitioner understands “natural frequencies” when interpeting testing, but I am 100% sure (no false positive here) that those who have developed the tests and those in charge of the tests fully understand what they are doing.

I hope these calculations help some baffled by the cases and testing data out there. You can do your own calculations on your own country or area based on the test volumes.

Now imagine the % of false positive cases if the false positive rate of this rt-PCR test is around 7% as some politicians have recently let slip in the media!

Lior Losinsky is the Owner and Founder at Best Life Clinic


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